WORLD DROPS THE PETRODOLLAR, HOT WAR IN A WEEK / Economic Warfare / Nano-silver in Sierra Leone





Economic Warfare as an Instrument of Transnational Organized Crime, with Patrick Byrne – See more at:

5m September 11th 2008 the naked short selling attack on Lehman Brothers began.


Nano-silver in Sierra Leone

““This Works! People are getting better.””


Obama May Send National Guard to Liberia to Fight Ebola: Sources

What do military personnel know about medical matters ? A spectacularly dumb idea.


President OBOLA Sending MORE Troops To Shoot EBOLA

Enough!!!! It was bad enough he sent 4000 U.S. troops to The Hot Zone of EBOLA in Africa…… for what???? Shoot the virus. Tonight President Obola doubled down…… he signed an Executive Order sending The National Guard and Reservists to The EBOLA Hot Zone as well.”


A Future Ebola Solution? Scientists Discover First ‘Virological Penicillin’ in Chinese Herb Read More

“Actually, the honeysuckle herb is a well-known natural remedy for numerous ailments. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the plant has been used to treat influenza infection for centuries – effectively. This is now backed up by scientific literature, which have typically studied the herb’s effects while it was consumed in tea form.”


New Website Claims Ebola is a Hoax For The Purpose of Killing Millions Using Vaccinations


Vitamin D strengthens innate immunity against viral infections


“Pardon Us For Our Country’s Existence in the Middle of Your Military Bases” – Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s Speech at the UN


Everything Breaks Again: Futures Tumble; Peripheral Yields Soar, Greek Bonds Crater


You won’t believe the CDC told this lie

“The overwhelming number of blood samples from the most likely Swine Flu patients, sent to labs, were coming back negative for the H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus, or any flu virus.”

“This was a killer. It left the CDC completely exposed. They were claiming there were tens of thousands Swine Flu cases in America. But the lab tests were revealing how preposterous that lie was.”


Alexa Caught Targeting Conservative Websites?

“Is Amazon-owned company purposely sabotaging sites which carry headlines contradictory to administration talking points?”


Jeremy Renner’s ‘Kill the Messenger’ Exposes CIA Cocaine Trafficking


Earlier this year, Chicago shorted their yellow traffic lights by fractions of a second and it resulted in nearly 8 million dollars from an additional 77,000 tickets

Epic looting.


How To Beat And Exit The Matrix


Veterans and Human Rights Attorneys Seek Information on Toxic Weapons Use in Iraq


Police Pull Couple In Labor Over At Gunpoint


Family of man sued a small town after he was killed by a police officer. A federal jury awarded them $97.5M. The town’s annual budget is $600,000.


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