Indefinite detention: We are no longer a nation ruled by laws / land belongs to KING, you knave / Target Lusitania / Boko Haram blurry video

“The U.S. Supreme Court Decision … Means the Nation Has Entered a Post-Constitutional Era”

“Daniel Ellsberg notes that Obama’s claimed power to indefinitely detain people without charges or access to a lawyer or the courts is a power that even King George – the guy we fought the Revolutionary War against – didn’t claim. And former judge and adjunct professor of constitutional law Andrew Napolitano points out that Obama’s claim that he can indefinitely detain prisoners even after they are acquitted of their crimes is a power that even Hitler and Stalin didn’t claim.”

“Access to justice is already being severely curtailed in America. Even when the prisoner is afforded a trial, it is becoming more and more common for the government to prosecute cases based upon “secret evidence” that they don’t show to the defendant, his lawyer … or sometimes even the judge hearing the case. The government uses “secret evidence” to spy on Americans, prosecute leaking or terrorism charges (even against U.S. soldiers) and even to assassinate people. And see this and this. Secret witnesses are being used in some cases. And sometimes lawyers are not even allowed to read their own briefs. Indeed, even the laws themselves are now starting to be kept secret.”
BUSTED: Harry Reid Owns 93 Acres Next to Bundy Ranch

That land belongs to the KING, you knave.


Fed’s 260K Acre Land Grab At Vail Lake

“Americans have become increasingly concerned about the federal government’s seizure of privately-held lands and property, especially after the Cliven Bundy incident in Nevada. Now another land owner, Bill Johnson of Temecula, California, claims his property at Vail Lake, the largest privately-owned lake in California, is being threatened by the county, state, and federal governments.”

“Johnson purchased 11,000 acres of land in Riverside County over 17 years ago, including Vail Lake, encompassing over 1,000 square surface acres of water. Now Johnson claims various levels of government are trying to seize the property, using intimidation under the guise of environmental concerns.”

“Johnson told Breitbart News: “The habitat is free of any endangered species. The government just wants it because it’s part of their ‘core area’ due to the properties of water and enormous size.””


Westerners fear Obama preparing monuments land grab

“Two months before his 1996 re-election, President Bill Clinton stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and declared 1.8 million acres of public land in Utah as the new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. With a swipe of a pen, he canceled a proposed coal mine in what Hatch described then as the “mother of all land grabs.””


The Lusitania and the secrets of war, revealed

“One of the great mysteries of the first world war – whether or not the passenger ship Lusitania was carrying munitions and therefore a legitimate target when it was sunk by a German submarine in May 1915 – has been solved in the affirmative by newly released government papers. They contain Foreign Office concerns that a 1982 salvage operation might “literally blow up on us” and that “there is a large amount of ammunition in the wreck, some of which is highly dangerous”.”

“Yet the truth was kept hidden in 1915 because the British government wanted to use the sinking of a non-military ship, and the loss of 1,198 lives, as an example of German ruthlessness. It was also a useful means of swaying American opinion in favour of entering the war. It eventually had the desired effect – the US declared war on Germany in April 1917 – but the lie continued as successive governments, worried about their ongoing relations with America, denied there were munitions on board.”

Lusitania having munitions is an example of the ruthlessness of our political leadership of the day toward innocent human beings who boarded that ship not realising they were stepping onto a legitimate military target. This was evil.

Destroying military targets is what is done in war so the loss of innocent live in that incident is 100% not the fault of Germany.


BEX ALERT – Eric Holder Offers Help For Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

“The video tape helps sell the corporate media on running this story. I would also point out that the blurriness of the tape is a dead giveaway that this is a fraud. We all know how sharp and clear videos taken with our cell phones are. That the video is blurred is a precation against sharp-eyed skeptics seeing something that contradicts the official story being offered.”


Psychological Warfare and the “False Flag” Meme Read More

“False flag operations and assassinations are a central component of the elaborate psychological warfare campaign waged on the American public to justify the so-called “global war on terrorism,” and the events of September 11, 2001 are this project’s cornerstone.”

“Major US news outlets turn a blind eye to a wide array of evidence “that Western covert operators were behind” events such as “Bali, Madrid, London 7/7, mosque bombings in Iraq and elsewhere and, of course, 9/11. Because the mainstream media are integral to the Industrial Military Academic Intelligence Media complex,” journalist Barrie Zwicker observes, “the cold-blooded technicians of death face no journalistic scrutiny. Without moral, legal, technical or financial constraints, the black operators range freely, executing the orders of the global oligarchies.”[1]”


Washington is Pulling the Strings. America’s War Against the People of Ukraine

“As the fog of war descends, it is important to shout a few main points from the rooftops before they get lost in the details. A coup-appointed junta in Kiev, designed, engineered and controlled from Washington, has begun a massive armed assault on its citizens in the east. This supreme and original war crime, reinforced by the Nuremburg Tribunal, is no longer in doubt.”


Ukraine Heats Up … Will Control Slip?–Will-Control-Slip/

“Dominant Social Theme: Wars are breaking out and Ukraine is a flash point.”

“Free-Market Analysis: The world is full of directed history and Ukraine is no exception. We’ve watched the propaganda mount and if the Ukraine promotion is any example of how conflicts get started and then enlarge, we can safely say that war is a racket – and a hoax besides.”

“The “duly elected government in Kiev” was overthrown last February in a US-orchestrated, fascist-led coup that installed an unelected ultra-nationalist government in which neo-Nazis from the Right Sector and the Svoboda party hold prominent positions.”

“So US meddling has brought to the fore the very kind of “nationalist” regime that Anglosphere think tanks love to worry about – often warning that such regimes lead to intolerance, racism and even genocide.”

“What is actually revealing about this episode is that a US-led coup has been exposed in the midst of its machinations. This has never really happened before in the modern era.”


Dollar Death Begins! Frankfurt issues first bond backed by Chinese currency


We Just Witnessed A Miracle, Eric Sprott, Gold & Silver Explosion,_Eric_Sprott,_Gold_%26_Silver_Explosion.html

“The other thing that caught my attention was that the CME is now talking about proposed limits on the daily price movements in gold and silver.  Keep in mind that when gold and silver were getting pounded with all of these flash crashes there were no limits.  I was talking with Eric Sprott about this and we both agreed that this is probably an indication that Western central planners realize that gold and silver are ready to explode to the upside and they want to make sure the upside move is managed to some degree so it doesn’t get out of control.  Regardless, I consider this development to be extraordinarily positive.”


Gangster State America– Paul Craig Roberts

“Anyone who looks carefully behind the veil of words cannot find democracy in America. For years I have been writing that the US government is no longer accountable to law or to the people (see, for example, my book, How America Was Lost). The Constitution has been set aside, and the executive branch is degenerating into Caesarism.”


Swift Response: Benghazi Criminal Co-Conspirator John Kerry Says He Will Not Comply With Subpoena: ‘A Secretary Of State Should Not Be Subpoenaed’ READ MORE

Kerry is proving Paul Craig Roberts’ point.


132 Nations Want Out of the Cabal Banking System

“Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the ‘tin-foil’ hat conspiracies, increasingly proven to be true, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is the center of a secret global economy that has bailed out American International Group Inc., huge insurance companies like AIG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Merrill Lynch & Co., J.P. Morgan,Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank AG, among others.”

“The secret cabal’s control over international markets is becoming less of a mystery as increasing numbers of markets reveal themselves so obviously to be fixed. The cabal cheats the 99 percent with Libor interest rates, foreign exchanges, and gold, silver, and platinum price fixing. Then there’s high-frequency trading (HFT), where Wall Street banks use supercomputers to monitor incoming stock market orders, analyze their likely impact on prices, and place orders ahead of those trades to capture a bit of the price impact, called ‘stealing’ if it were properly named.”


Is Mainstream Media Now The Most Significant Threat To Freedom? READ MORE

“Humanity as a whole knows and understands the nature of governments. We can read history and see how governments operate to get what it wants. The threat of overreaching government and the obsession with control is a problem humanity has dealt with since the beginning of time. It (tyrannical controlling governments) has always been considered the greatest threat to humanity according to history.”

“Yet we know that governments throughout history have manufactured enemies and portrayed them instead as the ultimate threat; this is the nature of governments: to create “enemies” in order to maintain its power through fear. This known history of government propaganda and lies have, no doubt, accounted for the deaths of billions throughout history. So would it be a silly question to ask, What is the greatest threat to humanity today? Aren’t these known facts about government enough to prove the point? I say no it is not, because humanity faces an even greater threat that is now hiding in plain view. The mainstream media propaganda machine, I want to argue is now the greatest threat to all of humanity.”


Patriot Group Protests Cinco de Mayo Ban on American Flag T-Shirts Read More

“the threat of racial violence as a result of the t-shirts trumped the right to free speech”

“Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech” … except when it threatens racial violence, etc – perhaps this is how the judge thinks that the first amendment looks like.


Individualism, The Collectivists’ Nemesis Read More

“If, as the Declaration of Independence states, individual human beings have unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, no one may violate these rights. Every adult individual is sovereign, a self-ruler and not subject to the rule of others. (This is why Americans are referred to as citizens, not as subjects, like so many around the globe.)”



Drones: Obama’s Invisible War

In the midst of a crisis which has in recent weeks created a political chasm between Russia and the United States, there is an ongoing carnage in the name of combating terrorism against Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia.

“The story of the CIA-led killer drones which are killing women and children on a daily basis is a tale accorded inexcusably scant attention in media. Indeed it is being ignored.”


Florida beer wholesalers move to crush microbrews with the help of politicians

The best monopoly money can buy.


Dad Arrested for Speaking Up About Pornographic Content in Required Reading for 9th Graders

“William Baer, whose 14-year old daughter is a student at the school, was one of the parents who spoke out at the meeting. He was promptly arrested for doing so”

Parents are supposed to be quiet at these meetings, is that it ?

The GM Sector’s Contempt For Democracy: Don’t Be Fooled By The Propaganda

“The majority of the British public who hold a view on genetically modified (GM) crops are against them (1). Yet the push to get them into the country and onto plates is in full swing. Strategically placed politicians like Secretary of State for Rural and Environmental Affairs Owen Paterson and scientists such as Professor Jim Dunwell and Sir David Baulcombe are conveying the message that GM food is both safe and necessary.”

The cafeteria at Monsanto serve non-GMO food, why is that ?

The workers at Monsanto do not want to eat the s**t they sell to the rest of the world.


See How You Can Save Our Country With This One Simple Thing

“I then asked her what it was that she was afraid of? I said that the government she is afraid of feeds off of the fact that she is giving ear to the fear they push, and that the government that she is afraid of is pushing fear purposely through the state-run media. The diabolical fear she feeds off of only adds strength to tyranny when there is nothing to fear when God (we fear God with a filial fear) is on your side through Jesus Christ (Proverbs 8:13). I said, “The fact of the matter is that corruption in government is more afraid of you then you should be of them.””


HILARIOUS: Bitcoin to be Studied by Department of Defense as Possible Terrorist Threat — [Ed. Note: U.S. Dollar Terrorist & Drug Money Laundering International Banks To Be Left Alone] Read More

A complete laughing stock.


Department of Defense to study bitcoin as possible terrorist threat

“A division within the Department of Defense is investigating whether the digital currency bitcoin is a possible terrorist threat.”

Spoons are a threat to me becoming obese.


Fairfax Virginia Proposes to Limit Size and Frequency Of Gatherings at Private Homes READ MORE

“Nevertheless, some courts have upheld aggressive zoning restrictions. In Phoenix, a minister was sentenced to 60 days in jail for conducting Bible study classes with 10 people at a home.”


Catastrophic Meltdown Coming to America-Doug Casey Read More


State liquor agents raid Friday opening at artist Loren Naji’s Ohio City gallery; confiscate beer and wine

“Naji said he had been charged with a first-degree misdemeanor for giving away beer, and that several lawyers had offered to defend him pro bono.”

The people of America need to get these stupid arsehole public servants under control.


Cops Turn Camera On Reporter When Asked For ID

“Several Milwaukee police officers were captured again on video refusing to identify themselves as required by police rules.”

It would seem that laws and rules are the serfs only and not for the public servants.


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