Can Bitcoin Conquer the World? Why Wholesale Regulations Won’t Work READ MORE


Blockchain Promises To Be As Disruptive A Technology As The Internet READ MORE


9/11 False Flag Operation: HUGE Tipping Point As State-Sponsored Terrorism Is Exposed Read More



Bombshell: CDC whistleblower goes further: mercury causes autism READ MORE


Obama Is Defeated in Ukraine: CNN Finally Talks to Our Regime’s Victims There READ MORE


NOT ANOTHER IRAQ: US Intelligence Vets Ask Merkel to Prevent NATO’s Ukraine/Russia War By Relying on FACTS, Not Pentagon Propaganda


Gold Monetization Scheme Aims to Treat Gold as Currency in India Read More

‘Gold is money and nothing else’ – J P Morgan.


Silver’s Value In 3-D Printing And Curing Cancer READ MORE


Martin Armstrong Asks “Has Western Society Become Fascist?”

The entire problem we face going ahead stems from the very idea of Karl Marx that government is capable of managing the economy either through communism or autocratic-socialism where the state dictates to the economy under the pretense of caring for the people, that has truly become a derivative of fascism where the state comes first. This is even reflected in the conviction rate that has risen from 72% in the 1970s to virtually 99% today eliminating fair trials. We also see it taking shape in the militarization of the police that actually do not protect society, but the state from the people. Police have been converted to IRS agents on wheels to raise money by abusing the people for every possible type of traffic violation. In Princeton, New Jersey, they even have signs in a parking lot “park head in”. If you back into a parking spot you get a ticket. The actor Alec Baldwin was arrested  for rising his bicycle against traffic. Who knew you could even be arrested for such a thing. This is autocratic-socialism where the state pretends its abuse of the people is for their benefit when in fact there is always a profit that falls to them like FATCA and the NSA really looking for money – not terrorists.


At least 6 Ferguson Cops Named in Civil Rights Suits

“Killing a mentally ill man with a Taser, pistol-whipping a child, choking and hog-tying a child and beating a man who was later charged with destroying city property because his blood spilled on officers’ clothes are just some of the allegations lodged against the officers in complaints and four federal lawsuits, including one that is on appeal, the Post writes.”


School Cops Brutalize Teen Girl Over Cell Phone

“Despite footage obviously showing a combative police response, HISD released a statement claiming their students’ safety was their “absolute top priority,” and that they’ll investigate what led the school cops to respond in that manner.”

Except for this student.


Schizophrenic Man Armed with Pellet Gun Shot 80 Times By Police Until He ‘Had No Face’



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