Goodbye fake Al Qaeda, slave ticket, IMF/WB, Obama (aka Palpatine), no-fly list, criminal oligarchy



Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab

Goodbye fake Al Qaeda.


Gazprom Ready To Drop Dollar, Settle China Contracts In Yuan Or Rubles

Goodbye slave ticket.


The “World as we Know It” comes to an end, July 14-16, 2014. Part 1/2… “BRICS emerging nations close to launching bank”

Goodbye IMF, world bank.


Pentagon Official: The Obama Drone Kill Memo Is Out And Libertarians Were Right — It’s Murder

Goodbye Obama (aka Palpatine).



Goodbye the no-fly list.


Ex-CIA Officer Claims that Open Source Revolution is About to Overthrow Global Oligarchy READ MORE

I want to know what’s to stop this revolution from turning into a violent, destructive mess. Steele is characteristically optimistic. “I have struggled with this question. What I see happening is an end to national dictat and the emergence of bottom-up clarity, diversity, integrity, and sustainability. Individual towns across the USA are now nullifying federal and state regulations – for example gag laws on animal cruelty, blanket permissions for fracking. Those such as my colleague Parag Khanna that speak to a new era of city-states are correct in my view. Top down power has failed in a most spectacular manner, and bottom-up consensus power is emergent. ‘Not in my neighborhood’ is beginning to trump ‘Because I say so.’ The one unlimited resource we have on the planet is the human brain – the current strategy of 1% capitalism is failing because it is killing the Golden Goose at multiple levels. Unfortunately, the gap between those with money and power and those who actually know what they are talking about has grown catastrophic. The rich are surrounded by sycophants and pretenders whose continued employment demands that they not question the premises. As Larry Summers lectured Elizabeth Warren, ‘insiders do not criticize insiders.’”

Goodbye the criminal oligarchy.


Bitcoins to Become Legal Currency in California; Bill Awaits Signing by Gov. Brown; Commodities vs. Currencies READ MORE

Existing law prohibits a corporation, flexible purpose corporation, association, or individual from issuing or putting in circulation, as money, anything but the lawful money of the United States. AB-129 would repeal that provision.


Meet the Man Who Will Be In Charge of the UN Takeover of America READ MORE

“1. British Petroleum was the owner of the oil being removed from the floor of the Gulf. BP CEO Tony Hayward sold 40% of his BP holdings in the weeks prior to the spill and paid off his mortgage on his estate in Kent, England, avoided staggering losses. And true to form involving the pattern of perpetuating a false flag event with media complicity, on June 8, 2010, less than six weeks following the oil spill, BP bought Google and Yahoo Search Terms, related to the oil spill, in an obvious attempt to conceal as much of the truth as possible from the public.”

“2. Halliburton was drilling at the base of the Deepwater Horizon. Very coincidentally, only 11 days before, on April 9, 2010, Halliburton purchased Boots and Coots for a quarter of a billion dollars. Just who is Boots and Coots? Coincidentally, they are the largest oil clean up firm in the world And when the explosion took place 11 days later, wasn’t it fortunate that Halliburton was there armed with Boots and Coots as they capitalized on their timely good fortune. Subsequently, Halliburton’s profits increased 83% in just 3 months following the Gulf Oil Crisis subsequent to the clean-up efforts. It was simply raining coincidences!”

“3. Goldman Sachs and Transocean instituted a “put option” on Transocean’s stock for preferred Transocean insiders the very morning of the explosion. Transocean boldly walked away with a $270 million dollar profit immediately following the explosion because they had doubly indemnified the rig only weeks prior to the explosion through Lloyds of London. This alone should have been enough to trigger a massive investigation. The subsequent cover-up for this event began in 2007, three years before the event, as Goldman Sachs reorganized Transocean, the owner of the destroyed oil rig, into a Cayman Island corporation. In doing so, it made Transocean virtually impossible for Congress to investigate and  subsequently discipline the perpetrators.”


UK Column expose ATVOD, part of the UK’s Ministry of Truth

“Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson discuss the attempted ATVOD regulation/censorship of the UK Column video channel in a non-television-like way.  ATVOD is the UK’s Authority for Television on Demand, a part of the UK’s Ministry of Truth, OFCOM (Office of Communications).”


The Panic Behind The Propaganda: Why The Fed Wants You To Sell Your Bonds


ISIL is the RICHEST JIHADIST Group in the WORLD – Possibly Because Its Funded By CIA


Chairman Of China’s Largest Copper Producer Commits Suicide By Jumping From Hotel


Feds Threatening ‘Third Wounded Knee’ with Eminent Domain Land Grab on Sioux Indian Reservation

In the wake of a Bundy Ranch crisis sparked by a militarized federal land-grab effort in Nevada, it seems that the Department of Interior has set its sights on a new prize – this time targeting once protected Indian reservation land on Pine Ridge in South Dakota.

“The Oglala Sioux and Lakota Sioux of the reservation have been told by the Federal Government that the National Parks Service will be taking land that comprises the South Unit of the Badlands National Park as a new ‘Tribal National Park’, only the wording in the bill clearly indicates that it will be a federally managed national park under the Department of Interior, giving mere lip service to its tribal title. The Congressional bill has already been written, and if passed through Congress, both tribal members and non tribal members will be stripped of their deeded land – at a price set by the federal government. If owners do not accept Washington’s offer (expected to be a meager one), the land can be acquired at no cost because the measure has waived all appraisal rights and stipulates that Washington can simply take Indian land by force under eminent domain’.”


The Paper Silver Market is 250 Times the Size of the Physical Silver Market READ MORE


Will Potter: The shocking move to criminalize nonviolent protest

3m55s “The point of all of this is to make us afraid.”


Flu vaccine contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water


Australian Supreme Court Rules Against Organic Farmer in GMO Contamination Case Read More


Trey Gowdy Eviscerates IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Over “Lost” Lois Lerner e-mails


Kiev Doubles The Price Of Cold Water, Shuts Off Hot Water


Ukraine tragedy: save Donbass people flash mob shows horrifying scale of hundreds dead


All The Presidents’ Bankers: The Mid-1910s: Bankers Go To War

Not wanting to leave war financing to chance, Wilson and Morgan kicked their power alliance into gear. At the request of high-ranking State Department officials, Morgan immediately immersed himself in war financing issues. On August 10, 1914, Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan wrote Wilson that Morgan had asked whether there would be any objection if his bank made loans to the French government and the Rothschilds’ Bank (also intended for the French government). Bryan was concerned that approving such an extension of capital might detract from the neutrality position that Wilson had adopted and, worse, invite other requests for loans from nations less allied with the United States than France, such as Germany or Austria. The Morgan Bank was only interested in assisting the Allies.”


Lawsuit: Police Shot 95-year-old WWII Veteran to Death With Bean Bag Rounds

“The $5 million dollar lawsuit alleges that police should have known that the 190mph bean bag rounds would have caused injury or death to Wrana, with family members insisting that the 95-year-old was “not a threat to anyone.””


Obama says that we, the average Americans, are too small-minded to Handle our own affairs

“And I say that the government is only self serving…and has no interest in protecting the rights of the People. Can anyone think of anything the government has done for the People in protecting our rights in the past 100 yrs?????? They try to make us think that everything is for our own good…but it is for the corporations–the corporations that give kickbacks to the people in the government. When they say something is protected for “national security”, what they really mean is if what they are doing is exposed to the People, the government and all within it will be tarred, feathered and lynched, as well they should be!!!! Heck, even George Bush, Sr, stated that, “If the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.””

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