Maintain humanity under 500M in perpetual balance with nature – why don’t pedo elite start with suiciding themselves ? / The vaccine-autism lie



Elite’s Guiding Principle: Maintain Humanity Under 500 Million… Starting in 2014? Read More


A biotech corporation just fought a breast cancer survivor in court — and won the right to profit off human genes that could save the lives of millions living with cancer.

Can you ask Myriad Genetics to drop its patent claim on the breast and ovarian cancer gene now?


Vatican puts top priest under house arrest over charges he abused string of teenage boys while he was church’s envoy to Dominican Republic


The vaccine-autism lie READ MORE



Neighborhoods Cordoned Off In Search For Actor/Ambush Suspect READ MORE

“Last week, troopers issued a “shelter-in-place” order that kept some residents from leaving their houses for more than a day; those who weren’t already at home could not go back. Residents contend the directive left elderly relatives unattended and pets unfed, and resulted in lost wages for workers who couldn’t leave their houses.”

Another over-the-top reaction.


Afghan President Hamid Karzai Slams U.S. Foreign Policy in Farewell Speech

“Friends become enemies and enemies become friends in the blink of an eye. This is what happens when a global empire possesses no real foreign policy other than the pursuit of economic opportunities for mega corporations and the military-industrial complex. The result is perpetual war, countless dead and injured young men and women, and billions of riches for a small and ruthless cadre of oligarchs. This is American foreign policy and those are its results.”


Hamid Karzai government under fire for oil deal with company run by cousin

“”I think we all desperately hoped that British soldiers were dying for something more noble than helping Karzai’s drug dealing cousin to sell gas from northern Afghanistan to the Chinese,” one former senior diplomat to Kabul told The Daily Telegraph.”

Karzai’s cousin runs the company but who owns the company ?

I am so very sad that our soldiers are corporate enforcers.


The United States: Police State Today, Martial Law Tomorrow; Part I

“Such readers first need to learn and understand the primary power (and privilege) wielded by this private bank. It has an absolute, legislative monopoly to create and manage the money supply of the United States. With the U.S. already the world’s largest economy (and the issuer of the global “reserve currency” since the end of World War II); gaining absolute control over the money supply of the U.S. has given this cabal of private bankers effective control over the money of all the world.”

Who any longer listens to these idiots ?




Venezuela opens gold vault to impromptu inspection — So how about it, central banks?

What a novel idea it is to see the contents of the vault.

“Almost entirely collectivist in nature, citizen control groups do not trust the individual, and instead trust the hive mind of government. They desire to end the Second Amendment because as an unknown soul correctly noted, “Firearms are liberty’s teeth.” An armed citizenry compliments an honest government and provides it with additional security, while it denies a corrupt government the monopoly of force needed to impose tyranny. One must wonder, then, why they take such interest in disarming the law-abiding citizenry when they know that criminals will not disarm.”


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