Ukraine: Someone Is Lying / Ferguson, MO: another someone is lying, journalists must be silenced, in a police state innocence is irrelevant, curfew not wanted by residents




Someone Is Lying: Russia Defense Ministry Says There Was No Military Column In East Ukraine


Did Ukraine Attack Its Own Tanks? White House “Can’t Confirm Russian Convoy Was Destroyed By Kiev”

“What is worse, is that if indeed the specter arises that Ukraine is lying about an event that nearly gave the market a heart attack on the belief that a new international war involving Russia may be about to break out, was Ukraine also lying about flight MH-17. And else may the Kiev regime been lying about?”


Russia Accuses Ukraine of Staging Gleiwitz-Style False Flag

If it worked for Nazi Germany …


In The West Respect for Truth No Longer Exists — Paul Craig Roberts

“The Western media fell in step with Washington and blamed the downed Malaysian airliner on Russia. No evidence was provided. It its place the media used constant repetition. Washington withheld the evidence that proved that Kiev was responsible. The media’s purpose was not to tell the truth, but to demonize Russia.”


Gaza, Ukraine: The War Drums are Sounding the Alarm

“What we have in Gaza, and Eastern Ukraine,are war crimes against helpless citizens, women and children, who are killed by both the IDF and Poroschenko’s troops with impunity.”


The FASCIST Ukraine Gov’t & The MH17 FALSE FLAG Attack — Webster Tarpley


I am white and I am outraged at this murder of a black guy in Ferguson, Missouri so the MSM can f**k off, f**k off, f**k off with their attempts to play this as a black issue. All across America non-black and black are outraged.

Congratulations must go to divisive president Obama and to divisive president Bush before him because they have caused the American people to unite but not behind their leaders.


State Of Emergency, Curfew Issued For Ferguson

“It was only a matter of time before Ferguson became the Americanized version of Gaza.”

“After last night’s looting in which the local police was inexplicably instructed to stand down by the state highway patrol, moments ago Missouri’s governor ,Jay Nixon, issued a local state of emergency and imposed a nighttime curfew lasting from midnight until 5 am. As the WSJ reports, at the Greater St. Mark Family Church in St. Louis, Gov. Jay Nixon said the overwhelming number of protesters have been peaceful. But the governor said he would not allow a small number of violent rioters to emerge again in the wake of a police-involved fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown one week ago. “If we are going to have justice, we must first have and maintain peace,” the governor said adding that this is a test if the “town can break the cycle of fear.” From where we stand, the answer so far is a resounding no.”

Has anyone asked the people of Ferguson if they want a curfew ?


Are we on the Verge of Renewed Race Riots with the Turn in the War Cycle in 2014? READ MORE

“What was amazing is that this civil unrest started precisely in 1964, which like 2014 now, was the turning point in the war cycle. What has taken place in Ferguson is simply outrageous. However, the Black Community needs to learn a lesson from history. They will only diminish their own position by characterizing this as simply a race issue. This time – its is different. It is government against everyone.”


One Shot, In Critical Condition, 7 Arrested After Protesters Break Ferguson Curfew

Governor of Missouri’s curfew on Ferguson, what about the people of Ferguson’s curfew on Ferguson ?

Take one person’s right to protest away, everyone’s right to protest will be taken away. But the residents of Ferguson do need to get a peaceful night’s sleep, it should be the decision of the people of Ferguson.


Cops Use Tear Gas On Peaceful Protesters AGAIN! In Ferguson Missouri

4m45s “People from the community told the governor we’re not going home, we’re not going to sleep before there’s justice.”

The governor is defying the wishes of the residents of Ferguson. Any s**t that happens will be on the governor’s head.

The unfolding disaster that is the police state in the united states of America.


Audio Released of Ferguson Dispatch Exposes A ‘Staged Event’

“The first call to dispatch was the news?? You Heard It Right!”


Lawyer: Store didn’t call cops on Michael Brown

Another someone is lying.


Ferguson chief: Officer didn’t know about robbery


Missouri mayor: Looters were out-of-towners

“The mayor of Ferguson, Missouri, says many of the people who smashed, looted, burned and destroyed in the aftermath of protests following a fatal police shooting of a teenager were out-of-towners.”

I would not be the least bit surprised if there were agent provocateurs also.


Police Have No Right to Shoot Someone Running Away

“Chief Jackson claims that Wilson was “injured” in the reported struggle with Brown, and that he received treatment at a nearby hospital. No explanation has been provided for the fact that Brown, after being shot at a distance of about 35 feet from Wilson’s patrol vehicle, was left face-down in the street and received no medical attention. His lifeless body was eventually carried away in the back of an SUV.”


New footage reveals SWAT team shot at reporters after they identified themselves as press


Cops Gone Wild


‘Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!’ Ferguson protesters take to streets for sixth day


Ferguson cop – Judge, Jury, & Executioner?


#BBCtrending: Moments of silence for Michael Brown

“”Mike Brown was supposed to start college on the Monday after the shooting. That could have been any one of us,” said Howard University student Khalil Saadiq, who came up with the idea for the photo.”


A new, complicated chapter opens in Ferguson

“If such a charge for swiping a box of cigars and shoving a store clerk seems extreme, it’s not without precedent. In 2007 another Missouri man faced robbery charges and up to 30 years in prison for stealing a 50-cent doughnut and shoving a store employee. (The story made national headlines, and the perpetrator ended up receiving a five-year suspended sentence and 90 days in jail.)”

If the punishment is supposed to fit the crime then the criminals on Wall Street should be in jail until the sun explodes.


The Real Issue Behind the Ferguson, Missouri Police Response: Protest Is Treated As Terrorism In America Today


Ferguson Aftermath! Molotov Thrown, Protesters Put Out Fire, Real Bullets Fired!



Freedom of the Press in Jeopardy As Obama Goes After Times Reporter Risen

4m5s “There is no law that mandates the press to obtain government approval about lawfully acquired information. There is no dispute that such a law would be unconstitutional on it’s face in the prior restraint of speech and would threaten to transform this great country from being a democracy to becoming a totalitarian state.”


James Risen, Ferguson and Freedom of the Press

3m5s “James Risen wrote about a botched CIA operation from the year 2000 where the U.S. was giving nuclear weapons plans to Iran through an ex Soviet scientist and it went completely awry and he learned about from a whistleblower inside the CIA.”

Only a criminal government fears whistleblowers and the journalists they take to.

10m20s “Dozens of journalists who on the streets were trying to cover Occupy and were jailed, many of them mainstream journalists. And when they went to take back, when the cops went to take back Zuccotti Park, the original Occupy Wall Street in lower Manhattan, the first thing they did was round up the journalists, put them in pens and the journalists who resisted were arrested. So, I mean that’s a real whiff of fascism when that kind of thing happens.”

Wall Street fascism going strong throughout the decades and centuries.

19m40s “The U.S. invented the idea that the individual can stand up to the state, that there’s this right called habeus corpus, you can’t be tossed and disappeared, you get to meet a judge, a jury of your peers, we invented all of that stuff and with the militarisation of society we’re losing what the united states was clearly exceptional … at least we’ve broadened it. Habeus corpus were articles 38 and 39 of the Magna Carta.”


Military veterans see deeply flawed police response in Ferguson: “We went through some pretty bad areas of Afghanistan, but we didn’t wear that much gear”

““That’s not controlling the crowd, that’s intimidating them.””


Marine Vet Speaks Out Against Police State


Ferguson Protests: Where Do We Stand? Russell Brand The Trews (E123).


From Boston to Ferguson: Have We Reached a Tipping Point in the Police State?

“In the American police state, there is no longer such a thing as innocence. We are all potentially guilty, all potential criminals, all suspects waiting to be accused of a crime.”

In a police state your innocence is irrelevant

I am anti-abusive police, not to be confused with anti-police.




Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia Will Introduce Bill to Stop the Militarization of Police READ MORE


Cops Beat Man Bloody Then Arrest Him For Bleeding On Them

“The address is the headquarters of the Ferguson Police Department, where a 52-year-old welder named Henry Davis was taken in the predawn hours on that date. He had been arrested for an outstanding warrant that proved to actually be for another man of the same surname, but a different middle name and Social Security number”


Arresting The Messengers: The Bush Administration’s Assault On Journalism (9/3/2008)–by-Steve-Elliott-080903-505.html

“Covering breaking news has always been a Constitutionally protected activity in the United States. The Bush administration, however, seems intent on changing the rules — or at least in seeing how far the government can push its police state mentality and get away with it.”

Has the District of Criminals pushed the American people too far with all this police brutality and intimidation ?


MUST WATCH TRUTH: The END of No-Alternative-To-Dollar Era


Obama Administration Urged to Declare Public Health Emergency in Detroit

“Today, a coalition of over fifty social justice organizations including Food & Water Watch urged President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to declare the ongoing water crisis in Detroit a public health emergency. The groups have asked the Obama administration to make money available from the Public Health Emergency Fund to restore water service to residents affected by the shutoffs.”

Now we will find out if Obama is the president of the military industrial complex.


The True Cost of Healthcare – It’s Far Less Than You’re Being Charged!

A healthcare to better loot America.


Worse Than Tiananmen? 1st Anniversary of Egyptian Army Killings of 800+ Anti-Coup Protesters – One year ago today, Egyptian forces opened fire on a sit-in at Rabaa al-Adaweeya Square in Cairo. Tens of thousands of people had camped in the square to protest the ouster of democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi. Over the course of a single day, in what became known as the Rabaa massacre, Egyptian forces killed at least 817 people. Now, Human Rights Watch has unveiled a new report that concludes Egypt’s actions likely constituted a crime against humanity, one of the worst violations of international law. The report puts the massacre on par with China’s infamous massacre of unarmed protesters at Tiananmen Square. We are joined by Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth, who, along with Middle East Director Sarah Leah Whitson, attempted to enter Egypt and present the group’s findings earlier this week, but was detained and turned away. We are also joined by Dr. Abdul Mawgoud Dardery, a former member of the Egyptian Parliament with the Freedom and Justice Party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, which has just been dissolved by a court. Dardery, left Egypt after the coup and is now living in the United States. And we are joined from Cairo by Democracy Now! correspondent Sharif Abdel Kouddous.”


13 cops dispatched to arrest one 15-year-old girl, because a cop ‘smelled weed’

“Residents of the Countryside mobile home park in Fargo, ND have expressed concerns over racial profiling and police misconduct for some time. A recent cellphone video has captured a brutal example of this misconduct.”

“The 15-year-old was then arrested and held in jail for 3 days. Her requests to go to the hospital were denied and instead she was given aspirin and ice packs. According to the family, there was never a urinalysis, nor a blood test performed on her, despite the police arresting her for ‘smelling weed.’”

Another someone is lying. This s**t is well out of control. Did they really have to f**king twist her arms so much ?


Welcome to Police State America: The US Has Descended Into An Undeclared State of Martial Law

Tasing a 70 Pound, Eight Year Old Girl In Pierre, SD.

“Under Obamacare, thanks to an United Nations document which now constitutes the mainstay guidelines of all 50 state CPS’ field manuals, parents will soon lose custody of their child if they are a gun owner, have beer in the home, if their child gets a bad grade, if their child gets sick and misses five days of school in any one 30 day period, or if their parents have dangerous ideas. CPS will soon have the right to enter your home without a warrant in order to search for ways to remove your children from your custody. Welcome to police state America.”

Tasing an 8 year old – are they f**king kidding ?


Tel Aviv demo decries Israel’s war on Gaza


Hillary The Movie – Hillary Clinton Exposed (Banned From TV by the Courts)

Another woman for president of the USA, just not this witch.


Mentally-ill California woman shot by police while holding cordless drill READ MORE

Shockingly bad eyesight on the part of the police.


Pentagon’s 1033 Program is Preparing for War Against the Civil Population READ MORE

“The military style local police forces in the United States are about as un-American and unconstitutional as you can get. This incident in Ferguson, Missouri that has been witnessed as brandishing military weapons of war against unarmed citizens is all honesty is treason against everything the Founding Fathers fought a revolution against…”


In Australia, Businesses are Getting Hit with a $500 Fee Designed to Kill Solar Power


Forbes Calls Consumer Reports Anti-Science in a Pro-GMO Rant That … Lacks Science


Former Cop Arrested Over Anti-TSA Protest on Public Property

““I have a right to stand there and hold signs,” said Hoffman. “I’ve done this hundreds of times as an investigator.””

We all have that same right. Take it away from one means taking it away from everyone.



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