Big Banks Laundering Drug Money since the 1980s / Blatant MANIPULATION reflects FRANTIC DESPERATION

Big Banks Started Laundering Massive Sums of Drug Money In the 1980s … And Are Still Doing It Today READ MORE


Blatant MANIPULATION of the Gold & Silver Markets on Comex Reflects FRANTIC DESPERATION Read More


The Mockingbird Media Won’t Cover This Benghazi Bombshell: E-mails PROVE the ‘video protest’ deception was DIRECTLY ORDERED by the WHITE HOUSE


Unelected EU Will Control Europe and Flank Russia: “Even if there is little public support, we do it anyway.” – Van Rompuy Read More

Democracy be damned.


MUST WATCH: The Forbidden Secret — Dr. Stanley Monteith

“Dr. Stanley Monteith’s mindblowing 2007 video lecture The Forbidden Secret, which reveals the source of the power, and the evil agenda spanning countless decades.”

Have you heard of operation Keelhaul?

Have you heard of operation Paperclip ?

Have you heard of the allegory of the cave from Plato’s Republic ?

42m20s “The continuing world revolutions that began with the French revolution had nothing to do with the period of the enlightenment and Rousseau and Voltaire. The world revolution began when the aristocrats, not the common people, when the aristocrats took their lighted candles and moved them from the Christian altars, moved them actually onto the occult and masonic altars.”

52m5s “If you go to Washington DC today there are 23 or more zodiacs, astrological zodiacs depicted there in our major government buildings. What are the signs of the zodiac doing there ?”

52m50s “The occult is in total working control of America today and that is why we are at war in the middle east, the war that has nothing to do with terrorism…”

55m5s “Freedom is the ability to do what you should do according God’s commandments and God’s rules and the only ones who can be free are those that are ruled by God, individually not through the format of government, we don’t want a theocracy or an ayatollah sitting in the White House telling us what to do.”

1h21m25s “You will find out that David Rockefeller’s daughters are very good friends of Fidel Castro’s. Why would the daughters of the leading capitalist of the world be friends with the wicked Fidel Castro ? Isn’t he our enemy ?”

1h45m25s “In Belgium there was a march of 350,000 people marching against a paedophile there who was tied into the bilderberger group, 350,000 people and this tied to the bilderberger and not a word of it in the American media.”


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