Vatican for sale / BLM’s Aggressive Cattle Seizures / US & UK Gold Heading to Asia- via Switzerland

Vatican’s canonization ceremony sponsored by Big Oil, Big Banks and Big Food

“Reports said that an oil and gas giant, a number of big banks and Switzerland-based food mega-corporation Nestle were among more than a dozen financial sponsors of the event in Rome.”



Every month, Raymond Yowell, the 84-year-old former chief of the Shoshone Indian Tribe in northeastern Nevada, has almost $200 garnished from his $1,150 Social Security check, and it all dates back to a 5:00am phone call on a Friday morning in 2002.

“That morning, a government official from the Bureau of Land Management told him to come down to a seizure site where the 132 cattle he owned were about to be impounded.”


Numbers Don’t Lie: US & UK Supplying Nearly All the Gold Heading to Asia- via Switzerland


OBAMA-backed jihadists hang victims on crosses in Syria Read More

“This is what Obama refers to as “moderate” al-qaeda. Perhaps because they didn’t tear the hearts of their victims out and eat them, like the less moderate Muslims do. No comment from the “articulate” savage in the White House. But he’s arming these barbarians.”

Can you imagine George Washington’s troops doing this to the bodies of British soldiers ?


Santelli: “‘Things Would Get Done’ If It Wasn’t For The Fed”


Teacher tortured, detained and denied medical treatment for calling for strike


Cops Snatch Phone from Wheelchair-bound Man for Recording Them in Front of VA Hospital, Cite him with “Unauthorized Photography”

Photography that needs to be authorised – what f**king s**t is this ?


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