Two Genocides / Spying for political purposes, NOT to catch criminals / NSA WB Bill Binney: “War on Terror” gigantic fraud / Canada/Detroit ‘our water is their water.’


The Truthseeker: ‘Genocide’ in Eastern Ukraine (E43)

Humanitarian crisisSiege of Easetern Ukraine

7m10s “A bounty is put on the head of anyone who speaks out against Kiev.”

Welcome to fascist style democracy.


Donetsk victims 2014-07-12

Donetsk victim 2014-07-12

Please, please, please take a good look at the woman above who has been murdered by Kiev.


Ukraine- Kiev’s Genocide: What’s Happening in Slovyansk–by-George-Eliason-Execution_Genocide_Humanitarian_Starvation-140712-76.html

“On the first day of the ‘liberation’ 116 people between 25-40 were killed without charge or trial. The executions are still going on in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Witnesses say one man was strapped to an APC by his feet and dragged, then thrown into a car and taken away. Crews with dogs search the apartments, and without even asking any questions shoot people in front of their families. One person that escaped reported seeing a six year old he knew nailed to a sign post, as the soldier laughing. The father ran out of the building and was shot as he begged for his child’s life. Another child, just 3 years old was crucified on a bulletin board by Kiev Bandera and his mother was forced to watch. The mother was then dragged around by a tank. The woman was the wife of a militia member.”

When will the madness of Kiev stop ?


Israeli Interior Minister: “The Goal of the Operation Is to Send Gaza Back to the Middle Ages”, “Destroying All the Infrastructure Including Roads and Water” READ MORE

“Destroying civilian infrastructure is – of course – a war crime under the Geneva Convention.”




IS …

A …



So when can we expect the trial of these war criminals ?


Israeli jets destroying Gaza water and sewage systems, Oxfam estimates 90% of Gaza water unsafe to drink

Yet another crime against humanity by the Tel Aviv government.


Horror as Gaza handicapped care facility is bombed

This is sick.


Italian peacekeepers intercept journalists in Tyre

What the f**k are these Italian soldiers think they are doing ?


Palestinian journalists under Israeli fire

“Gaza City – With tearful eyes, the Al-Aqsa TV anchorman announced the death of Palestinian journalist Hamed Shehab on Wednesday evening, hit by an Israeli air strike while driving home on Omar al-Mukhtar street.”




An Israeli Jew’s apology to Palestinians

“For Mohammed’s 15-year-old cousin Tariq, the one whose straight-A grades in his Tampa, Florida high school earned him a summer vacation to visit family in the Holy Land – where Border Police troops from my side punched him and dragged him on hard ground and soccer-kicked him until they fractured his jaw and his nose.”


Swedes protest over Gaza bombings


Pro-Palestine protests across Norway


Hamas denies rocket attack on Israel from Lebanon

What is Mossad’s motto ? ‘By way of deception we shall do war’

Are we being deceived into believing the rockets are being fired by legitimate members of Hamas when we should be asking: are they being fired by agent provocateurs ?


Caught On Tape: Reporter Hit By Shell In Gaza

The f**king government of Israel f**king hitting what they f**king want to hit.


List of the 124 Palestinians, Including Whole Families, Killed Since Tuesday

How soon before the Palestinian death toll from all the attacks over the decades reaches the number of Jewish people killed by Nazi Germany ?


Can We Stop Pretending Israel is Being Attacked?

When the government stops it’s murdering of innocent Palestinian civilians then and only then we will stop our criticism.


Unstoppable Barrage: Gaza bombing intensifies, death toll over 100

1m25s “Not all of the strikes are on militants and buildings though. Late Thursday night a peculiar strike took place at Gaza’s marina. A boat owned by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition was the sole target.”

Not a military target at all.


ISRAELI CULTURAL MASS MENTAL ILLNESS: Twitter Pic of ‘APPLAUDING’ Israelis Watching Night Attacks on Gaza, Sparks OUTRAGE Read More

The blood lust of these people is adamning indictment on the human race.


Greenwald Reveals 5 Americans Targeted By NSA

“On Wednesday, journalist Glenn Greenwald has finally named names. And those names, as reported by The Intercept, include five politically active Muslim-Americans, who didn’t actually pose threats to national security.”

Spying for political purposes, NOT, NOT, NOT to catch criminals.

I won’t say ‘terrorist’ because that’s just emotive bulls**t from the liars.


Dark Secrets of Westminster: Challenging British Elite Paedophile ‘Ring of Silence’

“It is one of the most heinous and nasty crimes imaginable, yet, it’s been sanctioned and protected at the highest levels of the police, judiciary, corporations and in politics. It is also one of the most effective methods used to control politicians and bureaucrats through institutionalised blackmail and coercion. Children are the first casualty in this seedy game, followed by the public – who suffer from dysfunctional political decision-making done under duress.”

It would seem that the filthier the politician the easier they can blackmailed by the NSA.


Margaret Thatcher ‘personally covered up’ child abuse allegations against senior ministers

“It is claimed that four years later he was spotted by police seeking young boys for sex at Victoria railway station in London.”

Filth, filth, filth. And I’m not referring to the police.


Craig Murray explains how UK child abusers with the right connections have acted with impunity

“It is a mystery why the Observer failed to name Lord Greville Janner as the paedophile abusing boys from care homes.”


I was asked to find underage boys for sex at drink and drug-fuelled Tory party conferences, claims former activist


Top Tory’s devastating attack on our loss of privacy: This data law has nothing to do with catching terrorists – and everything to do with a lust for power

Again, the easier to be blackmailed by the NSA.


NSA Spying: Now It’s Personal

“Scores of pictures show infants and toddlers in bathtubs, on swings, sprawled on their backs and kissed by their mothers. In some photos, men show off their physiques. In others, women model lingerie, leaning suggestively into a webcam or striking risque poses in shorts and bikini tops.”

‘Terrorist’ infants, ‘terrorist’ male body builders, ‘terrorist’ lingerie models.


NSA Whistleblower Speaks: “The Ultimate Goal is Total Population Control” READ MORE

“the “War on Terror” is a gigantic fraud”


Keiser Report: One-Two-Punch, Cryptobullion! (E626)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the one-two punch of cryptobullion. They also discuss the crowd coming together to fight fracking in Texas (for fear of the ever-increasing magnitude earthquakes) and Canadians delivering water for Detroit because ‘our water is their water.’ In the second half, Max interviews Tina Rothery – aka Tina Louise – about the ‘implied inevitability’ of fracking and how Centrica and Cuadrilla are ‘squatting’ in order to prevent anti-fracking activists from doing the same.”


Santelli Goes Berserk, Slams Fed Which Was “Not Created To Be A Feel-Good Institution”


Epic Portugal Damage Control To Preserve Bank Confidence: BES Resumes Trading, Surges Then Tumbles


Portugal Is Not Fixed: Banco Espirito Santo Bonds Collapse To Record Lows


Nomura Threatens Espirito Santo Cross Defaults, Said To Demand Immediate Repayment Of €100MM Loan


The Head Of ‘The Central Bank Of The World’ Warns That Another Great Financial Crisis May Be Coming Read More


Game Changing Major End The Fed Rally Planned in Europe

“In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Lars Maehrholz during his layover in Berlin about the merger of 128 cities and 5 countries that will come together on July 19th to do a mass protest against the U.S Federal Reserve in Berlin Germany. Lars is a former skydiver that became the main organizer of the massive Monday peace vigils in Berlin. The Monday peace vigil is an autonomous fully independent movement that gained massive popularity in Berlin that is against the U.S Federal Reserve, main stream media and foreign wars of aggression”

Sure as hell this won’t be reported on by the MSM.


Financial Institutions Fear Global Revolution Read More

“Further, the bank reported that many of these nations suffer from the following features: “Weak executives; weak central states relative to regions; constitutional protection of labor rights; consensus building systems… and the right to protest if unwelcome changes are made to the political status quo.” The translation: democracy itself is the problem. As such, JPMorgan noted, “the process of political reform has barely begun.” In other words, out with democracy and in with financial and corporate oligarchy. “

Watch as bitcoin makes the financial institutions irrelevant.


Federal reserve banks, including the capital stock and surplus therein and the income derived therefrom shall be exempt from Federal, State, and local taxation, except taxes upon real estate


Genius: IMF Pronounces Bulgaria’s Banks “Safe” Just 2 Weeks Before Bank Run


At Least Wall Street Has A Sense Of Humor


PEOPLE POWER: Feds Back Down, Cancel Illegal Alien Flights to San Diego, For Now Read More


Texas town enforces ‘zero tolerance’ policy on grass length requirements READ MORE


Militia Command Center Set Up Near Texas Border to Secure Border & “Fight for National Sovereignty”

“In other words, the feds are telling militia to leave homeland security to the professionals. How’s that working out for us? Not too good as it has been the constitutional duty of militia to repel invasions, and make no mistake this is an invasion.”


Pentagon Correspondent for the New York Times Refers to American Citizens as “Children”

What a patronising P.O.S.


Orwell Would Be Proud: US Media Admits Divine Right To Decide What Public Needs To Know


What Americans Need to Know About Iran

“The real foreign presence is Islamophobia, which is completely at odds with America’s founding principles.”




“An Israeli military spokesman has admitted that Israel is killing Palestinian children knowingly, saying the goal of the killing is to make Hamas supporters suffer. Israel routinely carries out war crimes and crimes against humanity against Palestinians and other peoples of the Middle East, paying little or no attention to the rule of international law or international humanitarian law.”

60 seconds to live: IDF “knocks” on Palestinian civilian homes before obliterating them 1 minute later

“While the IDF is ignoring allegations that it targets civilian homes (because it is obvious that they are) IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said it uses phone calls and “drops empty shells on roofs” – what it calls “roof knocking” – to warn civilians that air strikes are imminent.”


White House Admits to Fake Vaccine Campaigns to Steal DNA Read More

The White House has officially admitted to an incredibly nefarious campaign – faking vaccination programs across the country while covertly stealing your DNA. This illegal, immoral, and insane scheme was concocted to profile terrorists as part of our war against the Middle East. These terrorists would then be hunted down with DNA samples and executed.




Busted: Emails Recovered on Lois Lerner Show She Wanted Her Communications to Be Non-Recoveable


Amazon Charges Penny for Shipping Following France Ruling Shipping Cannot Be Free; “No Competition” Laws READ MORE

Have they really got nothing better to do than this ?


TSA grants security amnesty to illegals: no ID required to fly commercial airplanes, but only if you’re NOT an American (opinion) READ MORE


Black Hawk choppers to arrest a pervert

What a staggering, staggering, staggering waste of tax payer funds.




Waiting for Dark: Inside Two Anarchists Quest for Untraceable Money READ MORE

“Their goal, with both the 3-D-printed gun and untraceable currency, isn’t simply to help people violate the law. In fact, it’s to give people tools that make illegal behavior so commonplace and technically trivial that the law ceases to be relevant. In Wilson and Taaki’s version of the future, technology, not law, makes the rules. “We’re declaring ourselves sovereign,” Taaki says. “We’re making the government obsolete.””

“In that future, math and consensus, not violence, might govern the control of resources. The result, as Taaki describes it, would be a new society where code replaces courts and men with guns as the arbiter of civilization. “We have new tools, a new class of mathematical contracts, based on the incorruptible rules of the cosmos,” he says, his voice resonating through the empty building.”


FEDS Set Up Tiny Free Speech Zones Once Again – Are They Insane?

“Almost hysterically, the Federal government has once again set up TINY ‘free speech zones’ in Murrietta, Texas, despicably forgetting that THE ENTIRE COUNTRY is a ‘free speech zone’ in accordance with the 1st Amendment and the United States Constitution.”

“Seemingly attempting to set up another ‘Bundy Ranch’ situation in which Americans put the FEDS in their proper place when it comes to WHEN AND WHERE ‘free speech’ takes place, are they actually TRYING to set-up another Bundy Ranch situation, where the 2nd Amendment once again comes to the rescue of the 1st? Will ANYONE down in the border region of Texas actually FALL FOR THESE SAD TRICKS that the federal government is attempting to impose upon the people of America? When will the federal government REMEMBER that they are merely SERVANTS TO the American people?”



14 Tactics Used by the Mainstream Media to Manufacture Consent for the Oligarchy


Americans Are Too Stupid For GMO Labeling, Congressional Panel Says


The Oregonian opposes GMO food labeling because they think you’re too stupid to understand

“Once upon a time, the federal government said that lead-based paint and leaded gasoline were safe, only to ban them later on. DDT used to be praised, but it’s banned now too. The drug Vioxx was “safe” until it caused thousands of fatal heart attacks and strokes. What about all the food today that contains genetically altered ingredients? No one knows if the food they buy contains them, and they may very well be putting themselves and their family at risk.”


Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Found To Be 125X More Toxic Than Regulators Claim


Texas officials: ‘Obama to blame for swine flu outbreak from illegal migrants’ — Mass graves readied

“It has now been openly admitted that two illegal migrant children, housed in U.S. military camps, have been infected with the H1N1 swine flu virus so feared by many.”


Violent SWAT raid leaves St. Paul family traumatized, two pets shot dead

“Officers proceeded to tear the house apart for hours. Besides the two dead dogs, the extensive damages included multiple broken doors, broken door frames, and walls with the insulation and vents ripped out. All damages were left to the homeowner to cover.”

If you think that innocent people should get stiffed for the cost of the police rampage you can f**k the hell off.


Is This What A Bursting Bubble Looks Like?

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