NATO Airstrikes Target Grain Silos In Syria – they make a desolation and they call it peace / Den of Thieves



NATO Airstrikes Target Grain Silos In Syria – Defeating ISIS By Starving Syrians? READ MORE

They created a desolation and they called it peace.


.01% scream, ‘More war!’ as a million children die from poverty every month; are you demanding arrests NOW?


Den of Thieves Revealed

20s “Since the age of Jesus there has been a battle between the money changers and the productive and abundant humanity. Jesus said unto them, as he cleared the temple of the money changers ‘My temple will be a house of prayer but you have turned into a den of thieves’.”

1m5s“You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul it’s charter, I shall ruin 10,000 families. That may be true gentlemen but that will be your sin. If I let you go on you will ruin 50,000 families and that would be my sin. You are a den of vipers and thieves.”

2m20s “The federal reserve is not federal and has no reserves. It is a privately owned bank that has monopoly power on the greatest force on the earth, the U.S. dollar.”


The End Of The Line, Part 1: The Rise and The Fall of the Bankster


The End Of The Line Part 2 — The Rise and the Fall of the Bankster


Governments seize colloidal silver being used to treat Ebola patients, says advocate


Irish Attack Politicians After They Exempt Themselves from Paying for Water SOURCE

“Politicians are within that hatred group who they always yell about – the hated “rich”. In Ireland, they earn over €130,000 when the “rich” defined as the top 1% begins with people earning $100,000 or more. Now, the Irish have become outraged how politicians exempted themselves from paying water bills for a second home. You just can’t make up this stuff.”


Bill Dudley Responds To Charges NY Fed Is Controlled By Goldman Sachs: “Nobody Should Question Our Motives ”


Four Other Lawyer Whistleblowers are Essential at the Carmen Segarra Senate Witness Table Read More

“Wall Street’s crime spree has been coming at the public for the past six years like a geyser spewing from a broken water main. It’s been tough for the public to keep tract of the twists and turns, and equally so for Congress.”


After Censorship of History Course, Colorado Students and Teachers Give a Lesson in Civil Disobedience

Perfect, perfect, perfect.


Iowa Troopers Steal $100,000 in Poker Winnings From Two Players Driving Through the State

The fact that these guys can fully explain this money is completely irrelevant to the epic looting.


Recovery? 60% Of Greeks Live At Or Below Poverty Levels


CAUGHT: Big Pharma Kills 100,000 Per Year. Doctors On Their Payroll


Seattle’s Green Police Issuing Fines To Businesses & Residents For Not Composting

More looting.



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