The biggest thing wrong with politics is that most of the politicians that practice politics are (expletive deleted)



Russell Brand exposes 9/11 in must watch BBC interview

WagesHocky Stick Inflation 1775-2012

How utterly, utterly, utterly wreckless.


Man charged with breaking a trooper’s fist with his face

You literally, literally, literally cannot make a s**t charge like this up.

If the government in question was a proven and honorable institution, then I would say pro-Medical Martial Law arguments might have a leg to stand on. However, this is not the case. In my view, medical martial law is absolutely unacceptable under ANY circumstances, including Ebola, in light of the fact that our current government will be the predominant cause of viral outbreak. That is to say, you DO NOT turn to the government for help when the government is the cause of the problem.”


Riot police shoot at houses in Keene and attack innocent bystanders

“In the video below, taken by activist Alex Moushey, police can be seen shooting pepperballs at residential houses, and attacking a man who was just walking down the street.”


Keiser Report: Market Cycle Horrors — “The U.S. Dollar is Backed By VIOLENCE” — Max Keiser


“War on Terror” Targets Unlicensed Underwear – Department of Homeland Security Raids Maker of World Series Panties READ MORE

They placed the underwear in an official Homeland Security bag and had Honig sign a statement saying she wouldn’t use the logo. 

Saving the American people from ‘terror’ of copyright infringers.



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