SATANIC VATICAN / When banker dies, it benefits bank / IRS Activates “Enemy List” – govt terrorism / Gun control is America control


Uncovering & Documenting UNSPEAKABLE EVIL: SATANIC RITUALS & CHILD SACRIFICE at the HIGHEST LEVELS of the Vatican — Kevin Annett Read More

“As part of the Prosecutor’s corroborating evidence, secret archives from the Jesuit Order were introduced into the Court record that describe in detail the so-called “Magisterial Privilege” compelling the participation of every new Pope in the Ninth Circle sacrifice of new born children.”


1997 CNBC Documentary Exposes Link Between Polio Vaccine and Rare Cancer

“This 1997 documentary from CNBC exposed the link between the Polio vaccine and rare cancers like mesothelioma and childhood cancers. Dr. Maurice Hilleman, a vaccine scientist who worked for Merck, admitted on video that he suspected that the Polio vaccine would cause cancer. He suspected this because of the known presence of monkey viruses in the vaccine; Specifically a virus called SV40. This virus has been found in the tumors of many cancer patients who had the Polio vaccine, and also the children of those who received it.”



Suspicious Deaths Of Bankers Are Now Classified As “Trade Secrets” By Federal Regulator

“Next we learn that four of the Wall Street mega banks likely hold over $680 billion face amount of life insurance on their workers, payable to the banks, not the families. We ask their Federal regulator for the details of this life insurance under a Freedom of Information Act request and we’re told the information constitutes “trade secrets.”

So when an employee of the bank dies, it is to benefit of the bank.


IRS Activates “Enemy List” — A New Chapter in Tyranny

16m5s “This is terrorism, it is government terrorism, government sponsored domestic terrorism utilising a federal agency as the mercenary soldier for hire.”

Americans being eaten alive by the swarms of government agents – much like colonial Americans.


U.S. Senate Candidate: “When they take your guns and disarm you, it’s over, lights out.” Read More

Gun control is not about crook control. It’s about America control


Active Shooter At FedEx Facility In Atlanta: 6 Gunned Down, FBI On Scene – Live Feed (UPDATE: Shooter Dead)

If only the Georgia governor had signed that pro-gun bill then perhaps one of these victims would have been able to carry a gun and then been able to defend himself/herself.


Sheriff David A Clarke Jr NRA-ILA Leadership Forum FULL SPEECH


Syria militants receive training in Qatar: Reports

“Qatar is training foreign-backed militants operating against the Syrian government as part of Doha’s efforts to topple President Bashar al-Assad, reports say.”


Cops Search Woman’s Home Without A Warrant, Beat Her When She Asks Why

This behaviour from some American police is making the American people mad.


OK to sell widow’s home over $6 bill, judge rules READ MORE

When will the looting of the people end ?


Suncream Ingredient ‘Zinc Oxide’ Linked To Skin Cancer


Yet Another Disease That Responds Better to Marijuana Than Prescription Drugs

“For the estimated five million Americans suffering from Fibromyalgia (FM), a chronic pain condition of unknown etiology, pain, fatigue, and depression are often a way of life. Though the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a small number of drugs to treat symptoms of FM, many patients report that these prescription pills provide little relief. By contrast, more and more patients with FM are finding effective relief from medical cannabis.”


Chris Hedges – ‘Last thing US wants in the world is democracy. It wants control’

“The crisis in Ukraine and the steadily dropping temperature in relations between Moscow and Washington made many talk about a new Cold War; and many others are worried it may turn ‘hot’. But there’s another war going on right now: the information war. US Secretary of State Kerry has already attacked RT, calling it “Putin’s propaganda machine.” But Washington itself uses dubious evidence and fake facts. What is the information war? What methods is America using? Sophie talks to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and veteran correspondent Chris Hedges.”


The inevitable demise of the mainstream media

“When every major Mainstream Media outlet is controlled by the CIA, the entire industry is ultimately doomed”


Gold Fix Manipulation Crackdown: Deutsche Officially Resigns London Fix Seat


What Libertarianism Is Not

When everyone is being forced to do something because somebody says it is in the public good, is that slavery, dependence ?


Disclosure of Drone-Strike Victims Dropped from Senate Bill

Yes we drone. The USA drone strikes innocent people and this is why the USA is hated around the world.


How Monsanto Annihilated A Paradise and Turned It Into An Island Of Illness Read More

“Although not enough study has been done to find out why the rates of illness, cancer, asthma and diabetes are suddenly rising greatly on the island, many believe the evidence is anecdotal and seen when you observe the people.”


New Probe Confirms Harry Reid’s Long History of Corruption


Justice Department Considered ARRESTING Conservative Activists

“The pieces are starting to fall into place.  Political pressure from prominent Democrats, including Obama himself, in the wake of the Citizens United decision caused the DOJ and IRS to find ways to “deal” with conservative groups who they thought would benefit politically from the lifting of limitations on nonprofits.  The Justice Department and the IRS then coordinated an effort to harass and bully conservative organizations to make it as difficult as possible for them to engage in political speech.  Emails even suggest that they tried to get the FEC involved.  Disgusting.”

“This is criminal behavior from the Obama administration, plain and simple.  It’s past time for us to have special prosecutors come in and investigate the entire administration for its corruption and abuses of power.”


LaRouche: Dump Obama Now—Before He Starts World War III


Exclusive: an interview with investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson Read More

“Attkisson dug deep into Fast&Furious, Benghazi, and the ill-effects of vaccines. Too deep. Her bosses shut her down and didn’t air key stories.”


War Criminal Madeleine Albright is an “Example to Follow” Says US Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights


The War Against Dark Forces (Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy)


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