Misconduct in Citigroup’s deals devastated nation/world’s economies / Donetsk: Where is R2P now ? / NSA for Israeli security


$7 Billion Citigroup Settlement: About Those 25 Million Missing Documents

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/315472 READ MORE

“Adding further insult to public sensibilities, the Justice Department correctly summed up the impact of the wrongdoing by Citigroup, writing: “…our teams found that the misconduct in Citigroup’s deals devastated the nation and the world’s economies, touching everyone.””



NATO Hopes for Russian Invasion of Ukraine


“At any point of the conflict, if Ukraine’s provocations are not obvious enough, Russia will not benefit from crossing the border into Ukraine. Russia’s restraint thus far has exposed the West’s “responsibility to protect” (R2P) doctrine as dressed-up imperialism. Surely if ever a conflict warranted “humanitarian intervention,” it would be Kiev’s assault on eastern Ukrainians with warplanes, tanks, and artillery – indiscriminately shelling populated centers to compensate for the lack of capable grounds troops necessary to more precisely and safely engage with anti-Kiev fighters. That the West is not only failing to condemn this, but encouraging it, lays R2P to rest as cover for unilateral, global military aggression.”

Donetsk: Where is R2P now ?


NSA may be putting Israeli security interests above U.S., new document reveals



Study shows synthetic vitamins in ‘fortified’ breakfast cereals harming children


“Breakfast cereals that are “fortified” with synthetic imitations of vitamins like zinc, niacin, and vitamin A could be harming children, says a new report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Researchers from the consumer advocacy organization maintain that many cereals, breakfast bars and other breakfast products marketed to children contain excess levels of synthetic vitamins that may harm vital organs and immune function in the longer term.”

The s**t that we eat.


Baroness forced to step down in UK pedophile investigation


Baroness pedo ?


Portugal Contagion Spreads: Espirito Santo To Default On Portugal Telecom Loan, Business Lending Drops Most On Record



Citigroup to pay $7B in subprime mortgages probe “settlement”. Nobody goes to jail, as usual.



Misbehaving Bankers Threaten System, BOE’s Bailey Says


“Bank of England Deputy Governor Andrew Bailey said banks’ misconduct risks undermining the entire financial system following increasingly large fines.”















Mainstream Media: Migrant Children Are All Vaccinated…Are You?


“People infected with everything from HIV to drug-resistant tuberculosis, and dengue hemorrhagic fever, chickenpox, and swine flu, to lice, scabies, strep throat, bacterial pneumonia, and diarrheal diseases — a you-name-it grab bag, basically — are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border en masse.”












Jewish activists light children’s dolls on fire at Yad Vashem to protest Gaza attack


“Saturday, 12th July, a group called Jews Against Genocide (JAG) held a memorial service for Palestinian children killed by Israel in its current attack on Gaza. JAG set aflame to a pile of dolls covered in red paint at Yad Vashem, Israel’s holocaust memorial museum. Jews Against Genocide (JAG) is a movement of Jews from all over the world, including Israelis, who are protesting against Israel’s intent to commit genocide against the non-Jewish indigenous people of Palestine.”


Florida Congresswoman sides with Israeli police over her own brutalized teenage constituent


“Only after the State Department called for an investigation into the incident and his parents posted $877 in bail did the Israeli police release Abu Khdeir to his family in Jerusalem, where he remains under house arrest. He has yet to be formally charged for any crime.”


Globalist Think Tank: North American Community “Will Be Forged in the Heat of Conflict”


“On June 11, 2002 a conference on North American integration was held by theWoodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. The center, which influences policy making in Washington, is funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, TheGates Foundation and George Soros. During the 2002 meeting, shocking revelations were made regarding the elite’s plans to create a North American Union between Canada, Mexico, and the United States. In order to accomplish this, representatives from various think tanks agreed that a campaign of social engineering needed to re-shape beliefs about national sovereignty and identity.”


The Dangers of Conformity – Peter Schiff Radio Show


8m35s “So when you have a state you have a giant vacuum of conscience that people are willing to defer to that entity, to that agency and do what it says to the tune of 250 million people murdered by government.”

9m55s “The experiment has been replicated world-wide and between 61 and 66 percent of people are willing to go to the fatal dose.”

Between 34 and 39 percent of humanity are zombies and I feel sorry for them.

15m25s “Non-compliance with society is compliance with conscience. It is no mark of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”




Grandmother Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison After Protest at U.S. Drone Base


http://www.democracynow.org – In New York, a peace activist and grandmother has been sentenced to a year in prison for her role in peaceful protests at a base where U.S. drones are piloted remotely. Mary Anne Grady Flores had been issued an order of protection aimed at keeping her away from Hancock Field Air National Guard Base after she participated in an act of civil disobedience there in 2012. Last year, Grady Flores says she attended another peace action, but did not participate, instead photographing it from the roadway, beyond what she believed was the base’s boundary. She was later told the base’s property extended into the road. On Thursday, Judge David Gideon of the DeWitt Town Court sentenced her to the maximum sentence of a year in prison for violating the protection order and fined her $1,000. In a courtroom packed with about 150 supporters, Grady Flores spoke about what she called the four perversions of justice in her case.”


Florida teen gets 23 years in prison for fatal shooting of a police dog


Utterly ridiculous double standard. When public servants kill family pets they never go to trial.


78 Year Old Man Beaten and Pepper sprayed by Cop on Ride Home From


“After the incident broke the news, local residents were outraged, and the town’s police chief Mike Smith defended the actions of the officer, stating that the old couple were disobedient.”

Roll over, bark, play dead.

The fact that the public servant didn’t write this guy a ticket makes me think this public servant is full of s**t.


The Kingdom of Shylock


“First published in 1917, when it was repressed. This is a reprint of the second edition. Frank Anstey (1865-1940) was a leader of the Labor Party, a committed socialist, supporter of public finance and the Commonwealth Bank, and viewed WWI as “a war of rival capitalists”. He was more right than wrong. In this age of the globalisation, of organized criminality, we need more like him who will stick to their guns against cannibalistic corporate capitalism. This is an essential reference in understanding the true Labor Party, economic power in Australia, how far we have come along the road to total financial control of our lives, and conversely how diminished is our understanding of the forces that torture us.”


“Hesperian Press sent me a copy of this book. I read it last night. In fact I could not put it down. There, in 1917, was a clear understanding that the world was enslaved by those who held control of the monetary mediums of exchange, and how those private banking interests had driven the world into World War 1. Given the title, and the threat to the private central bankers, the book was denounced and suppressed. But is is worth the read in light of current events!”

“The lesson from this book is that politicians have indeed known all along that all wars are bankers’ wars, but continue to be willing to sell your childrens’ lives for a share in the bankers’ treasure!”

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