800 Irish babies bear marks of ritual killing / Dead bankster quotient 37 / Inventing Terrorists (aka. Manufacturing)

Breaking News from the Trial of Pope Francis issued by the Citizen Prosecutors’ Office


“The remains of nearly 800 babies found in a cistern at the Catholic St. Mary’s Mothers and Babies Home near Tuam “bear marks of ritual killing” according to a source within the Garda, Ireland’s police force.”

I will repeat that: bear marks of ritual killing.


Irish babies’ remains bear signs of ritual sacrifice; George Soros and royalty “hunting children”



The Dollar’s Demise & Dead Banker Update — ‘The Guerrilla Economist’


“‘V’ gives us a ‘dead banker’ update an informs us that top level guys are also getting ‘whacked’ as the number of dead goes up into the 35 to 37 range.”

Dead bankster quotient 37.

19m The MERS fraud transferring title over and over is causing foreclosures on fully paid up mortgages.

21m The DTCC’s state of the art vault gets flooded then has a fire and it’s owner Cede & Co is owned by the City of London Corporation.

31m The sham of the USA v USSR cold war.

33m The treasury bond rally while they are being dumped the world over.

37m The BRICS group and more nations are joining.

47m Narendra Modi new prime minister of India was set up by Kissinger (a piece of filth).

1h23m Scorched earth is planned by the Rothschilds for the northern hemisphere of the world and then have their ‘saviour’ step in to ‘save’ human kind.


Inventing Terrorists: US orchestrated most ‘terror-plots’?



Iraqi crisis: Terrorist attacks or popular uprising?


“BRUSSELS, June 14 (UPI) –The popular uprising continues unabated in Iraq, with the successive liberation of its cities and the collapse of Maliki’s forces as they retreat and desert en mass in the face of coordinated tribal opposition.”


Belgium: Money-Laundering Toilet For UNWANTED Treasuries



Nurse killed as Ukraine’s army shells hit Slavyansk hospitals



Cohen on Ukraine civil war: ‘Lincoln didn’t call Confederates terrorists’


“Historical analogies may be inaccurate, but Americans may need to look at their own civil war and compare it to what is happening in Ukraine now. Today the US supports a murderous criminal adventure that has little to do with unifying the country.”

I would suggest that the better analogy is the American colonists rebelling against the King George III.


We don’t have anything anymore!’ Despair as govt troops level Ukraine towns



China’s Collateral Rehypothecation Fraud Is Systemic



New York Times Says “Lack Of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth”



Prestigious Medical Journal “The Lancet”: Fluoride IS a Neurotoxin!



Focus Fusion: Has cheap, clean Earth-saving fusion power been right under our noses all along?


Good riddance to the petroleum cartel.


Good Riddance To Rep. Eric Cantor: Bagman For Wall Street And The War Party

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/306368 READ MORE


The roots of Eric Cantor’s defeat


“Virginia’s intraparty Republican war has pitted grass-roots activists — some of whom identify with the tea party movement and some of whom don’t — against the party establishment, peopled largely by big donors and Richmond’s lobbyist-consultant class.”


“FOX News is reporting that Cantor’s defeat will revive the debate over raising the debt ceiling for the Federal Government. This IS an issue all Americans need to pay attention to as we head into the November elections. But all Americans need to understand that the visible debate is a smokescreen for the real question every American needs to be asking right now.”


Yet Another 500,000 Acres Land Grab in New Mexico by Obama



‘The Iraq invasion was a cock-up. And it is a cock up we will be living with for the next 50 years’, says British Major General Julian Thompson



Obama Behind Al-Qaeda Invasion of Iraq


“Al Qaeda used by western powers as a destabilizing force to foment chaos and disorder and facilitate divide and conquer”


The Biggest Political Problem of All



Obama: Denying climate change is like saying the moon is made of cheese


Is the world flat too, president Obama ?


ANY Event that occurs Where People are Uprooted, Injured, or Killed… “It’s a False Flag”…


“This is the apocalypse (unveiling). This is the down fall of the cabal. They are indeed, “Going down with the ship”, no matter what pain they may cause.”


Jim Fetzer VT 6-13-14… “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died”



No-knock SWAT raid leaves Texas father dead, family traumatized

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/306486 READ MORE

“Jermaine “DJ” Darden, 34, who had been startled awake by the intrusion, received particular attention from police. Darden, a large man who weighed over 300 pounds, was having physical difficulties after being forced to the ground with several officers on top of him. He was physically unable to breathe in that position due to his asthma condition, heart disease, and the weight of the police officers.”

Why is it necessary for a suspect to be placed on the ground face down ?

“It took months for the medical examiner to declare an official cause of death. While some expected the death to be a homicide, it was instead announced that Mr. Darden died of “natural causes.” No culpability was placed on the officers’ use of force or the multiple electrical shocks. Officially, it was just a coincidence that he died during the raid.”

So five people squashing somebody is a natural state is it ?

To save innocent life this vicious war on drugs has to come to an end.


Innocent man woke up to a SWAT team in his bedroom and a gun to his head


Did these public servants ever think to ask these residents for their names, their ids ?


PM Modi: Condemn this callous dismissal of rape and murder!



Man Uses Cannabis Oil to Successfully Treat Another Incurable Disease

http://sgtreport.com/2014/06/man-uses-cannabis-oil-to-successfully-treat-another-incurable-disease/ Read More

“COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, ranks third in disease death rates, behind only heart disease and cancer. COPD creates constricted airways in one’s lungs or renders small lung sacks within inelastic and unable to fully accommodate breathing cycles, thus the lungs are obstructed. The pharmaceuticals prescribed for treating symptoms often have side effects that cause more problems, so maybe it’s time to shed light on alternative solutions – marijuana.


5 Diseases Proven To Respond Better To Cannabis Than Prescription Drugs



Update about Ag-Gag Petition on Change.org



Don’t Let Congress Kill Net Neutrality. Thousands have already told Congress to reject this toxic bill. Join them by telling Congress to protect the open Internet.


Tell Nike: reinstate the ‘Nike Nine’ with full back pay, and clean up your supply chain so that joining a union is genuinely respected.



Watch a star explode 20,000 years ago: Time-lapse footage reveals beautiful burst that sent ‘light echoes’ around the universe



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