There was an Ebola vaccine trial taking place at Kenema / When are people being propagandized and when are they not; when truth is hate speech / more bankster suicides



Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetic First in Human (FIH) Study for Intravenous (IV) TKM-100802

“This document confirmns that there was an Ebola vaccine trial taking place at Kenema, co-sponsored by Tekmira Pharmaceuticals and the US Department of Defense, with thew project being terminated following the explosion of Ebola in the population around the laboratory.”

So somebody likely received the live ebola virus from the vaccine.


BEX ALERT – Ebola crisis rekindles concerns about secret research in Russian military labs

“Oh yes, let’s all blame the Russians.”

“Let us forget that the US has a biological weapons program.”

“Let us forget that US law allows the Department of Defense to conduct biological warfare tests on US citizens without their knowledge and that there have been several well-documented accidents involving deaths from such tests!”

“Let us forget that according to Professor Francis Boyle, a US biological warfare expert, that the NIH was been experimenting with splicing Ebola with the common cold to create a powerful biological weapon.”

“Let us forget that a vaccine to protect “the good guys” from that weapon was being tested at a secret biological warfare laboratory in the hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone, where scientists from USAMRIID and Tulane University carried out research that is illegal in the US.”

“Let us forget that last January the Kenema facility received $140 million, partly paid for by the US Department of Defense, to conduct human trials of that Ebola vaccine.”

“Let us forget that vaccines made from attenuated viruses can and have reverted to full potency after injection, causing, rather than preventing the illness the vaccine is designed for.”

“Let us forget that the US Government mandated swine flu vaccinations in 1976 killed fifty times more people than the flu itself did.”

“Let us forget that the 1918 pandemic was called the “Spanish Flu” to obfuscate the fact that the illness erupted on a US military base at Camp Funston (now Fort Riley) during tests of an experimental vaccine.”

“Let us forget about National Security Study Memorandum 200, a Nixon administration research project run by Henry Kissinger that set as official US policy the covert depopulation of resource-rich areas of the third world, in order to gain access to those resources.”

“And let us forget that the government of Sierra Leone has concluded that the current Ebola outbreak centered on that lab at Kenema and has since ordered it closed.”

“Let’s just trust the same government and media that told us Saddam had nuclear weapons, and blame the Russians, blame the Russians, blame the Russians!”


FLASHBACK 2009 – Baxter Sent Bird Flu Virus to European Labs by Error (Update2)

“The contamination was discovered when ferrets at a laboratory in the Czech Republic died after being inoculated with vaccine made from the samples early this month. The material came from Deerfield, Illinois-based Baxter, which reported the incident to the Austrian Ministry of Health, Sigrid Rosenberger, a ministry spokeswoman, said today in a telephone interview.”

“Mistakes get made with vaccines. This may be what happened in the Kenema biological warfare lab.”


Ten glaring Ebola contradictions told by government authorities who think we’re all just stupid

“#7) Stopping public awareness of Ebola is far more important than stopping Ebola”


New York, New Jersey Begin Mandatory Quarantines In Ebola Response


How Adding Iodine to Salt Boosted Americans’ IQ

“But on the positive side, iodine deficiency and its symptoms were vanquished almost overnight. And iodine’s mental benefits may even help explain the Flynn Effect, which observes that IQ rose about 3 points per decade in developed countries throughout the 20th century. It’s been thought that improved health and nutrition were the driving forces of the Flynn Effect. Now, it appears that iodine alone was responsible for roughly one decade of that remarkable climb. All the more reason, then, for the rest of the world to follow suit and relegate iodine deficiency to the history books.”


THE EBOLA AGENDA — Dr. Mark Sircus

“The fact of the matter is, we don’t know what to believe because in 2013 the US government gave itself permission to use PROPAGANDA (Psy Ops) against the American people.”

When are the people being propagandized and when are they not ?

I do not have a high IQ and I have figured this out all of this s**t, what’s wrong with the rest of humanity ?


The PSYOPS of the Coming EBOLA Genocide (Part 1)

“The MSM Is Now the Dinosaur Media”

“According to a recently released Pew Research study, the number of prime time viewers for CNN, Fox and MSNBC  fell by a combined fell by11% last year. Eleven percent may not sound overwhelming, so allow me to rephrase this in another light. In 2013, over one in ten Americans have stopped watching the corporate controlled media propaganda which serves to anesthetize and  lobotomize it viewers, listeners and readers from the realities of what is really taking place in this country.”


Big Pharma has owned Ebola vaccine for years; waiting for virus to kill enough people for it to be profitable


5 Surprising Virus-Killing Recipes You Didn’t Know About



“Chinese Skullcap”




‘More transparency needed to combat online propaganda’ – Big Brother Watch

“Confidential discussions have been taking place between UK government officials in Downing Street and representatives of some of the major internet search providers about online extremism and propaganda.”


US ends ban on ‘domestic propaganda’

“It’s being branded by proponents as an attempt at transparency, but critics of a new law say the United States government just got the green-light to use propaganda made for foreign audiences on the American public.”

When are people being propagandized and when are they not ?


Banker Suicides Return: DSK’s Hedge Fund Partner Jumps From 23rd Floor Apartment

Was this guy about to reveal something ?


Deutsche Bank Lawyer And Former SEC Enforcement Attorney Found Dead In Apparent Suicide

“Just a few brief hours later the WSJ reported that yet another Deutsche Bank veteran has committed suicide, and not just anyone but the bank’s associate general counsel, 41 year old Calogero “Charlie” Gambino, who was found on the morning of Oct. 20, having also hung himself by the neck from a stairway banister, which according to the New York Police Department was the cause of death. We assume that any relationship to the famous Italian family carrying that last name is purely accidental.”

Was this guy about to reveal something ?


Patrick Byrne: Cryptocurrency Will Be Bigger Than the Internet Itself

21m5s “You’re telling our listeners about the problems with even direct registering of shares, the system, the plumbing of the stock market now, behind closed doors that the average person doesn’t see. It’s not set up anymore, how everything is in street name.”

41m45s “Authoritarian governments want to ban bitcoin usage. Really bitcoin usage is very tied up with the whole cause of limited government. If you want limited government you want a limited money supply that the government can’t just manipulate and create out of thin air. So for unlimited governments, governments that don’t want any checks on their power they would be well served to try to stop bitcoin. But trying to stop bitcoin is at this point like trying to stop the wind or to keep the tide from going in.”

45m40s “What this does, this changes the rules of the game that has been around for 800 years – the way finance works – and it could be a bigger change for society than the internet itself.”

Everything that Wall Street touches turns to s**t.


Germany Clears Russia In MH17 Case, Leaving Kiev Looking Guilty As Sin!


Police State Powers coming to Canada

“A source in Ottawa claims the new system mirrors the American “Homeland Security” regime, and stands outside the laws and Parliament of Canada. The Order establishing the new regime is codenamed “Track B’, and is closed to public scrutiny and Parliamentary or judicial review.”

A system within which any and all abuses will be without oversight.


Canadian PM to Parliament: ‘We will not run scared’ but will expedite “new laws to strengthen the police in the areas of detention and surveillance”. Surprise!


Flashback: Canadian & Australian PMs Deliver Exact Same Speech Word-For-Word on Iraq & Terrorism


Our ‘Independent’ Central Banks Read More


Ireland must pay additional €157m to EU budget


American ISOLATION: “We’re in the End Game Now” — Jim Willie

56m15s “I would much rather have a legitimate monetary system than fraud and war.”


Mystery of American journalist killed in car crash in Turkey… just days after she claimed intelligence services had threatened her over her coverage of siege of Kobane

“Shim’s death came just days after she spoke on camera of her fears of being arrested, claiming Turkish intelligence agents had accused her of spying after one of her reports suggested ISIS militants were being smuggled back and forth over the Syrian border in the back of aid vehicles.”


St. Louis City Anti-Terrorism Unit Activated after [COINTELPRO front] Black Panthers Declare War on Police

“The original Black Panthers were first attacked then eventually infiltrated by the FBI. The current group appears to be an FBI front group right from the start and it looks like they are going to trigger major race riots as a prelude to declaration of a national emergency.”


Legal observers continue to get arrested in #Ferguson

In the eyes of the police, I am one thing: a young black male.


Red-faced Swedish Navy calls off hunt for mystery vessel in Baltic Sea – and is forced to admit there was no submarine there after all

They did, however, manage to push through a controversial defense budget increase that stood no chance of passing if this had not happened.



Reposted in light of the school shooting in Washington State in which the shooter has reportedly committed suicide following the rampage, a classic pattern seen in SSRI triggered violence.




Scientists Prove Organic Food More Nutritionally Rich than Conventional, GMO Crops Read More


GMOs may be to Blame for Spike in Kids Suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease Read More


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