CDC’s autism conspiracy / MH17 classified / Russia delivering non-bombing humanitarian aid via trucks to Donetsk – what a novel idea




CDC refuses to turn over documents to Congress: Evidence linking MMR vaccines to autism intentionally withheld from investigator

An actual conspiracy, not to be confused with a conspiracy theory.

Some of the guilty individuals need to be put on trial and if found guilty then they should be executed by vaccine.


CDC whistleblower Thompson in grave danger now

“When it comes to vaccines and protecting that empire, the games are very serious. Deadly serious. The gloves come off.”

“Prior to this morning, Thompson had been standing in the shadows as an anonymous source, admitting that he cooked data to hide a connection between autism and the MMR vaccine.”

My demand to the criminals is: don’t continue your crimes by murdering Thompson.


CDC Whistleblower Audio With Brian Hooker, Ph.D.


Profit Over People: When Those We Trust To Protect Our Health … Can No Longer Be Trusted


The Causes of the MH17 Crash are “Classified”. Ukraine, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium Signed a “Non-disclosure Agreement”

Might as well erect a huge flashing neon sign saying ‘FALSE FLAG’.


Demand grows for truth about MH17

“A long list of prominent individuals has signed, a number of organizations will be promoting next week, and you can be one of the first to sign right now, a petition titled “Call For Independent Inquiry of the Airplane Crash in Ukraine and its Catastrophic Aftermath.””


Boeing-777 was downed by Ukrainian MiG-29, Romanian expert says


Pentagon Demands Russia Remove Convoy “Immediately” As NYT Reports Russians Firing Artillery In Ukraine

“Two sources with absolutely zero credibility after assuring us about stolen incubators, Saddam’s nukes, and Assad gassing his own people!”

Delivering non-bombing humanitarian aid via trucks – what a novel idea.


Ukraine: Watch FIRST video of Russian aid trucks arriving in Lugansk


NATO: Russia Just Significantly Escalated The Crisis In Ukraine

Shut the hell up, NATO.


FEARMONGERING MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA CLAIMS: Terror Threat on Chicago & U.S. Cities: Are Islamic State Terrorists Set to Attack U.S.? Read More

[Ed. Note: The REAL Message? Be Afraid, Give Up Your Liberties For Security, Big Brother Will Protect You…]


15,000 pounds of chicken nuggets recalled after customers complain about pieces of plastic

How soon before we are all eating plastic ?


NSA Whistle-Blower: Obama’s Authority To Label ‘Terrorists’ Is The Same Rule The Nazis Issued In 1933


New Terror Narrative Emerging: ISIS Supports American Resistance READ MORE

“In the ongoing effort by the establishment to demonize the Tea Party and resistance to an expanding federal government, a new narrative is emerging that could provide justification for a nation-wide crackdown on dissent.”

What a load of crap.


Retired #Philadelphia police Capt. Ray Lewis (of #Occupy fame) shows up in uniform at #Ferguson protests.


Ferguson: No justice in American police state

“Probably, the answer is the large multi-day protests of the black community in Ferguson that led to the state police being sent to Ferguson and now the National Guard. Also, domestic police in full military combat gear with armored personnel carriers and tanks pointing numerous rifles in the faces of unarmed civilians and arresting and threatening journalists make good video copy. The “land of the free” looks like a Gestapo Nazi state. To much of the world, which has grown to hate American bullying, the bullying of Americans by their own police is poetic justice.”


When ‘Anti-Government’ Violence Erupts, Who Is Really At Fault?

“This past week, I have been examining a recently leaked document from the Department Of Homeland Security entitled “Domestic Violent Extremists Pose A Threat To Government Officials And Law Enforcement.” (Yes; the title leaves nothing to the imagination.)”

When they write ‘anti-government’ I think anti-bankster.


Fmr. Homeland Security Adviser: ‘Very, Very True’ ISIS May Have Crossed Border

What are homeland security doing about the open border between the USA and Mexico ?


If a US city is destroyed, who did it?

Are the CIA behind ISIS ?


False Flag – The Movie!


ANALYSIS: The beheading of James Foley is a fake.


Mandatory Fingerprinting In Venezuelan Supermarkets

“Today the BBC reported that Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro plans to introduce a mandatory fingerprinting system in supermarkets across the country, as part of an effort to prevent food shortages and smuggling.”

How is such a thing going improve the supply of food ?


Barry Goldwater Jr.: “If you don’t pay attention to the government, the government will pay attention to you.”


The Fake Chimney at Auschwitz


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