Are oligarchs getting value from governments they are buying ? Should politicians wear oligarch badges ?

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) blasted the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Wednesday to abolish overall federal campaign spending limits, meaning that wealthy individuals now have carte blanche to spend as much as they like to affect the outcomes of federal elections.”

““Freedom of speech, in my view, does not mean the freedom to buy the United States government,” said Sanders in a statement.”

Perhaps it’s just me that thinks a government cannot do it’s job of serving the people when it is serving the oligarchs that have bought that government at the expense of the general public.

Perhaps politicians should wear identity badges for whichever oligarch has bought their services so their constituents can know who their public servant is really serving.


Koch ally to introduce Monsanto-backed bill to bar state GMO labeling laws

“The bill includes a “prohibition against mandatory labeling,” according to The Hill, echoing powerful interest groups that have already declared war against such “right to know” labeling laws around the nation.”

“In his initial run for Congress in 2010, Pompeo received more money from the Kochs than any other politician. Once in the House, the congressman introduced bills sympathetic to Koch Industries, The Washington Post reported.”

That’s how this f**king s**t works.

Consent of the governed seems to have changed to consent to be ignorant, ignorant of what is in the food you are eating.


Blogging Can Be Dangerous to Your Freedom Read More

Either everyone enjoys freedom of speech or there isn’t freedom of speech, not for the oligarchs and not ordinary people.


5 unanswered questions surrounding Kiev killings

“Riot police are to blame for the deadly sniper fire during February’s riots in Kiev – at least that’s how Ukraine’s coup-appointed leaders see it. They announced their investigation results, after first clearing themselves of accusations of wrongdoing brought by the former authorities. Let’s recap those glaring holes in Kiev’s argument in this blame-game.”


The Media’s Disinformation Campaign on Ukraine: “There are No neo-Nazis in the Interim Government” … but there are

“As soon as this government took over, the New York Times referred to it as a new wave of democracy, and this then set the tone for the media in the West. Although here and there it’s sometimes mentioned that Svoboda, a member of the coalition government, “once had some quasi-fascist inclinations,” that’s as far as it goes. All else about Svoboda and the paramilitary Right Sector has been effectively swept off into Orwell’s memory hole.”

“This is not to say that no one on the Internet has commented on the true nature of Svoboda. To their credit a number of well qualified observers have had no problem spelling out that Svoboda has a solid neo-nazi fascist basis, and not just “inclinations” towards these beliefs. For example, consider the views of Max Blumenthal, Professor Stephen F. Cohen, Professor Francis Boyle,Professor Michel Chossudovsky,Dr. Inna Rogatchi, David Speedie, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Oleg Shynkarenko, Andrew Foxall and Oren Kessler.

Hey MSM, how’s that Orwell memory hole working out for you, you schmucks ?


Ukraine and Crimea, An Illegal Putsch and a Democratic Referendum

“Reportedly two thirds of Ukrainian armed forces stationed in Crmea are so underwhelmed by those who, backed by the US, illegally overthrew the government in Kiev, that they have opted to stay in Crimea and/or join Russia’s defence forces.”


Pro-Russia Protesters Seize Government Building In East Ukraine, Demand Autonomy

“A Reuters reporter said around 500 police stood by without interfering.”


And Another Region Seeks To Join Russia


Russia Tells Ukrainians: ‘Referendum’ Or We Can’t Protect You As Ukraine Proposes State Of Emegency


Vaccines kill far more people than faulty Chevy Cobalt cars, but drug makers are granted total legal immunity

“The nation is in an uproar following a recent announcement by General Motors that the company is recalling 2.5 million vehicles for a major defect that has killed dozens and injured many more.”

“Vaccines kill thousands annually; manufacturers exempt from legal system”

Dozens vs thousands – can anyone help me with this math problem ?


Another False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack Planned Read More


Media Blackout over Syria

“On April 6, The London Review of Books published in its online journal Seymour Hersh’s “The Red Line and the Rat Line.” Hersh continues to expose details surrounding the staged August 21 chemical attack incident in Syria, which apparently pretty much everyone in Washington’s intelligence bureaucracy suspected was carried out by the rebels as soon as it happened.”

“Seymour Hersh is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist whose 40+ years career includes the exposing of the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up, as well as the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. His December 19 report, “Whose Sarin?” -was his first report to expose the Syria chemical attack hoax based on close contact with US Intelligence officials. While “Whose Sarin” was originally prepared for the Washington Post, the newspaper rejected it and a media blackout followed in American press. Currently, Hersh’s newest investigative findings are going unacknowledged in mainstream US media.”


Returning Dutch Syria fighters to face extra surveillance: AD

Is anyone on the side of the so called rebels actually a Syrian national ?


Satanic Jesuit Triumvirate: Adolfo Nicolas, Peter-Hans Kolvenbach & Pope Francis I

“The three most powerful men in the world are Jesuit priests.  The order of their power is as follows:  First, “the Black Pope” and Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas; secondly, former Black Pope and Jesuit Superior General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach; and lastly, “the White Pope” and Vicar of Christ/Vicar of Horus Pope Francis I.  Pope Francis I is the first pope who is openly a member of the military order of the Society of Jesus.  As to national identity, Black Pope Nicolas is a Spaniard; ex-Black Pope Kolvenbach is a Dutchman; and the present White Pope Bergoglio is an Italian.   These three arch criminals under bloody oaths rule the world on behalf of Satan, “the god of this world” (II Corinthians 4:4).”

“What this means is these three men rule all the governments of the nations through the Black Pope’s perfected international intelligence community directed by the Jesuits from Rome through London and Washington, D.C.  All central banks are ruled by the agents of these men.  All the armies of the most powerful nations (US, Russia, China, Germany, etc.) are ruled by these men.  All the secret societies are ruled by these men.  All mafia families conducting every sort of organized crime are ruled by these men.  All entertainment and news outlets are ruled by these men.  There is nothing outside of their immediate temporal power, i.e., the power ruling the governments of all nations today.”

The crusades against the Muslims in the middle ages was simply a load of bulls**t and so is the so called global war on terror against Muslims.

And the government of Iran doesn’t want to build nuclear weapons the mainstream media want to make people believe the lie that the government of Iran wants to build nuclear weapons.


Pete Santilli Episode #672: Eric Phelps – Vatican Assassins

Your alternate history lesson begins at the 1h10m mark. Conventional history is to make people believe that some things happened that didn’t happen or for different reasons or vice versa.


(March 9th 1933) The Permanent State of War. Proclamation 2039& 2040 (12 USC 95 (a) & (b))

“2.       The  Acts of March 6th and 9th, 1933, codified at 12 USC 95(a) & (b) , a Declaration of War against me, …………………., and my fellow Americans, by the de facto President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and certain de facto members of the 73rd Congress and Senate have created the full effect of:”
“i)       Effectively suspending the Original Organic Constitution for the United States of America and those of the several States ……………..”
“ii)      Unlawful seizure of all American’s  inherent rights, title and interest to Life, Liberty and Property, “forever.”  See:  Senate Report 93-549, Executive Replies, pages 191-195.”


Debunked? Flight 370 Passenger Philip Wood’s Diego Garcia Photo/Text Read More




SHOCKER: MH370 Passenger’s Girlfriend Tells CNN “The Plane is Intact”, The Passengers “Are Alive”, Flight Was “Accompanied By Fighter Planes”


FLIGHT 370: Leave It to a CNN VIEWER To Ask the ONLY REAL QUESTION: “Why Has Diego Garcia Remained Silent? They Have State Of The Art Radar!”


Fmr Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Says GOVERNMENT IS LYING About Missing Flight 370


ABN Amro Ex-CEO Found Dead


ECB “Models” €1 Trillion QE

After all of the other QEs the economy is still in the toilet (al qaeda).


S&P Tumbles From Record-High To Red Year-To-Date In 2 Days

How fragile these markets are.


March Payrolls Miss 192K, Below 200K Expected, Unemployment Rate 6.7% Above 6.6% Expected


Part-Time Nation: Number Of High-Wage Jobs Added In March: +2,000

So that’s 190,000 ‘do you want fries with that’ jobs out of 192,000 jobs.


Urging ‘New Path Forward,’ Tens of Thousands Demand End to EU Austerity


12 Largest Banks Sued By Public Retirement Funds For “Conspiring To Rig Global FX Markets”


Baltic Dry Drops 9th Day In A Row; Worst Q1 In Over 10 Years


‘AT LEAST $400 MILLION IN FRAUDULENT LOANS’ — Citigroup Faces CRIMINAL Inquiry for FRAUD at Mexico Unit Read More


There’s no remedy if the government intended to kill you, and no remedy if it didn’t – someone has turned the clocks back to 1215AD

“The officials named as defendants in the suit, including then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, “cannot be held personally responsible in monetary damages for conducting war.””

… and we are all subjects under King John and we are not equal before the law.


Free Thinking Is Now Considered A Mental Illness

“Listed as new mental illnesses are above-average creativity and cynicism. The manual goes on to identify a mental illness called “oppositional defiant disorder” or ODD.”

In today’s world Galileo would be diagnosed with ODD never mind the fact that his theory of the sun and other bodies not revolving around the earth could be proven through simple observation.


Your CRIMINAL Quasi-Gov’t RULERS: IRS RETROACTIVELY Taxes Bitcoin Read More

The U.S. taxpayer must now possess some form of advanced mind-reading abilities to ever hope to comply with our tax code, since the tax code can now apparently be back-dated to any point in time.


THOUGHT CRIME: Mozilla CEO Forced to Resign by LGBT Lobby Over ‘Opinion’ on Gay Marriage

The world is not flat.


“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Is About Obama’s Terror-Suspect Kill List, Say the Film’s Directors

“But at the heart of the explosion and melee -filled film are the political themes, including targeted killing. “The question is where do you stop?” Joe says. “If there are 100 people we can kill to make us safer, do we do it? What if we find out there’s 1,000? What if we find out there’s 10,000? What if it’s a million? At what point do you stop?””


Fort Hood shooter was on anti-depression medication


Autopsy Shows Capitol Police Shot Unarmed Mother in Back of Head


Americans Say 75 Percent of Politicians Are Corrupted, 70 Percent Use Political Power to Hurt Enemies


Nigel Farage: Britain, let’s get off our knees and govern ourselves!


Nigel Farage: “Come & join the peoples army, let’s topple the establishment!”




Kevin Annett 3-29-14… “Urgent Public Communique and Update from The International Common Law Court of Justice — Trial of Pope Francis, the Jesuits and the Anglicans to commence April 7″


Kevin Annett 3-29-14… “Jesuit involvement in the NINTH CIRCLE rituals at the Mohawk school is confirmed”


Kevin Annett 3-31-14… “Massive Deaths of Aboriginal Children in Canada is officially admitted, as Genocide Verdict and Kevin Annett’s work are finally vindicated”


Sony Demands Removal of Open-Source Indie Short ‘Sintel’ From YouTube

“Sony Pictures has demanded the removal of the CGI short film Sintel from YouTube due to a claim of copyright infringement. One small problem: they don’t actually own anything in the film.”

How can it be the case that the accuser does not have to prove that their claim is actually true ?


The Bill of Rights has been Revoked!


England may become one of the only European countries to mandate widespread water fluoridation

“Fluoride is a carcinogenic waste product of aluminum. It is also the main ingredient in rat poison, nerve gas and Prozac. This chemical agent has been present in the water supply in America for several generations, but this sick and twisted idea actually began during the Third Reich in Nazi Germany.”


FDA Vaccine Insert Lists Autism as Adverse Reaction


OPD Promoted Cops Involved in Scott Olsen Case


You Say You Want A Revolution

“Our revolution changed the world. Our Declaration of Independence proclaims self-evident truths. That all men are created equal, they’re endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These words shook a world held in the vise-grip of hereditary privilege, inspiring people around the globe. Our Constitution established a representative republic with a limited government of the people, by the people and for the people.”


CIA Put In Charge Of Declassifying Senate’s Report That Condemns The CIA’s Torture Program


Pearl Harbor vs. 9/11


Half of Americans Think Cops Not Held Accountable


Court orders man to remove criticism of cop from the internet READ MORE

The whole world can now see this criticism. Some dumb ass act of censorship that was.


Military Drone Crashes Near Elementary School in Pennsylvania READ MORE


10 Things David Icke Predicted That Came True Read More


“You Answer to Me!” Cop Breaks Into Home, Arrests Man


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