Millions for War/Bankers, but no Money for Poor/Veterans / W. Ukraine is breaking with Kiev junta / F**king peeling f**king paint

Millions for War and the Bankers, but no Money for the Poor or Veterans READ MORE


Western Ukraine, Lviv Oblast. Parents are blocking the military base

“Yavorivs’kyi district, Lviv Oblast. Parents an relatives are blocking the exists from a military base where their kids and husbands were taken to be drafted for war in East Ukraine.”

Western Ukraine is breaking with the Kiev junta.


Home of the free! Father paints his house with stars and stripes in protest at local officials who tried to force him to redecorate property

Code enforcement officers visited Brent Greer’s home earlier this year after someone complained he had an old Christmas tree outside

Greer, who is dad to seven adopted children, was hit with a list of code violations, including missing window screens and peeling paint

F**king peeling f**king paint ? Are they f**king kidding me ?


Pentagon Report: Lasers Used To Put Voices In Your Head READ MORE


Virginia Moms Have Lost Their Constitutional Rights READ MORE


Poverty Up 30.5% Since LBJ Declared War on Poverty, For People 18 to 64 Read More


David Stockman – This Meltdown Will Be More Violent Than 2008 READ MORE


The Barclays Gold Fix: Fake Justice For Real Criminals READ MORE

LBMA fake criminals

More On China’s “Missing Commodity” Scandal: Fallout Spreads As Banks Get Involved


7 In 10 Americans Believe The Crisis Is Not Over Or Worst Is Yet To Come: 52% Can’t Afford Their Homes


Obama Shifts focus from Islamic Terrorists to American Citizens: Forms Domestic law-enforcement group Read More

They are coming after the peaceful protestors.


Government Treated Boycott As Terrorism READ MORE


Eric Holder Announces Task Force to Focus on “Domestic Terrorists” READ MORE


The Police Striped Searched The Wrong Politician

“In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Nicolai Oster an up and coming Danish politician, who was recently stopped by police for no reason and stripped searched with strangers watching him. What happened to Nicolai is a gross violation of the law in Denmark, but it has started Nicolai on a mission to end such practices. This happens every day in Denmark but because the police did this to a politician, it is not only getting media attention everywhere but a debate that can change the future actions of the police.”

This police officer, a supposed public servant, was going to charge this guy with possession of non-existent illegal drugs.

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