Goodbye, Bilderbergers / Goodbye, Rothschilds / Goodbye, Kiev fascists / Goodbye, frackers



Italian Parliament Members Send A Message To Bilderberg

“Luke Rudkowski documents how 3 Italian members of parliament showed up to Bilderberg 2014 to deliver an official letter for transparency. They are Carlo Sibilia, Paolo Bernini and Claudio Cominardi.”

Goodbye, Bilderbergers.


Bilderberg Police Brutally Beat Reporters, Chase Cameramen

Goodbye, Bilderbergers.


Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country.

Goodbye, Rothschilds.


Russia invites Argentina to BRICS summit, ratifies support in Malvinas case

Goodbye, Rothschilds.


‘You fascists! What are you doing to us?’ Ukrainians despair as Kiev shells East


Goodbye, Kiev fascists.


Putin to Kiev: End violence against people

Goodbye, Kiev fascists.


Are Ukrainians the most fastidious voters there are?


These election riggers can’t hide their rigging.


Texas family wins $2.9 million fracking lawsuit, setting stage for more lawsuits to follow


Anti-fracking protester films arrest by police officers

The public servants abusing this member of the public are telling him to calm down when it’s them who need to calm the f**k down.


Congratulations America! Your Country is 100% Officially FASCIST


JIM WILLIE: Modern Battle of the Bulge As Russia Dumps TBonds Through Belgium, Buys Gold!


First Germany, Now Austria Demands An Audit Of Its Offshore Held Gold


Journalist Sues SEC to Get Naked Short Selling Files READ  MORE

Selling non-existent shares to crash the price.


Bush’s Anti-Terror Chief: Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld Can Be Tried at the Hague for War Crimes They Committed In Iraq READ MORE

Governments want to know everything about the public but the public is not to know anything about


Propose EPA Water Rule & Government Land Grab – Judge Napolitano

1m55s “It takes both houses of Congress to defeat an EPA regulation. If both houses don’t defeat it, it becomes the law of the land.”

3m40s “Big business, agri-business has all lawyers it needs. It’s the little guy who’s crushed. And that’s gonna be the result of this.”


I am a British citizen – not a second-class citizen

“During the past five years I have also been repeatedly approached by security services trying to “recruit” me. The incentives they offer range from a “handsome salary” or a “nice car” to a “big house”. I have even been told that they “could help me marry four wives”. I have declined all their offers. Their psychological tactics include telling me how easy it is for them to take away my British passport and destroy my career – and even my life.”


9/11 First Responders Pushed Out Of September 11 Museum So Elitists Donors Could Have Dinner


Proof of ‘Mystery Man’ Shooter Inside BMW with Elliot Rodger!


Epic fail: S.W.A.T. tosses flash-bang grenade into toddler’s crib upon entry, toddler hospitalized

“According to the report, a “no knock warrant” was issued for suspicious drug activity taking place at the home. However, the police say that they saw no sign of children on approach to the raid.”

“Other witnesses say that there was a vehicle parked directly in front of the house, which was bearing child safety seats inside, somehow missed by the police.”

Another crock of s**t from these public servants.


Student In Wheelchair Beaten By School Security Guard In Oakland, Police Say


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