MH370 Recording Was EDITED / Odessa massacre and Kiev’s war crime using its military on civilians and false flag / Syria: Where is ‘red’ line now ?

SMOKING GUN NWO BLUNDER: Voice Recording From Missing Flight MH370 Was EDITED Read More


What’s REALLY Going On In Odessa, Ukraine

“Witnesses and journalists reported that as the building burned with people inside, a crowd shouted, “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Death to enemies!” [These are neo-Nazi slogans.]”


Odessa Horror: How clashes turned into massacre

So that’s 43 down and another a few million to go for the Kiev mass murderers.

The 2009 Nobel peace prize recipient Obama brings the world yet another war.


Dozens Of CIA, FBI Agents “Advising Ukraine Government”, German Press Reports

USA to Russia: don’t meddle with Ukraine … that’s our job.


New York Times Admits that Russia Is NOT Sending Pro-Russian Fighters Into Ukraine


War Propaganda: Another New York Times ‘Sort of’ Retraction on Ukraine

“The mainstream U.S. media likes to talk about Ukraine as an “information war,” meaning that the Russians are making stuff up. But the false narratives are actually being hatched more on the U.S. side, as a new New York Times story acknowledges, writes.”

“The New York Times, which has asserted for weeks that the Russian government is behind the unrest in Ukraine’s east, finally sent some reporters to the region to dig up the proof, but all they found were eastern Ukrainians upset by the coup regime in Kiev that replaced President Viktor Yanukovych.”


Putin’s Next Move In Ukraine

Employing ‘Right Sector’ militias along with its own army attacking civilians, Kiev has violated the Geneva Agreement which requires “all sides refrain from using violence” and has committed a war crime by using its military on civilians.”


Odessa Murders: US-Supported Yanukovych Regime Behind Provocations?

“Video footage filmed during the bloody events in Odessa that claimed dozens of lives on Friday shows a more complicated picture, with provocateurs instigating the violence.”

These false flags don’t last very long before being exposed as false flags.


Cold War Against Russia—Without Debate Read More

It’s the peace loving people of planet earth that are in a cold war with this political leadership.



“The leaders of the “free world” are on the run. In many cases, they can’t go out and travel due to the risk of being arrested, protested or even having a shoe thrown at them.”


Media on Ukraine: What Happened to Journalism?

“The one-sided reporting has gone on pretty much unabated since a putsch took place in February in which militants, led by neo-Nazis, ousted the pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych, from power. The American government, whose representatives had openly encouraged protests leading up to coup, quickly recognized the new regime. The new leaders pledged to seek closer ties to the West and join the European Union.”


The Second Cold War | Us Vs. Them [FULL] Steve Quayle & “V” The Guerrilla Economist


New Video Evidence Points To al-Nusra Chemical Attack Against Syrian Soldiers

“Indeed, this is the situation regarding a video that recently surfaced from the Deraa province near the Syrian/Jordanian border where a number of dead Syrian soldiers can be seen strewn about a field in a manner that seems to indicate that they were killed by chemical weapons. More specifically, it appears that these soldiers may have been killed by a blistering agent.”

“As Laham asks in her own video, “Where are the UN inspectors now? Where is the OPCW now? And where are the ‘red lines’ now?”


Terrorism as Seen From Washington

“The annual State Department report on terrorism in the world is a web of contradictions and glaring omissions. To read it, Syria is the center of world terrorism, but no Syrians were victims during the year. Moreover, Syria is not affected by terrorism, it is, on the contrary, its main and oldest supporter in the world. Thierry Meyssan has read this astounding work of propaganda for you.”

Ask how terrorising it is to be nearby to a drone strike authorised by president Obama ?



“It’s time to once again document the collapse with writer and researcher Alasdair MacLeod from We recount the Friday May 2nd completely bogus jobs report which claims that the unemployment rate in the United States has fallen from 6.7% to 6.3% despite 800,000 Americans “LEAVING THE WORKFORCE” because they CAN’T find meaningful employment!”

“It’s just lies on lies compounded by more lies and Alasdair says, “We are beginning to see total systematic collapse” taking shape. We also discuss precious metals: Including the off-the-charts demand for Canadian silver Maples, Jeffrey Christian’s latest falsehoods, the dwindling “secret silver stockpile” and much more. Thanks for joining us.”

People leaving the workforce are IGNORED.


Ukraine military engages self-defense in Slavyansk

“The ballots will only have one question to be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’: “Do you support the act on independence of the Donetsk republic?””


Charter of the United Nations CHAPTER I: PURPOSES AND PRINCIPLES

“· To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples”

… except for the people of Donetsk.


No Russians among Slavyansk self-defense forces – NYT reporters

“Self-defense forces in the anti-Kiev stronghold of Slavyansk are Ukrainians, not Russians, who distrust the new regime and the Western powers that support it, New York Times reporters have discovered. The forces also said they are not being paid to fight.”


Ukraine: Obama Backs Bloody Neo-Nazi Crackdown on Pro-Russian Protesters

“This strategy underlies the lies and distortions employed by the American president in an attempt to indict Russia as the source of violence in Ukraine. He denounced Putin for thinking that he had the “right to violate the sovereignty of another country, to violate its territorial integrity,” a privilege that Washington reserves for itself, invading, attacking and overthrowing governments from Afghanistan to Iraq, Libya, Syria and beyond.”

USA to Russia: don’t violate the sovereignty of another country … that’s our job. GR should have mentioned all the drone strikes that the USA is doing all around the world.



Dutch MP Geert Wilders: EU cares about expansion, not Ukraine

“The EU is responsible for “the mess” in Ukraine, Geert Wilders, Holland’s Party for Freedom leader, told RT. Wilders wonders why the bloc has got involved in a country where half the population is against joining Europe.”


Agent Provocateur Triggered Kent State Massacre! Obama & Eric Holder Refuse To Look At New Evidence

Yet another false flag.


Over 10 shot dead by Right Sector radicals near Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine – reports

“Over 10 people have died and around 40 have been injured after members of Right Sector opened fire on civilians in eastern Ukraine, the People’s Mayor of Slavyansk has said.”

“Civilians had reportedly formed a human chain to protect their village from members of the right-wing group.”

My government must stop having anything to do with the Kiev murderers.

At what point does this become mass murder ?


South-East Ukraine: Crisis Diary (Unique Documentary Shot by Ordinary People)

“While Crimea has already had a referendum, the situation in other Ukrainian regions is still unstable. People want their voices to be heard and are demanding a vote. RT managed to get footage from people living in various cities in southeastern Ukraine. Many of the videos and interviews you will see in this film have never been shown on television.”


Ukrainian Police In Full Riot Gear Throw Down Shields And Walkaway In Middle Or Protest – See more at:


“We Are Essentially At War” Ukraine Admits, After Dozens Killed

“The clip below, not for the faint of heart, shows anti-government protesters jumping from the burning Odessa trade unions house: it appears when Yanukovich was “killing” protesters in February, the west couldn’t get up in arms fast enough screaming for the former president’s overthrow. But now that the acting post-CIA funded coup government is doing the same thing to its own protesters, the radio silence is stunning.”


WATCH What CNN Won’t Show You: ‘Get out, fascists!’ Angry Kramatorsk citizens drive Kiev forces away


Avoiding facts? MSM uncertain who is behind deadly Odessa blaze

“Despite clear evidence that the pro-Kiev radicals set Odessa’s House of Trade Unions ablaze on Friday killing dozens, the mainstream media is being ambiguous about the causes of the tragedy.”

‘Clear evidence’ is what president Obama would have us believe is propaganda.


Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Ukraine Rhetoric and Sanctions Threatening World War READ MORE


Legalized Theft? – Policing For Profit – A System Of Corruption – A Secret Service Scam – Stossel



BUNDY RANCH: Probes, Complaints, and Waco 2.0

“Pete Santilli joins Gary Franchi and reports live from Las Vegas on the latest from Bundy Ranch with regards to Reid Bunkerville LLC, the Federal Militia Probe, Cattle abuse, racism charges, and the criminal complaints being field against the BLM.”


Benghazi Bombshell: “Smoking Gun” Email Distributed to Muslim Brotherhood Agent Mehdi K. Alhassani


Ration Cards, Block Long Food Lines as Inflation Rate in Venezuela Hits 60%

“The individual statistics for products the Venezuelan government is struggling to import are even more troubling. Venezuelan newspaper El Universal reports that nineteen products have been placed on a “scarcity list,” meaning their availability in the nation is limited. These include vegetable oil, wheat flour, milk, coffee, sugar, canned sardines, pork, and butter, along with eleven other products. A number of these other rare products are derivative of these. Margarine, which is on the list, is made of vegetable oil, and a number of milk products are also running out. The government did not provide any potential solutions to the problem. President Nicolás Maduro has taken to the airwaves heavily in recent weeks to blame the scarcity of basic goods on American “imperialism.””

“This week, Maduro launched a “second economic offensive,” a term he prefers relative to his description of the economic downturn as a “war.” The offensive would require business owners to significantly lower the prices of goods and would focus on punishments for individuals on the western border with Colombia who have been buying and trading goods on the black market. Many capitalist observers have condemned the program for its focus on fines and punishments for those in the middle class trying to survive the economic depression, without offering solutions to satisfy the demand for goods like sugar and flour.”


Mega-Crisis Will Force Gold To Reenter Global Monetary System


Comex Consultant Says Individuals Buying all The Gold They Can


Marijuana Compound Found to Prevent Blindness Read More


USDA Calls Police to Arrest Organic Activists in San Antonio Read More

I am wondering if our public bodies in the UK are also whores to special interest. I imagine they probably are.


Occupy protester who alleges police brutality faces felony charges

“An Occupy Wall Street protester who a representative says was beaten into a seizure, is facing up to seven years in prison due to charges she assaulted a New York City police officer in March 2012. The officer behind the assault charges says that Cecily McMillan elbowed him in the face, while McMillan’s spokesperson says she threw her hands in the air in shock after the officer grabbed one of her breasts.”

It must take a really manly man to grab this woman’s breast lifting her off her feet to instigate this incident.


Is Journalist Barrett Brown a Political Prisoner? Q&A with Free Barrett Brown’s Kevin Gallagher

“Barrett Brown is a journalist and online activist who sometimes spoke on behalf of the “hacktivist” collective known as Anonymous. He ran into trouble with the federal government in 2012 after posting a link to leaked material obtained from a hack of private intelligence agenices Stratfor and HBGary. Although Brown did not perpetrate the hack, the FBI raided his home and seized several of his laptops and and hard drives without charging him.”

3m15s “And that’s what Barrett was looking into, this collusion between government and private intelligence industry.”

Yes, Barrett Brown is a political prisoner in these united fascist states of America where the government and private industry are aligned against the people.


Panicking US government targets alternative media

“In today’s USA, the mainstream media is a tool of big money. So are the universities, foundations, and the other “manufacturers of consent,” as Noam Chomsky calls them. These institutions lie incessantly. The world-view they peddle is a mythic delusion at best, a psychotic fantasy at worst.”

“The internet is different. There, thanks to net neutrality, ordinary citizens and incorruptible journalists can challenge the official version of events – and chip away at the mind-control “matrix” that imprisons the masses in a dungeon of false consciousness.”

“The shadow-masters who control Plato’s cave are terrified by the viral spread of truth. The people chained to the floor of the cave watching the play of shadows on the wall, and mistaking it for reality, are gradually waking up. More and more of them are breaking their chains and stepping out of the cave into the sunlight.”


PHOTOS of the New SATANIC Monument Being Built for Oklahoma’s Statehouse Read More


Homeland Security Ignores Report Of Potential Terrorism

“Infowars Reporter Jakari Jackson called the NY State Division of HS to report on an organization that’s had been stockpiling bullets, and other ammunition and has been practicing with targets that included images of children, pregnant women and the elderly. He was concerned because this was a large group spread out over the entire Untied States.”
“The NY state division seemed uninterested in this report and would not acknowledge that a group like this was a threat to our country’s freedoms.”

Is DHS an occupying force and with paper targets of little children what exactly are their intentions ?


Justina Pelletier faces continual abuse after more than a year of being locked away by DCF READ MORE

“FRAMINGHAM, MA — The anguish of a sick teenager continues well over a year after her abduction from her family.  Justina Pelletier has been locked away in the care of Massachusetts DCF since February 2013, and a court has put her into the permanent custody of the state.”

Once she turns 16 she must get the hell out of there.


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