JPM was selling s**t as AAA, that they knew was s**t / And more ULTRA-EPIC LOOTING / Tax free ‘City of London’ / No self-determination for Catalonia



Whistleblower whose testimony helped force $9billion settlement from JP Morgan speaks for first time about bank giant’s schemes to sell toxic mortgages

JPM was selling s**t as AAA and they knew it was s**t


Alayne Fleischmann – the Snowden of NY Banking READ MORE

“Matt Taibbi has returned to the Rolling Stone and his first piece out the door is on the real story behind the fake $13 billion settlement with JP Morgan Chase deal to cover up alleged criminal activity sanctioned by Eric Holder and the Department of Justice. Taibbi had to leave First Look media where he found himself in a clash with the executives, who by and large come from a highly structured Silicon Valley corporate environment. When it comes to the free press, there are journalists who would love to write the truth, but that ends up in a battle with management who may have their own favors and deals behind the curtain.”


The IRS Has Been Holding This Guy’s $447,000 For 2 Years, And He’s Never Been Charged With A Crime

“The problem is local businesses often have legitimate reasons for making large cash deposits – including the Hirsches’ business, Bi-County Distributors, which deals with bodegas that pay them in cash. Jeff Hirsch had never heard the term “restructuring” before a Monday in May 2012 when his brother tried to make a deposit in the business’ account.”

If this is widespread behaviour across the USA then this ULTRA-EPIC LOOTING.


Bankster Scum Forge Docs To Steal Disabled Granny’s Home

If this is widespread behaviour across the USA then this ULTRA-EPIC LOOTING.


Yes, in Your Country: Judge Says City of Philadelphia Can Take Artist’s Studio, Turn It Into Grocery Store

“But in Kelo v. City of New London, the U.S. Supreme Court held that such monuments can be razed and transformed into monuments to politically connected developers and tax-hungry politicians.”

“The U.S. Constitution expressly protects property rights and limits the government’s power to take property through eminent domain. In Kelo, the Court rubber-stamped the condemnation and transfer of an entire working-class neighborhood to a private developer through the use of eminent domain.”

“The aftermath of Kelo can be seen in the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority’s (PRA) treatment of James’ studio. After first conducting a drive-by appraisal in which they did not even do James the courtesy of entering his studio, two men from the PRA actually paid him a visit. They lowballed him with an “offer” nowhere near the property’s market value, which a real estate agent from Prudential appraised at $2.2 million. According to the redevelopment plans, the PRA wants to bulldoze James’ studio to make room for a privately-owned grocery store and its parking lot.”

If this is widespread behaviour across the USA then this ULTRA-EPIC LOOTING.


Pepsi and FedEx among Hundreds of Companies Using Luxembourg to Avoid Taxes

“FedEx established two Luxembourg affiliates so it could move money made in Mexico, France and Brazil to Hong Kong. The plan resulted in the shipping giant paying only one quarter of 1% on the earnings involved.”


As Luxembourg Takes the Heat, the World’s Worst Tax Haven – the City of London – Remains Hidden in Plain Sight READ MORE


Catalan cops to stop vote if ordered: security chief

I suppose self-determination is only allowed when the determination is in the direction that is blessed by the political establishment.


Government Has “Trampled On Us Too Much”; Over 2 Million Catalans Vote In Symbolic Referendum For Independence

Catalonia paying more to Madrid than they are getting back ? Let’s not mention the fact that Catalonia is sending goods and services to USA’s non-federal non-reserve in exchange for the slave ticket the federal reserve note which is needed to buy petroleum products from OPEC. Let’s not mention that form of slavery.


It’s Official: Spain is Unraveling Read More

“Since taking office in late 2011, Rajoy’s government has been embroiled in one sordid political scandal after another. In the latest episode, the Punica Affair, more than 100 politicians have been arrested and charged with varying acts of white collar crime, including taking kick backs from private sector companies.”

My cat was more fit to run the government of Spain than these s**theads.


Jerusalem Post confirms Israel knew USS Liberty was American

“A 2004 transcript of an Israeli military tape published in the Jerusalem Post supports the claim in a new documentary that Israeli forces knew the USS Liberty was an American ship, as they attempted to sink it.”

“The documentary, “The Day Israel Attacked America,” is directed and produced by British film maker Richard Belfield and was broadcast on the Al Jazeera America channel last week.”

“Israel has long maintained, with official US government inquiries agreeing, that the attack was a case of mistaken identity. However, a growing chorus of critics, and the USS Liberty survivors themselves, say the official reports are cover-ups of an incident in which American sailors were ruthlessly, deliberately attacked in order to draw the US into war with Egypt, by blaming it for the loss of the ship with all hands. Israel was engaged in the Six Day War with Egypt and other Arab states at the time.”

“When the Jerusalem Post admits Israel knew they were attacking an American ship, you know the cover-up has collapsed!”


British Spies Are Free to Target Lawyers and Journalists

Since when do terrorists communicate with lawyers ?


Putin on TPP: US seeks to create economic cooperation it will benefit from

Corporations creating cooperation that will benefit corporations.


Spanish Copyright Amendments Will Shakedown News Sites and Censor the Web

“Worst of these other measures is the criminalization of hosting a website that merely links to infringing content, exposing them to crippling fines of up to €600,000. Liability is triggered as soon as the owner has been notified by email of the alleged infringement and fails to respond by self-censoring the allegedly infringing content. Even non-profit websites are exposed to liability, if they run advertisements to defray site expenses. This provision runs against a recent judgment of the European Court of Justice ruling that hyperlinks are not a reproduction of the copyright works they link to.”

So a hyperlink, that is usually 30 or characters, is a supposed reproduction of material containing 1,000s of characters – is this a joke ?


Bundy Family at Sky Harbor Airport (PHX) Treated as DOMESTIC TERRORIST




Federal Land Grab: Feds steal 3 Million Acres of Nevada Land; Close it to Public Use

“The Bureau of Land Management has submitted a draft resource management plan for Clark and southern Nye counties in Nevada. The plan, outlined in the Federal Register / Vol. 79, No.197 Notice, designates over 3 million acres of public and private land “Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs).” Under the fairytale story of protecting the environment, the feds plan on locking the people of Nevada out of 3 million acres of their own land.”

Freedom in the USA is to have public land in Nevada seized


FIAT Empire: Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution

“This documentary with RON PAUL, G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, EDWIN VIEIRA and TED BAEHR is an excellent primer for the citizen who wants to get an understanding of how money is created and why the U.S. government is in partnership with the elite banks.”


53% Think Neither Political Party Represents the American People

So why can’t we vote ‘none of the above’ at elections ?

Direct democracy is looking better and better.


Election Results: “What’s Going To Change Is Only Who Is Going To Screw You — Not Whether You’ll Get Screwed”


George Carlin – Why I Don’t Vote


Florida police threaten arrest under new ‘homeless hate law’

“Fort Lauderdale police removed at least three volunteers, as well as the Sunday lunch they were serving to several dozen homeless people, citing a controversial new ordinance that prohibits food sharing. Passed in October, the measure was created to try to cut down the growing population of homeless people in Fort Lauderdale.”

American police really have nothing better to do than arresting people for feeding the homeless – what the f**k has happened to the USA ?


Russell Brand: $4 billion spent on elections, but feeding the homeless is illegal

Jesus would likely been arrested for his feeding of the thousands if these people .


Sen. Bernie Sanders: The United States is on the Verge of Becoming an Oligarchy

What does he mean ‘on the verge’ ?


Blair ‘signed secret contract with Saudi oil firm promising him £41,000 a month and a slice of any deals he helped broker’

A puppet of the oligarchy getting his ill gotten reward.


Over 100 demonstrations held across Ireland protesting austerity scheme to tax, privatize water supply

“Protest organizers Right 2 Water estimate that over 150,000 people came out to protest the water charge scheme. In a statement released Saturday afternoon, they wrote: “Despite torrential rain, our expectations have been massively exceeded, with well over 150,000 people coming out in every neighbourhood, town and village to send a clear message to the Government: water is a human right, and we demand the abolition of domestic water charges.””


Water charges: Mass protest across Republic of Ireland

Is it 10,000s or is it over 150,000 ?

Does it look like the banksters are going to get their one world dictatorship government ?


Population Control via Water Control

How about we have some politician control ?


Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17. It was Not a ‘Buk’ Surface to Air Missile

“So: one of the two first international monitors on-site saw conclusive evidence that the Malaysian plane had been hit by “very very strong machine-gun fire,” not by ground-based missile-fire.”


When Is a Corporate Media Group Too Powerful?


Million Mask March Blacklisted By Whorporate Media

Millions are protesting in 481 cities across the globe but the whorporate media pretends nothing is happening.”

The corporate media are too powerful but the free internet is ending the corporate media.


Million Mask March rallies sweeping the globe


Hawaii Claims Huge Win Against Monsanto at GMO Ground Zero Read More

“They spent nearly $8 million to try to defeat the ban, making it the most expensive campaign in Hawaii’s history, according to Honolulu Civil Beat.”

All that money spent and Monsatan couldn’t buy the result they wanted – ha, ha, ha.

Goodbye Monsatan.


Monsanto Caused 291,000 Suicides In India


GMO Crops Are Destroying Farmland, And Monsanto Doesn’t Want You to Know

“Monsanto – Known for creating or helping to create 13 highly carcinogenic and toxic products including saccharin, PCBs, Polystyrene, DDT, the atom bomb, nuclear weapons, dioxin, Agent Orange, Petroleum based fertilizers, Round Up, rGBH, aspartame, GMOs, and terminator seeds. Monsanto sues everyone to keep dealing their dirty products, but the most recent suit, involving Dustin Barca, a surfer-turned mixed martial arts fighter in Hawaii is of special note. He is taking it personally that Monsanto poisons him, and bringing activism to a new level.”


The incredible shrinking flu hoax READ MORE

“Promoting death is necessary for the CDC. They need to convince the population that seasonal flu is dangerous. In order, of course, to push vaccines.”

“In December of 2005, the British Medical Journal (BMJ online) published a shocking report by Peter Doshi, which exposed a delusion and created tremors throughout the halls of the CDC.”

“Here is a quote from Doshi’s report — “Are US flu death figures more PR than science?”:””


Inside the UN Resolution on Depleted Uranium

“On October 31, a new United Nations General Assembly First Committee resolution on depleted uranium (DU) weapons passed overwhelmingly. There were 143 states in favor, four against, and 26 abstentions. The measure calls for UN member states to provide assistance to countries contaminated by the weapons. The resolution also notes the need for health and environmental research on depleted uranium weapons in conflict situations.”

“This fifth UN resolution on the subject was fiercely opposed by four depleted uranium-shooting countries — Britain, the United States, France and Israel — who cast the only votes in opposition. The 26 states that abstained reportedly sought to avoid souring lucrative trade relationships with the four major shooters.”


Israel escapes war crimes charges over deadly Gaza flotilla raid

“Turkish Aid group IHH, which organised the flotilla, said in a statement on Wednesday that although ICC “admitted the crimes and wrongfulness of Israel”, it “couldn’t take the liberty of going on with the investigation”.”

The whores have been given their marching orders.


Israelis torturing non-Jewish children. 2014 Australian documentary film. Viewer discretion.

25m10s “How do you expect me to confess to something I didn’t do ? And then the ‘interrogator’ got very upset, he actually slapped him with a piece of plastic hose that he had and threatened to electrocute him. He started swearing at me and hitting me. He said ‘Either confess or we will beat you up and bring your parents, beat them up and break their bones’.”

The guy is NOT, NOT, NOT an interrogator, he is a torturer and you can get anyone to confess to nailing Jesus to the cross if you torture them enough.

26m50s “So the ‘interrogator’ will know that child’s father has a work permit, for example to work inside Israel. If that’s the case the threats sometimes are of the nature we will revoke your father’ work permit if you don’t confess.”

Someone’s innocence is irrelevant to these torturers.

29m15s “This particular ‘interrogator’ specialises in threatening children with rape and he makes very specific allegations, he will name someone who is apparently is waiting outside the ‘interrogation’ room who will, if the child doesn’t confess, will come in and a rape that child.”


33m10s “I can see a pattern that Israel hasn’t been able to put down the non-violent movement in the occupied territories.”

How did trying to put down the non-violent moment of Martin Luther King and the non-violent movement of Gandhi ?

34m40s “Palestinian children are regularly woken up at night, photographed and questioned about which bed they sleep in.”



Eric Holder On Fast And Furious Critics: ‘Kiss My Ass’

I assume Holder has the same message – ‘kiss my ass’- to the family and friends of the murder victims of the Fast and Furious.


Dog shot in poop dispute: Watch SWAT shoot down pooping pooch, onlookers enraged

Shooting a small dog just for the fun of it.


Armed to the teeth with firepower, this is the face of policing in London in the age of Islamic terrorism

“‘This is for the reassurance and security of the public.’”

This is for the reassurance and security of the oligarchy.

When can we expect these guys to start shooting small dogs for the fun of it ?


Police crash Halloween party to ensure no dancing without a permit

“After 9:30 p.m., St. George police arrived in force to investigate a case of unpermitted dancing. Around 5-6 officers challenged the organizers of the event as not having obtained a proper permit to host the dancing. The venue owner, event promoter, and security coordinator each presented their respective permits, which had been previously approved and issued by the city.”

What the f**k is going on in the USA ?

I thought America was a free country.


Kentucky Deputy Won’t Be Charged In Shooting Death of 19-Year-Old Trying to Leave a Party

“Although the portion of the video of the incident that was publicly released (see this May Hit and Run entry) made his story seem improbable—as it seemed to show him approaching her departing car from the side with her front well past him—a grand jury in Boone County, Kentucky, faced with a prosecutor’s death investigation evidence concluded that Samantha Ramsey did indeed represent a threat to the life of Deputy Tyler Brockman such that he was justified in shooting her four times from the hood of her car, into a car with three other passengers.”

Unless a car could be slid sideways at speed, there was no threat to the life of this public servant. Are the public believed to be stupid enough to believe this was a justified shooting ?


Video: New York Deputy Slaps Man For Refusing Unwarranted Search

“Unable to find any illegal activity whatsoever, Deputy Glans ordered the pair to go home.”

What does this public servant think he is doing telling these innocent Americans to do anything ?


VIDEO:New video from Ferguson shows protestors yielding to Ambulance, not blocking as News Reported.

Another deception exposed.


FBI Broke Multiple Laws When Entrapping 15-Year-Old With Fake AP Article



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