“soft assassinations” planned for last weekend’s EU election winners / Crime against humanity – no water for more and more Detroit residents


The Truthseeker: US plans ‘first strike’ on Russia (E40)


“Star Wars tested for Eastern Europe; US space weapons “unofficial declaration of war”; “soft assassinations” planned for last weekend’s EU election winners.”

“Seek truth from facts with Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe author and former European MP Richard Cottrell; Stop NATO newslist’s Rick Rozoff; and Bruce Gagnon of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.”

45s “Secret clauses of NATO membership state the U.S. can and will depose Europe’s governments on the orders of the White House.”



Detroit Cuts Off Water To Thousands Unable To Pay Their Bills


“In Detroit, residents struggle with a dwindling population, high unemployment and rising utilities prices. And now, thousands of the city’s poorest are also without water.”

“It’s a practice that has been in place in Detroit for years, even though residents of the city plagued by high unemployment and a poverty rate of around 40 percent have struggled to keep up with water rates that have increased about 119 percent over the past decade.”

“Black residents are predominantly affected by the loss of access to water. As children live in two-thirds of the currently affected residences, child welfare authorities have had to remove some of these children from their homes because of a requirement that all children live in a home with working utilities.”

“Concerning for Maude Barlow, national chairperson of the Council of Canadians, is that the water department has pledged to turn the water off for all 120,000 residences with delinquent accounts — about 3,000 each week — in the city by the end of the summer. However, Barlow says the department has made no plans to shut off the water for any corporation or institution that has failed to pay its water bills.”

How do you like corporations being exempt, eh ?

No price inflation, except for things people actually need.


The Truth about Lockerbie, and Pan Am 103, and Drugs


“The C.I.A. drug trade through the Syria and Iran was going pretty sweet for Syrian C.I.A. contractor Monzer al-Kassar.”

“He gives the suitcase, C.I.A. agents clear the suitcase through to New York. When the suitcase of drugs was switched for a bomb in Dec 21, 1988, it was cleared as usual. Central Intelligence Agent Charles McKee was aboard, as were 4 other agents, all killed. At the crash scene, CIA agents posing as Pan Am employees walked away with a suitcase.”

Was CIA Charles McKee the target of the Pan Am 103 bombing ?


Lockerbie Bombing & 9/11 Decoded with Ex-CIA Asset Susan Lindauer


19m “And tried to explain to them that Libya had nothing to do with this, Magreh was completely innocent.”

29m50s “The CIA had been exporting heroin through Frankfurt and onto London and New York on Pan Am Airlines.”

30m55s “We want you to send a team out from Washington and investigate these crooks, these rogue agents in Beirut. And sure enough they came out, the FBI, the CIA came out and McKee was the Defence Intelligence guy and everbody got back on an aeroplane and guess what they boarded ? Pan Am 103. And they were altogether on that flight, going home to Washington so that they could report CIA abuses in the heroin trafficking.”


Syria: 95% registered voter turnout abroad


In stark contrast to the fact that 95% of the so called rebels are non-Syrian.


Boko Haram a Blessing for Imperialism in Africa: U.S. Training Death Squads


“With the American public in a “Save our girls” interventionist frame of mind, operations that were secret suddenly became public. The New York Times reveals that the U.S. has been running a secret program to train counterterrorism battalions for Niger and Mauritania. Elite Green Berets and Delta Force killers are instructing handpicked commandos in counterinsurgency in Mali, as well. The identity of one Times source leaves little doubt that the previously secret operations are designed to blanket the region with U.S. trained death squads. Michael Sheehan was until last year in charge of Special Operations at the Pentagon – Death Squads Central – where he pushed for more Special Ops trainers for African armies. Sheehan now holds the “distinguished chair” at West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center. In the 1980s, he was a Special Forces commander in Latin America – which can only mean death squads.”

SF commander of Latin America death squads begetting African death squads.


Gerard Depardieu paying just six per cent tax in adopted Russia since fleeing Francois Hollande’s 75 per cent megatax


What is 75% of nothing ?


Chemtrails Killing Organic Crops as Monsanto’s GMO Seeds Thrive

http://sgtreport.com/2014/05/chemtrails-killing-organic-crops-as-monsantos-gmo-seeds-thrive/ Read More

“Monsanto’s GMO seeds are specially designed to grow in the high presence of aluminum. Aluminum is the chemical found in chemtrails. If this poisoning continues, true organic farming may become impossible in the not so distant future. When aluminum pollutes soil and water it kills crops. It collects in people and causes diseases!”

Goodbye, puppets of the Bilderbergers


UK Shadow Chancellor Claims Bilderberg No Big Deal, Totes Mountain of Docs to Meeting


Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain



http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/302541 READ MORE

If we can’t understand the policies and the programs of our government, we cannot grant our consent.”

Americans granting their consent is what the declaration of independence is all about.

derive suspicion from an innocent life.


Man gets £5,000 nose job paid for by NHS who refuse to fund cancer care for a five-year-old girl



New Jersey Trying to Legalize Selling Homemade Food

http://sgtreport.com/2014/05/new-jersey-trying-to-legalize-selling-homemade-food/ Read More

“A California man was becoming locally famous for his baked bread. When it reached a newspaper feature, he and the stores selling his bread were descended upon by the health department. This treatment eventually led to the California Homemade Food Act in January 2013. Since then, over 1,200 homemade businesses were launched in California.”

Has anyone fallen ill from eating this guy’s bread or is the health department harassing the small competition for the benefit of the big players ?


LAPD adds drones to arsenal… says they’ll be used sparingly…


Just like the taser was supposed to be used sparingly but has been used wantonly.


Must Listen: “We’ve Lost Our Govt” – Banking CABAL in Charge | Jim Willie



The Federal Reserve Explained In 7 Minutes


The Federal Reserve Explained In 7 Minutes

Neoconservative Krauthammer Fears Chinese-Russian Partnership May Cause Peace



Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Deepening Tragedy in Ukraine is Enormous Fiasco for US Neo-Cons



“Do We Really Want To Fine Americans $5,000 Dollars For Not Telling Govt How Many Toilets They Have?”


When did the great nation of North America go down the toilet (pun intended) ?


The Dangers of Dating a Supermodel


This guy stepped on a landmine.


Honor student charged with 2 felonies for making a volcano as science experiment


“Despite the principal conceding that it was obvious that Wilmot meant no harm, she was expelled anyway.   Wilmot was punished to send a message to other students that their zero tolerance policies were to be enforced, whether the situation makes sense or not.”

This nonsense has to stop.


Elliot Rodger Was Taking Xanax In Days Before Mass Shooting, Insider Says



White House Admits Staging Fake Vaccination Operation To Gather DNA From The Public


“The White House has officially admitted that fake vaccination programs have been used by the United States as a cover for covertly stealing DNA samples from the public as part of the so-called “war on terror.” The aim of the scheme, carried out in the Middle East, was to use DNA analysis to identify suspected terrorists who would then be targeted to be killed by the United States.”


Irony: Gun-Grabbing Radio Host Wants To Shoot This Conservative


This anti-gunner hates guns so much that they want to shoot guns at this pro-gun person.


Racist guy harasses Muslim cashier…until a soldier steps in



Muslim woman called a “Terrorist” AMAZING father of a Solider stands up for Muslims


When the USA’s CIA funded the muslim mujahadeen in the 1980s against the Soviets in Afghanistan, that’s GOOD.
Now the USA is fighting the muslim al qaeda, whoever the hell funds them, on a global war on terror.
‘When tyranny comes to America it will come in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy’.


Public believes solar panels will drain the sun’s energy


“A satire science story from NationalReport.net (1) has gone viral after warning readers that solar panels are draining the sun’s energy. The most remarkable thing about the story is not its hilarity but rather the fact that so many readers took it seriously.”

How did the general public get this stupid ?


Silly Mundane — “Civil Rights” are for Killer Cops


“The United States Constitution, as Seattle police officers pretend to understand it, extends to police an unqualified right to the discretionary use of aggressive force, and prohibits “second-guessing” by those who are not members of the State’s coercive caste.”

“Inhibiting the exercise of that entitlement, the officers claim in a lawsuit filed against the U.S. Justice Department and the City of Seattle, would be a “violation of the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution.””


Senator: ‘Death by Regulation’ Means ‘We’ll All Be Paying a Lot More for Electricity’

http://sgtreport.com/2014/05/senator-death-by-regulation-means-well-all-be-paying-a-lot-more-for-electricity/ Read More


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