Insider: Greek Nationalist Party Framed / Jesus Challenging Money Changers / ‘Sustainable development’: another hoax

Insider: Greek Nationalist Party Framed

“• False imprisonment of Golden Dawn party members exposed.”

“The resignation on April 2 of General Secretary Takis Baltakos, a top aide to Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, over the release of a videotape by Golden Dawn (GD) member of Parliament (MP) Ilias Kasidiaris, has sent shockwaves throughout Greece that threaten to topple the beleaguered government. The videotape leak came as five GD MPs were stripped of parliamentary immunity.”

“The videotape, secretly recorded several months ago, depicts Baltakos at his office in a private conversation with Kasidiaris revealing that the arrest and imprisonment of six GD MPs, including party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, last fall were ordered by powerful Zionists in the United States to destroy the rapidly rising nationalist party.”

This is how the criminal political class rules plant earth.


Why Jesus Was REALLY Killed: Challenging the Money Changers

“In fact, the Bible mentions justice over 200 times — more than just about any other topic. The Bible asks us to do justice and to stand up to ANYONE — including the rich or powerful — who do injustice or oppress the people.”


U.N. Agenda 21 Designed to Spawn a One-World Government Read More

“Project 21 contained twenty-seven principles warning against a mode of growth that was leading to the extinction of life on earth.”

‘Sustainable development’ of agenda 21 is yet another great hoax of government like man-made global warming.


Crimes against Peace”: Historic Class Action Law Suit against George W. Bush

“We now know that the Bush Administration began a concerted effort to scare and mislead the American public in order to obtain support for the Iraq War. As alleged in the complaint, this included the famous phrase that “the smoking gun could not be a mushroom cloud,” which was used repeatedly by Administration officials on news shows as a way of equating non-action with the vaporization of a United States city. The Administration used bogus and false intelligence to make the case for weapons of mass destruction, and also falsely linked al Qaeda to Iraq, despite the fact that there has never been any evidence of any operational linkages between the two. These were not simple mistakes: this was an intentional campaign by Administration officials to use faulty data to garner support for a war.”

“The crime of aggression was completed when these officials failed to secure proper authorization for the war. So concerned with their invasion, the Administration dismissed any need for a formal Security Council mandate. Today, Kofi Annan, an official Dutch inquiry, the Costa Rican Supreme Court, a former law lord from the House of Lords (Lord Steyn) and a former chief prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials (Benjamin Ferencz) have all concluded the Iraq War was illegal under international law.”


A Key Test for International Law (forced deportation of Diego Garcia islanders by Britain)

“In truth, if colonial conquest and force majeure are legitimate grounds of sovereignty, and if extermination of a population can wipe out the legal right to self-determination, then in international law Britain has the right to Diego Garcia and to give it as tribute to their US overlords. But if international law has any relationship of any kind to principles of justice, then Britain should not be permitted to reap the dubious benefit of genocide. What international law actually is in the neo-conservative era is the real question before the UN tribunal now looking at the Diego Garcia question.”

“The UK is represented by Sir Michael Wood. He is the man who overruled my objection inside the FCO to the use of “intelligence” gained from torture, and argued that British cooperation with extraordinary rendition was legal.”

“If anybody in Scotland can read through this and read through the links, and does not want to take the chance to leave the stinking cesspit of international shame that is the United Kingdom, they are severely deficient in moral sense.”

When will the crimes of our so called leaders catch up with them ?


A Globalist is a Satanist Read More

“The more things change, the more things stay the same. Heed my warning: Anyone who tried to rob you of your freedom serves Satan because the loss of the freedom to choose is antithetical to the word of God.”

“On this Easter day of 2014, some people are wondering just why did the Roman authorities kill Jesus? The answer to this question is multi-dimensional. Of course, Satanic forces tried to extinguish the message of God’s salvation emanating from Jesus and then later from the 12 disciples, through the process of crucifixion. This was based upon the mistaken notion that if the messenger is killed, the message would die. And try to kill the word of God they did. The Romans failed miserably.”


BLM Shame: Shocking ‘Animal Auschwitz’ left behind at the Bundy Ranch in the Nevada

“After being forced to vacate public lands by ranchers and peaceful protesters, Uncle Sam left the most disturbing calling card of all at the Bundy Ranch. This week farmers and public officials have since unearthed more fresh evidence proving the existence of US taxpayer-funded mass animal graves left behind at the Bureau of Land Management’s field operations compound.”


The True American Terrorist: Harry Reid Caught Taking Bribes


LIBERTY RISING: Oklahoma Militia Joins Fight Against Feds

“Scott Shaw said, “Evidently in America we don’t actually own the property anymore, if you ever did.””


Oath Keeper Pastor Chuck Baldwin: “They HONORED Their Oath”

“Pastor of Liberty Fellowship, Chuck Baldwin, is a minister of the gospel.  In addition to that duty, he serves as the National Chaplain to the 40,000 member strong Oath Keepers organization.  And to prove that he is more than merely a figure-head, Chuck made the trip from Montana down to Bunkerville, Nevada last Monday to stand with Oath Keepers leader, and personal friend, Stewart Rhodes.  In this video, however, Chuck is back in Montana addressing a group of 150 or so patriots who showed up for the April 19th rally at Kalispell’s Depot Park.  As usual, his message was timely and compelling.”

6m50s “We will not bow to Caesar, only Jesus is our King.”

19m20s “This court that ruled that this could take place, that issued the warrant for this was a federal court. Ladies and gentlemen, the federal government has no jurisdiction over state land, this should taking place in a state court.”

20m50s “We need legislators, congressmen, senators to strip these federal bureacaur of their arrest powers and take away their firearms. Washington DC loves to try and disarm the American people. It’s not the American people that need to be disarmed, it’s the BLM and it’s EPA and the US Postal Service and NASA …”

Give the Bundys LIBERTY to graze THEIR cattle on THEIR land or give the Bundys DEATH.


Harry Reid’s BLM’s Next Victim: Red River Land Grab Happening Now, First Bundy Ranch Now This! (Video) READ MORE

“This amounts to about 116 miles of land near the Texas-Oklahoma border. On this Red River land grab, the Texas Ranchers have a deeed and have paid taxes on for over a hundred years. But of course, that doesn’t matter to the BLM thugs.”


The Obama, CIA, Neocon, Insane Bankster World War — Harley Schlanger

“Harley Schlanger, the National Spokesman for LaRouchePAC joins me to discuss the latest – as the United States creeps toward another Bankster designed world war led by Obama, the Neocons and the CIA. We document the crimes of CIA head John Brennan who had boots on the ground IN the Ukraine just days ago, the same man responsible for covering up 28 pages of “redacted” and “classified” 9/11 information implicating the Saudis in the crime of the century. We also discuss the BLM-Bundy Ranch crimes, the Traitor Harry Reid, drought and much more.”


Indicted Businessman Names Harry Reid as Alleged Recipient of Massive Bribe

“A Utah businessman is rocking both state and national politics after claiming Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped him broker a deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make a federal investigation into his company quietly disappear, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.”

“Jeremy Johnson was allegedly told that the price would be $600,000, and claims to have made an initial payment of $250,000 when he was slapped with a federal lawsuit. Now he says he wants his money back.”

What a f**king corrupt POS senator Harry Reid is.


Chinese Takeaway: Globalist Gangsters Use Agenda 21 for Nevada Land Grabs

“The Dana Show references one Harvey Whittemore in an article, The Real Story Behind The Bundy Ranch Harassment, who is a billion-dollar real estate developer and prominent lobbyist. The claim is that “Harry Reid worked BLM to literally change the boundaries of the tortoise’s habitat to accommodate the development of his top donor.”  Even more suspicious is that Reid’s former senior adviser is now the head of BLM.”


Diamond Bar Ranch in NM Seized by US Forest Service

“Officials say that the Laney’s can redeem their 80 cattle for $40,950”

“Southwest New Mexico – The Diamond Bar Ranch was acquired by the Laney family in 1986, and its adjacent Laney Cattle Company was allowed to utilize grazing lands since 1883. According to the US Forest Service, however, they are no longer entitled to do so, and the USFS has posted notices along the fence line of their property advising people not to attempt to enter the ranch. Lands are being seized, and the cattle removed, “one way or the other.””

“Same crap they pulled with Bundy, reneging on the grazing rights deal, and cutting the size of his herd to drive him out of business so his land would be available to political cronies or used for collateralizing more government borrowing.”

When you read ‘redeem’ they mean ‘loot’.


Bankers Love War Because It Creates Massive Profits READ MORE

“If all the bank loans were paid, no one could have a bank deposit, and there would not be a dollar of coin or currency in circulation. This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial Banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the Banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon.”


Oklahoma To Charge “Privilege Tax” For Going Off Grid


The Power of Edible Flowers to Inhibit Chronic Diseases


Congressman Takes on AIPAC and Gets Thrown in Prison

“In this video Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange speaks with James Traficant who was thrown in prison for nearly 8 years after taking on the Israeli Lobby. The former congressman speaks on government corruption and the future of the United States. James Traficant believes he could be killed if he continues to speak out against the powers that be.”


Appeals Court Orders Release of Targeted Killing Memo

“For the first time, a federal appeals court has ordered the government to release a crucial legal memo relating to U.S. targeted killing operations, reversing a lower court decision that upheld the government’s secrecy claims despite characterizing them as the stuff of “Alice in Wonderland.””

If the government has nothing to hide, they have nothing to worry about.


The Empty Vaults of London READ MORE


Silver Continues To Drain From The Shanghai Futures Exchange READ MORE


IRS Awards Contract to Surveillance Company That ‘Tracks License Plates’

What business does the taxman have to monitor license plates ?


Man, 98, free from lung cancer for over 30 years: eats foods from his own garden, never had chemotherapy


Shutting Down Government with Bitcoin – Stefan Molyneux and David Seaman

“Stefan Molyneux and David Seaman talk about making the present incomprehensible to the future, the elimination of fiat currency, using Bitcoin to end war, and why you can’t buy votes with Bitcoin.”


Recruiting Thugs for the Police State in New Mexico

“In the 1850s, in response to public fear of a paramilitary police, Peel organized the cops along civilian lines and made them answerable to the public. Peel and London’s Metropolitan PoliceService went out of their way to make sure police uniforms did not resemble military uniforms (blue instead of red). Police were armed with wooden truncheons and rattles to signal the need for assistance. “The police are the public and the public are the police,” was one of the Peelian Principles.”


China: “Violent Government Thugs” Beaten To Death By Angry Crowds After They Killed A Man Documenting Their Brutality READ MORE

“At least 4 Chengguan, the most hated police-inspectors in China, were beaten to death by angry people in Cangnan County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province (located in the industrial southeast), after they killed a man with a hammer. The police-inspectors hit the man with a hammer until he started to vomit blood, because he was trying to take pictures of their violence towards a woman, a street vendor. The man was rushed to hospital, but died on the way.”

“Thousands of angry people took to the streets, surrounded the police-inspectors in their van, attacked them with stones, bats, and beat them to death. People were shouting that the police-inspectors be killed on the spot for what they did: “Kill them! Kill them!””

This is way to deal with police brutality.


Hyper-Sensitive Illinois Mayor Orders Police Raid Over Parody Twitter Account READ MORE


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