Portugal down one oligarch / pay off for genocide of Palestinians / MH17 hit by bullets & air-to-air missile / Death by austerity / NSA and everyone’s nude pics


Portugal’s Top Oligarch Goes Down in Flames


“Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Salgado is known in Portugal as “Dono disto tudo,” or “Owner of everything.’ The oligarch’s family has been calling the shots in Portugal for over a century. It’s the largest shareholder of the country’s biggest stock market listed bank, and controls a string of other financial companies, agricultural, energy, health care and property companies in Portugal and across the globe. But now it looks like the final chapters in the long history of the most renowned members of the country’s elite are about to be written. And perhaps with it a new chapter in Portugal’s and Europe’s financial and economic crisis.”


Israel Grants ‘Oil Rights’ in DISPUTED LANDS to Rupert Murdoch and Jacob Rothschild


The pay off for the genocide of Palestinians.


Rothschild Banking Empire Valued at $100 Trillion

http://sgtreport.com/2014/07/rothschild-banking-empire-valued-at-100-trillion/ Read More


Razing Gaza: Before and after satellite images show the true devastation of Israel’s bombardment as 700 homes and mosques are turned to rubble and 400 craters blight the war zone


Not only have a multitude of residential buildings been razed to the ground but agricultural produce has been razed to the ground.


People around the globe Protesting for Gaza



Protesters in France turn out for Palestine and defy ban – again



Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis



“That’s like Obama saying that everyone who voted for Romney deserved to be killed!”


MH17 Wreckage Seems to Show It Was Struck with Bullets and a R-60 Air to Air Missile



Stop! Thief! Stop!


“Kiev’s hastily assembled, post-coup coalitions couldn’t hold, and Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk threw in the towel last Thursday. On his way out, news stories said, the PM expressed his “disappointment with Ukrainian parliament’s decision to reject a bill that allows the government to hand over up to 49 percent of the country’s gas transport system to investors from the European Union and the United States.””

Payment to the EU and the USA for services rendered during the coup against the people of Ukraine.


Ukrainians began to beat fascists who force them to go to army


Go Ukraine, beat up the fascists.








Diabetic ex soldier dies with £3.44 to his name because his unemployment benefits were cut for missing an appointment. Corner says there was no food in his stomach.


Death by austerity.


NSA stealing your nude pictures and sharing them for fun



Obama Democrat To Congress: You Have No Right To Know What Government Does



Letter: Former VP of Monsanto is now Deputy Commissioner of FDA — conflict of interest?


Is that a trick question ?


Why the USA and England Had to Start World War Two


“Why? Basically because their gangster overlords, the sleazy criminals that slither around the banks in Wall Street and the City of London financial district told them to get the war on.

The banksters were deathly afraid that Hitler’s resuscitation of Germany’s economy, which had been on life support and falling fast, but got turned around in a matter of years into what got called an economic miracle would start spreading to other nations, many of whom were being destroyed from within by the perverted banksters choke-hold on those nations.”


Overstock’s Radical Plan to Reinvent the Stock Market With Bitcoin

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/36255 READ MORE


Bitcoin vs. Ponzi

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/36168 READ MORE

“For a Ponzi scheme to work, however, it is critical that only the Ponzi promoter and co-conspirators know the truth behind any “investments”, because any type of audit or transparency will collapse it instantly. This reason alone is enough to rule out the possibility that Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme.”

“Bitcoin cannot be a Ponzi scheme as it is the ultimate in transparency. It is so transparent that there are dozens of websites that list every transaction anyone has ever made. Every fraction of every bitcoin in existence can be traced from its origin to its ultimate destination address. The only thing we don’t know is who owns the keys to these addresses, and we should keep it that way.”



http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/36125 READ MORE







As Fox reports, the Obama administration recently released 760 illegal immigrant children to sponsors in the Volunteer State without any warning, the governor charged.”

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