More land grab bulls**t, this time over a mouse / “De-Dollarization Meeting” / #bringbackourgirls? not Nigerian, not abducted

New controversy erupts in Nevada as BLM now trying to keep Otero County ranchers’ cows from water

“Ranchers became alarmed earlier this year when Forest Service officials refused to open gates allowing cattle in the drought-stricken region to reach a creek in the Lincoln National Forest. Local rangers have said that they are trying to protect the riparian area, which is considered habitat for the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse.”


Russia Holds “De-Dollarization Meeting”: China, Iran Willing To Drop USD From Bilateral Trade


Gazprom: in future, EU countries must pay in rubles.


This viral photo from #bringbackourgirls? She’s not Nigerian. And she’s not abducted


Takfiris defame Islam – “Boko Haram” a psy-op

“Takfiri militants, disguised as Muslims, are committing crimes in different parts of the world in a bid to defame Islam, an analyst tells Press TV in an interview.”


Bundy Legal Dream Team Being Assembled to Resolve Constitutional Crisis


The History Of The London Silver Market Since 1600


NWO Accusations: U.S. Calls Eastern Ukraine Vote “illegal”


The Detroit model: Permanent rule by the banks

“The Michigan legislature is debating a series of bills to impose a financial authority on Detroit that would remain in place long after the city emerges from bankruptcy. An unelected financial “oversight” committee, known as the Michigan Settlement Administration Authority (MSAA), would run the city for two decades, effectively usurping the local government.”

“The authority is to be charged with ensuring that the city “continues to implement financial and operational reforms” outlined in the restructuring plan. This includes an effective 30 percent cut in pensions and health care benefits for more than 30,000 current and retired public employees. The “robust governance structure” outlined in Orr’s plan will promote “long-term public confidence in the fiscal health and stability of Detroit, in particular with financial markets.””

“It could hardly be stated more clearly: the proposed body will be accountable solely to Wall Street. It will remain in power indefinitely and will not be subject to a popular vote or recall.”

Why don’t they take this to the logical conclusion: kill the retirees.


How To Avoid Being Killed By Your Own Metadata


Tony Blair should be prosecuted for war crimes – not just judged by history – Guardian


US military legal argument for current wars: ‘Self-defense’ is whatever we say


The Snowden Saga Begins: “I Have Been to the Darkest Corners of Government, and What They Fear Is Light”


Is Edward Snowden a hero?


The medical experts who refuse to use low-energy lightbulbs in their homes: Professors have stocked up on old-style bulbs to protect against skin cancer and blindness. So should YOU be worried?


Mother was asked by the Ireland’s Health Service Executive if her son ‘still had Down syndrome’

This demonstrates that this Health Service Executive knows less than nothing about health if they thought a permanent medical condition had miraculously gone away.


Cops Raid Family Party, Pepper Spray Children, Taser Grandma…For Playing Music Too Loud

“Her son, Gustavo Zepeda, says his mother did nothing to invite the brutal taser assault.  He says was sitting in a chair when a female officer kicked her out of the chair when she didn’t respond to a police officers’ commands.”


Peer reviewed paper provides convincing evidence that vaccines are causing an epidemic of inflammatory diseases


1776 worldwide: The Second Amendment comes to Mexico

The gun is not for hunting.


FLASHBACK – DHS Admits Boston Training Drill Involving Backpack Explosives Planned Months Before Marathon

“The Department of Homeland Security has gone public with an admission that an exercise was planned months before the Boston Marathon bombings that involved backpacks being used to detonate explosives by rogue terrorists.”

“According to the DHS documents acquired by the Boston Globe, the agents were planning on conducting training exercises centered around a fictitious terrorist group called ‘Free America Citizens’, a group that would plant backpacks full of explosives around Boston that the detectives would be forced to track down. Ultimately, of course, this ended up happening at the Boston Marathon itself with precise accuracy. The Globe report reads that “the city was hit with a real terrorist attack executed in a frighteningly similar fashion.””


While Smearing Liberty Lovers as Terrorists, DHS Lets Actual Terrorists Into America

“The records of hundreds of terror suspects were also purged as a result of a deliberate DHS policy at the behest of former Secretary Janet Napolitano.”


America Sold Out: The Most Heinous Crime Ever Committed Against the American People


Todd Pierce – Guantanamo Bay | “Uninformed politicians who subvert the Constitution are more dangerous than foreign enemies with guns.”


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