American Feudalism Comes To Detroit, New Orleans / presstitutes and whorespondents for the CIA / more vaccine whistleblowing





The Road to Serfdom: American Feudalism Comes To Detroit Read More

“Detroit’s bankruptcy hearings officially resumed on September 2, and creditors are making their arguments for why the destitute city should give up its last remaining public wealth to bankers and private-sector profiteers. The establishment media would have you believe that Detroit’s financial crisis is a result of “running out of other people’s money.” But if you want to truly understand the story of Detroit’s rise and fall, the book “Getting Ghost” by University of Michigan adjunct professor Luke Bergmann is a must-read.”


[446] The Unheard Story of Hurricane Katrina: Blackwater, White Militias & Community Empowerment

11m50s “Because crime do pay. I make more money incarcerating somebody than sending them to school.”

19m30s “They look like the Klan without the hats. They were driving around in the back of trucks drunk with guns pointed at black people, not anyone else. Drawing guns and shooting people”

19m55s “So who killed them ? Was it the police or was it the militia ? And so at the time we didn’t know which of them it was because both of them were out of control. New Orleans Police, long history of systemic racism, systemic out of control police system.”

22m25s “Shooting black youth like it’s pheasant season and I’m sorry to get so angry about it but it’s infuriating.”

There are some really sick f**ks in America.


LA Times Journalist Cleared Articles With CIA Before Publishing

“One of the reason we call members of the corporate media presstitutes and whorespondents! And there is nothing new in this underhanded behavior by the press!”


Congressman’s Office In Possession of 100,000 CDC Whistleblower Documents?

“Congressman Bill Posey’s office has confirmed exclusively to that a “very large number” of documents have been turned over by CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, who has admitted that the CDC suppressed information about the links between the MMR vaccine and autism in some cases.”


Here it is: how the US government admits vaccines cause autism Read More


Doctor Andrew Wakefield Blows The Lid on Vaccine Industry’s War On Children


Intimidation and Even Murder Await Vaccine and Gulf Coast Oil Explosion Whistleblowers READ MORE


Moms of autistic, vaccine-damaged children mount wave of online protest against CDC research fraud READ MORE

“A groundswell of backlash against government corruption has been unleashed across the web following the revelation that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lied about data linking vaccines and vaccine ingredients to autism. The hashtags “#CDCwhistleblower” and “#hearthiswell,” a reference to a global campaign aimed at “breaking the science on vaccine violence,” are bursting forth across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, drawing attention to the U.S. government’s evil vaccine war against the most vulnerable members of society, our children.”

“Moms everywhere are posting videos on YouTube bearing these hashtags, in which they talk about their own children who were damaged by vaccines, warning others to be cautious before injecting their babies without researching the matter on their own. One mother of eight children, for instance, talks about how, among the six that were vaccinated, three have autism, and the others have a variety of mood and behavioral disorders, as well as gastrointestinal and other physical health problems.”


Swiss Offer Asylum To Snowden For Testifing Against U.S.


The Death of the Dollar: “I Can’t Emphasize Just How Serious Of An Issue That’s Going To Be” READ MORE


A Cataclysmic Great Unwind & Global Meltdown Is Coming

“Barron added: “You are old enough to remember how Nixon was reviled for wage and price controls, and then eventually everything fell apart as interest rates skyrocketed in the United States to the upper teens.  Volcker then had to come in and help save the system along with others in the Reagan administration.”

“But what’s going on today, this managing of the economy and managing of the interest rates, is really just another modern-day version of wage and price controls.  In fact, it’s much more severe and it’s really interfering with the business cycle.  Companies and banks that should have failed are not being allowed to fail.”

“So there are all these zombie banks out there and the situation just continues to get more dire, even though the central planners have fabricated this illusion, this great lie, that the world is on its way to prosperity.  It’s all a smokescreen of lies that is aggressively pushed by Joseph Goebbels-style propaganda through the mainstream media.  There is a denial that there is ever going to be a cleansing of the financial system, but it will happen.”

The boom of the 1920s followed by the crash of 1929, the stock market boom of post-2008 followed by …


Rep. King On ISIS War: No Time for Constitution and Congress

Scraping the constitution is your resignation letter, Mr King.


Kentucky Man Arrested For “Terroristic Threatening” After Posting Song Lyrics To Facebook

“Maybe I’m missing something here, but how is posting lyrics equal threatening to “kill students and or staff at school.” Also, notice how the word “terrorist” is thrown into the charge. As I have said for years, the entire sham “war on terror” will be used to justify putting regular citizens in jail for pretty much anything.”


IBM Sees Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology in Internet of Things READ MORE

“An important aspect of this distributed cloud is the lack of trust in individual nodes. With a centralized system, trust is easier, since a central agency manages all the devices and their identities and potentially weeds out the bad nodes. However, with potentially billions of devices coming online, this is a next to impossible task. Instead, IBM sees the future to be a distributed model that doesn’t require trusting every node in the network – a problem that had already been solved by Satoshi Nakamoto in designing Bitcoin.”


How “Protect and Serve” Became “Search and Destroy”


Occupy Wall Street on Trial: Cecily McMillan Convicted of Assaulting Cop, Faces Up to Seven Years

“An Occupy Wall Street activist has been found guilty of assaulting a New York City police officer in a trail that critics say should have been about the police assaulting her. Cecily McMillan was arrested in March 2012 as protesters tried to re-occupy Zuccotti Park, six months after Occupy began. McMillan was convicted of deliberately striking officer Grantley Bovell with her elbow, leaving him with a black eye. McMillan says she swung her arm instinctively after being grabbed in the right breast from behind. To support this claim, defense lawyers showed photos of bruising to her chest during trial. In addition to her injuries, McMillan says she went into a seizure as officers pinned her down. She was later treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Cecily McMillan

What a load of s**t


An Interview With Cecily McMillan

“Cecily McMillan (born 1989) is an American Occupy Wall Street activist and advocate for prisoner rights in the United States. In March 2012, she was arrested as protesters tried to re-occupy Zuccotti Park. She was accused of assaulting a New York City Police officer and sentenced to 90 days in prison and probation for a subsequent five years. She was released in July 2014 after serving 58 days at Rikers Island.”

8m40s “This insistence by authorities that if you’re protesting you have to go over here behind this fence, if you’re protesting politically, if you’re protesting someone seeking a medical procedure you can get right up into that person’s face.”

Can you spell DOUBLE STANDARDS ?


Mike Destroys Joe Biden Over Boston Speech


Elizabeth Warren Sides With Israel

9m10s “Those claims of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons remains her position even after she was told that those claims squarely contradict U.S. intelligence community’s clear assessment of Iran’s actions.”

A fact-free zone.


Eric Cantor Cashes In On Wall Street

“The tea party’s reaction to news that ousted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is headed to Wall Street can be summed up in three words: told ya so.”

Just call congress, the Wall Street congress.


Palestinian media body calls for investigation into Israel’s targeting of journalists in Gaza



Federal Judge Rules BP Acted With Gross Negligence


Russell Brand Rants At Fox News ‘Savages’ & You’ll Totally Agree Why

45s “ISIS was trained by U.S. instructors at a secret base in Jordan to prepare them to fight president Assad as ‘rebels’. Since the Benghazi massacre the annex was a front for a CIA operation shipping arms to the anti-Assad forces through Turkey.”





Nanny State (E.U.) to Ban Toasters, Kettles & Hair Dryers!

Britain must leave the E.U. while we still have honest free markets.


Antonin Scalia’s Favorite Murderer Was Innocent

“A Horrifying Miscarriage of Justice in North Carolina”
“How many times was Justice Antonin Scalia wrong about Henry Lee McCollum and the death penalty?”

7m25s “They missed the real killer who was right under their nose and because of their haphazard and negligent investigation HE WENT ON TO KILL AGAIN.”

Innocent guys 30 years on death row, innocent BLACK guys.


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