Watch As Donetsk Locals Stop A Ukraine Tank / Hitler’s crimes were lawful, are NSAs ?

Watch As Donetsk Locals Stop A Ukraine Tank

Down the memory hole because it doesn’t forward the imperial agenda.


Edward Snowden Testimony At PACE, April 4, 2014

“For the ones that are interested in Privacy and the NSA, this testimony of Edward Snowden at The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is a comprehensive summary of all his revelations as yet.”

Hitler’s crimes were lawful, are NSAs ?


CIA caught red handed in Ukraine

“The three-ring diplomatic circus in Ukraine continues to entertain, even if sadly so. The White House found itself having to backtrack on the CIA’s denial that Director Brennan was not in Kiev over the weekend and his visit had no connection with the military crackdown ordered against East Ukraine during that time. It was a special moment.”


Judge Napolitano: Ranch Rebellion Was Americans’ “Line in the Sand”

“Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox News to denounce the federal government’s operation against Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, asserting that BLM agents should have been arrested for seizing his property and that the case represents a “line in the sand” for Americans who have had enough of big government tyranny.”


Harry Reid Wants Civil War: ‘It’s Not Over! – Americans Agree, It Isn’t Over Until Harry Reid Resigns Or Is Arrested! READ MORE


Bundy Ranch and the Chinese Debt Exchange (Jerome Corsi)

“Bundy Ranch blown open the China Land swap deals being orchestrated by the Obama Administration and Harry Reid? New York Times best selling author and World Net Daily Senior Writer Jerome Corsi joins Gary Franchi to provide deep analysis of the web of connections between Washington legislators and the Debt Exchange to give US land to China.”

The American people will one day wake up in a country that has been sold out from under them.


Flashback – WHO OWNS ‘PUBLIC’ LAND? Read More

“Nearly 100 ranchers gathered in Farmington, N.M., last weekend to listen to Wayne Hage and his wife, former Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth-Hage, explain how the “public” land on which their cattle graze may not be “public” at all. The U.S. Court of Federal Claims found, in Hage v. United States, that the ranchers, not the federal government, may be the true owners of the property referred to as “public” land.”


Chris Hedges – “Our Only Hope Will Come Through Rebellion”

5m40s “Throughout American history intelligence services have primarily advanced and protected the profits of corporations and solidified state suppression and furthered imperialist expansion. The psychosis of permanent war, the ceaseless search for internal and external enemies.”

Everything Hitler did was made lawful by the judges

16m “The NSA officials meanwhile bugged their ex-lovers, their wives and their girlfriends and all this data is being stored in perpetuity in government computers. The legal system like our legislative system has collapsed. It has made lawful everything from indefinite detention to torture to wholesale surveillance.”

24m5s “If you think you are innocent or have nothing to hide, you do not understand what is happening. Justice like truth in these systems is not relevant. Ask Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange oi Edward Snowden, along with whistleblowers like Thomas Drake where justice and truth got them. And one of the main tasks of any security service is blackmail, a tactic the FBI used to get Martin :Luther King to try and commit suicide. If you have any dirt the state wants to know about and they will use it against you if you refuse to be obedient.”


FBI blocked in corruption probe involving Sens. Reid, Lee – Washington Times


New Russian bill equates popular bloggers to mass media

“Russian lawmakers suggest that internet authors whose works attract 10,000 or more visitors a day should be accredited as journalists, receiving all rights and responsibilities commensurate with this status.”


Groundbreaking New Study: 42% of Drug Reactions are Vaccine Related Read More


Industry physician: “Gardasil will be the greatest medical scandal of all times”


An Egyptian court has shocked the world by issuing a mass death sentence to 528 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi for their alleged role in a riot last July that turned violent.

Raise your voice to help Amnesty stop this gross violation of human rights! Urge Egyptian authorities to overturn the mass sentence and order fair retrials.


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