Disclosure: ET / Sprott – West Dishoarding 4,000t Of Gold Each Year / Innocent human beings 8 times more likely to be killed by cops than by terrorists




“A documentary about the UFO/Extra Terrestrial presence on earth. Evidence gathered the last 60 years, from all over the globe, and in numbers by hundred thousands, point to the undeniable fact that we are not alone and never have been alone.”

“The Extra Terrestrial presence in our world is no longer a question of IF, but rather a question of WHO, WHY and FROM WHERE. Air pilots, astronauts, radar personnel, flight controllers, military officials, security personnel and thousands upon thousands of eyewitnesses confirm that the ET and UFO phenomena are real.”


Eric Sprott – West Dishoarding 4,000 Tons Of Gold Each Year


“Today billionaire Eric Sprott shocked King World News when he said that the West was dishoarding a staggering 4,000 tons of gold each year out of Western central bank vaults. The Canadian billionaire also told KWN how this is going to end. Below is what Sprott, Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, had to say in Part I of a remarkable series of interviews that will be released today.”


Hearne Woman, 93, Killed By Officer Was Armed With Gun

http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/295727 READ MORE

Innocent human beings are 8 times more likely to be killed by cops than by terrorists


Fed Chair: ‘U.S. Deficits Will Rise to UNSUSTAINABLE LEVELS’

http://sgtreport.com/2014/05/fed-chair-u-s-deficits-will-rise-to-unsustainable-levels/ Read More


Ukrainian facists attack WW2 Veterans on the Victory day, in Lviv.



ITCCS Urgent Appeal: British soldier persecuted, institutionalized for discussing common law arrest warrants against Elizabeth Windsor


“Clearly, Cunningham has been committed under the notorious “Fixated Threat” law, which criminalizes opinion in England, and classifies the criticism of any political figure as a mental disorder.”

The Soviets were fond of accusing anyone they didn’t like of having a mental disorder, so our government is going soviet.















The Fed (And Friends) $10 Trillion Visible Hand



Bitcoin Will Destroy the FED



EPA Approves Agent Orange for GMO Crops


The toxic agent orange.


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