Coal tonnage vs thorium tonnage: 1m-to-1 / CDC WB blackout – so what ? / Hoax at Sandy Hook / Cash In On ISIS War



LFTRs in 5 minutes – Thorium Reactors

3m55s “In 2007 we used 5,000,000,000 tons of coal, 31,000,000,000 barrels of oil, 5,000,000,000,000 m3 of natural gas along with 65,000 tons of uranium to produce the world’s energy. So I have a friend who is trying to start a rare earth mine in Missouri, Jim, how much thorium do you think you’ll be pulling up a year ? He goes I think 5,000 tons. 5,000 tons would supply the planet with all of it’s energy for a year.”

Coal tonnage vs thorium tonnage 1,000,000-to-1 – The energy cartel really is shackling humanity into energy poverty.


CDC whistleblower: behind the media blackout READ MORE


The Nancy Lanza HOAX: The Most CENSORED Sandy Hook Video Online — Nancy Lanza = ANNIE HADDAD?


Contractors Ready To Cash In On ISIS War

Kerching, kerching, kerching.


British Hostage Beheaded By ISIS Jihadi “British John”

Yeah, let’s chase these murderers across all of the resource rich parts of the world these murderers are claimed to be in at the time. That was sarcasm and this is BRAVO SIERRA.


How the West Created the Islamic State


Israeli-Arab Leader: U.S. & Israel Invented ISIS & New Rebels


Caller: Let them Deal With ISIS Themselves…

1m30s “Not to get hysterical when someone’s trying to make you hysterical.”

More people died on 9/11 (2001) from tobacco than died from 9/11 attacks.


Report: Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre


BBC News uses ‘Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian massacre’

“The BBC is facing criticism after it accidentally used a picture taken in Iraq in 2003 to illustrate the senseless massacre of children in Syria.”

Accidently my f**king fat arse.


David Icke – Syria:The Truth (Viewer Discretion Advised)



Is This Obama’s Gulf of Tonkin Moment?

6m15s “Taliban offered George Bush to arrest bin Laden and provide him to a third country, neutral country … and clean up the 3 or 4 thousand that are with him.”


ISIS: Another Gulf of Tonkin Moment?


Were British Special Forces Soldiers Planting Bombs in Basra? (25 September 2005)

“Does anyone remember the shock with which the British public greeted the revelation four years ago that one of the members of the Real IRA unit whose bombing attack in Omagh on August 15, 1998 killed twenty-nine civilians had been a double agent, a British army soldier?”

“Articles published by Michel Chossudovsky, Larry Chin and Mike Whitney at the Centre for Research on Globalization’s website on September 20, 2005 have offered preliminary assessments of the claims of Iraqi authorities that two British soldiers in civilian clothes ‘who were arrested by Iraqi police in Basra on September 19—and in short order released by a British tank and helicopter assault on the prison where they were being held—had been engaged in planting bombs in the city”


Rumsfeld ‘helped Iraq get chemical weapons’

“US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld helped Saddam Hussein build up his arsenal of deadly chemical and biological weapons, it was revealed last night.“As an envoy from President Reagan 19 years ago, he had a secret meeting with the Iraqi dictator and arranged enormous military assistance for his war with Iran.”

“The CIA had already warned that Iraq was using chemical weapons almost daily. But Mr Rumsfeld, at the time a successful executive in the pharmaceutical industry, still made it possible for Saddam to buy supplies from American firms.”

“They included viruses such as anthrax and bubonic plague, according to the Washington Post.”


Keys To Defeating Agenda 21

28m55s “You don’t allow people to put words in your mouth or manipulate your children, you expose these collaborators.”


UN Agenda 21 ends public access to 2 million acres in CA over bogus Endangered Species Act

There isn’t anything about wildlife in the law of the land – ‘to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings’.


Water Wars: What It Will Be Like When Your Tap Runs Dry!

“We’ve seen for the first time, residents of California, Ohio, and Detroit lose access to their clean water supply. As our infrastructure crumbles, and weather conditions worsen, many of us can expect to see water scarcity become a part of every day life. If this problem continues to escalate, it could quickly turn our standard of living upside down. If it spreads to the urban cores of our nation, things could get pretty ugly in a very short order.”

With money not flowing to every place that it is needed thanks to ZIRP, not spending on the infrastructure then this is the result.


Obama asks for $500 million to train, equip Syrian rebels

How about $500 million for places in America like gutted Detroit and ruined lower 9th ward of New Orleans ?


US, Ukraine or Middle East? Ferguson Images Made It Hard to Tell Read More

“In their eyes, Americans were exposed as hypocrites on human rights—promoters of a strict standard of behavior abroad while harboring the most egregious violations at home.”


Financial Globalist Impose Monetary Hegemony

“The financial engineers and monetary authorities that construct, orchestrate and determine both the value and the procedures governing a common means of exchange between private citizens, which was distinctly meant to facilitate the honest and equitable trade of goods and services between them, has been notably hijacked by an exclusive group of men whom are much more interested in their own personal appropriation and expanded dominion over what should always be a trustworthy, secure and immutable means of exchange.”

Here is humanity’s enemy.


Israel and Other Central Banks Buy U.S. Equities to Stop COLLAPSE


Listening to Lavrov giving up on the West

“Russia is really turning her gaze to China, Latin America, Africa and elsewhere.  Her diplomats will continue to talk, smile, speak of “partners” and “friends”, but I believe that  we are witnessing a historical event: for the first time since the 13th century, Russia is turning away from the West again and betting her future with Asia (and the rest of the planet).”


Citi, Deutsche Bank, Bank Of America Were Channels For Sending Drug Money To Colombia, Court Filing Shows


Article in Liberia’s Largest Paper Asks: “Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, U.S. DoD?” Read More


Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries

“The shocking answer is that this couldn’t have been an accident. Why? Because Baxter International adheres to something called BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3) – a set of laboratory safety protocols that prevent the cross-contamination of materials.”


End Of Empire – The ‘De-Dollarization’ Chart That China And Russia Are Banking On

“History did not end with the Cold War and, as Mark Twain put it, whilst history doesn’t repeat it often rhymes. As Alexander, Rome and Britain fell from their positions of absolute global dominance, so too has the US begun to slip. America’s global economic dominance has been declining since 1998, well before the Global Financial Crisis. A large part of this decline has actually had little to do with the actions of the US but rather with the unraveling of a century’s long economic anomaly. China has begun to return to the position in the global economy it occupied for millenia before the industrial revolution. Just as the dollar emerged to global reserve currency status as its economic might grew, so the chart below suggests the increasing push for de-dollarization across the ‘rest of the isolated world’ may be a smart bet…”


Obama’s Speech to America: Stop ISIL by Funding ISIL READ MORE


Sotloff Was Israeli Intelligence Agent, His ‘Beheading Execution’ Likely Staged

Mostly likely IS still an Israeli intelligence agent.


Must Watch: The Geopolitics of World War III

1m15s “When you see the mouthpieces of the ruling class begin to demonize a foreign country, the first question on your mind should always be: what is exactly at stake here ?”


Russia Sends Second Humanitarian Convoy Into Ukraine, And Nobody Says A Word


NOT FAKE! Obama DEVIL Baphomet Horns ISIS Speech Explained


Nothing to see hear, citizen, move along.


Death Threat Silences 9 11 Truth Senator Mark Dayton


The Barbaric World that the United States has Shaped Since 9-11


The Government Gagged Her, But It Didn’t Work | Sibel Edmonds


Authorities seize Philadelphia couple’s home following son’s first drug offense

“And just like that — without being accused of a crime or losing a trial — the family’s dream home was seized and the Sourovelises were homeless.  This shocking occurrence is considered legal and commonplace under a tactic known as civil asset forfeiture.  Following Yanni’s arrest, Philadelphia prosecutors had filed a lawsuit against the house itself, and alleged that it was being used for illegal activities.  Despite the homeowners’ innocence, the Philadelphia District Attorney was allowed to immediately seize the property.”

What the f**king hell is going in the America ?


When A Hedge Fund Tells A Restaurant How To Cook (when debt is far too cheap)

“Thanks to the Fed’s 6 years of ZIRP, activism, i.e., loud, brash billionaires who come in and tell a company’s management they need to use cheap debt to repurchase stock, engage in reckless M&A or spin off profitable units or they will become even louder and brasher has become one of the only profitable hedge fund strategies. Of course, this will cease the moments rates show even the smallest hint of rising but until then it is paradise for all activist hedge funds. In fact, the scramble for activist strategies is so big that WSJ reported earlier today that “funds under management by these activists and others grew by $9.4 billion in the first half of the year to $111 billion, gaining more in that period than in the previous two years combined, according to industry researcher HFR. Mr. Loeb and some other activists have described the current environment as the best they have seen for raising cash.” Thanks Fed.”

“But how do you know when hedge fund activism has gone too far? Well, a good example is the 300-slide presentation (because more slides is always better than less when pitching quantity over quality) which Starboard Fund filed yesterday as “advice” to the management of Darden Restaurants, owner of Oliver Garden, on how to boost shareholder value and also steps the hedge fund would take to generate returns if it wins control of the entire board. Because while in addition to comping up with fleeting and imaginary valuations based on EBITDA projections and multiples, this is the first time that a hedge fund actually tells a restaurant company how to, drumroll, cook.

Debt cannot stay cheap for much longer and will lead to the inevitable crash.


Obama Distorts Founders and Constitution to Promote War and Worldwide Domination

“America will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat.”

Did Nazi Germany say the same thing ?


Vietnam Vet And NY 9-11 Firefighter, Rudy Dent Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open


Proposed Anti-Terror Law in France Would Erode Civil Liberties

The corporate media would like to return to the age of being able to lie to the world without being exposed as liars.


Congresswoman: “I’m Glad People Have This 9/11 Mentality Again”

“With just 6% of likely U.S. voters thinking Congress is doing a good or excellent job according to a recent Rasmussen poll, it’s no surprise to see so many of these corrupt clowns falling over one another to appear tough on ISIS, using myriad hyperbolic and Orwellian statements.”

The hysteria that is the 9/11 mentality.



“My father, Ghassan Elashi, is currently serving a 65-year-prison-sentence at the Communications Management Unit in Marion, Illinois for conspiracy to send Material Support in the form of humanitarian aid to charities in the West Bank and Gaza that prosecutors claimed were associated with designated terrorists; our biggest defense thus far (and the reason my father may be vindicated in due time) is that his charity, the Holy Land Foundation, used the same exact Palestinian charities that our own government agency –the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)–used to distribute its aid.”


Native American Activist Leonard Peltier’s Jailhouse Plea for Long-Denied Clemency

“Leonard Peltier has long maintained his innocence. Amnesty International considers him a political prisoner who was not granted a fair trial. Notable figures, such as Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, also say he was wrongly imprisoned. On Friday, singers Harry Belafonte, Pete Seeger and others will host a “Bring Leonard Peltier Home in 2012 Concert” at the Beacon Theatre in New York City to raise awareness of Peltier’s 37-year ordeal and plea for executive clemency from President Obama.”


Military fury over ban on Scottish soldiers based in England voting in next week’s historic independence referendum

How f**king dumb.


Bankers Trying to Manipulate Elections in Scotland for Profit SOURCE

“Several of the bankers are threatening to leave Scotland if they vote for separation. These sly bankers said the same shit when the UK did not join the Euro. What these crafty untrustworthy people are really saying is they have UK debt and they fear it will collapse if Scotland leaves. In truth, they are part of the government scare-team and any bank that threatens that should be thrown out of Scotland anyhow. This is not what is good for Britain or Scotland, this is all about the banks not losing money on their bond holdings. Typical abuse of position and any bank taking that position does not deserve a license.”


1.8 Million Protest in Spain Demanding Separation Like Scotland READ MORE

War is where the people are told who the enemy is by , revolution is where the people figure out it is the political class.


1% have always been in control. We live under a “elected” aristocracy that cares only about the Elite upperclass.


See Something Snitch Something Is Back: DHS to Release New Guidelines for Stores to Watch Shoppers

We should watch the DHS.


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