Chinese High Yield Bond Defaults / Ukraine is Waterloo Event for FRN / Ruble is now backed by gold


Second Chinese Bond Company Defaults, First High Yield Bond Issuer


Jim Willie: Ukraine is the Waterloo Event for the US Dollar!

The desperation of the Anglo-American leadership, guided by the steady corrupt banker hands, has never been more acutely high, nor obvious in full view. The entire Ukraine situation is a travesty. It includes Langley agents killing police and street demonstrators from rooftops, the confirmation coming from the Estonian Embassy (translation of scripts). It includes thefts of official Ukrainian Govt funds, again sent to the Swiss hill sanctuary. It includes sanctions delivered by a US Paper Tiger, sure to cause horrific backlash. It involves the last gasp attempt to obstruct the Gazprom energy pipelines, which will inevitably corner the European market in monopoly. It involves subterfuge with the NATO card (aka Narcotics And Treachery Outlaws) with missiles placed on the Russian borders. Look for NATO members to find a back door to exit the spurious treaty. It involves playing with nitro-glycerine in the Petro-Dollar room. It involves putting tremendous risk for much more clear isolation of the United States. The more the USGovt pushes, the more the US will be isolated. Remember that Nazis steal from their enemy states, de-fraud from their allied states, and force themselves into an isolated state. In Ukraine, the United States has over-played its weak hand. Already, a secret document was leaked in London that the UKGovt would not support the US-led sanctions against Russia.


Russia And China Make Another Move That Threatens The Dollar – The Ruble Is Now Backed By Gold

“The move has not been done in secret. On the contrary. A huge golden ruble symbol will be set up in front of bank Rossiya headquarters in Perevedensky Pereulok in Moscow “to symbolize the ruble’s stability and its backing by the country’s gold reserves,” the official agency Itar-Tass explains quoting the bank officials.”


Detroit to Shut Off Water Services in 140,000 Homes


Tour of Ukraine-Russia Border Finds No Signs of Military Buildup


Official Trade Balance Manipulated by UK Sales of 1464 TONS of Gold To Switzerland Read More


Swiss target 8 banks in forex probe READ MORE

Credit Suisse said it was “astonished” to be included in the probe, describing the allegations against it as “inappropriate and harmful.”


Top Wall Street cop: Heads are going to roll READ MORE


Monetary Blockade Of Russia Begins: JPMorgan Blocks Russian Money Transfer “Under Pretext” Of Sanctions


How the Rothschild Backed Fed Changed Real Money info Fiat


Iceland Dismantles the Corrupt – Then Arrests Ten Rothschild Bankers Read more:


Zero Prosecutions of Elites for Most Destructive Frauds in World History-William Black

“White collar crime expert Professor William Black thinks the nation’s top bankers continue to get away with massive financial crime.”

“The most recent $10 million fine of former Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis for fraud illustrates the ongoing problem. Professor Black says, “He’s not paying $10 million. Bank of America is paying the $10 million. So, he could care less, and he didn’t have to admit anything. And, unlike the typical Securities and Exchange settlement, he didn’t have to agree not to disparage the settlement. So, immediately he disparaged the settlement as a bunch of junk that wasn’t true. . . . In this case, the fact came out that Lewis testified, the subject of this complaint was allegedly securities fraud at hiding the losses at Merrill Lynch which was acquired by B of A and said hey, it’s not me, it’s Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson . . . who ordered me to cover this up. Professor Black goes on to say, “So the web is very tight and very protective of all these people, and they will trade off any amount of money in settlement that will be paid by the bank to insure the officers, even the ex-officers never have to pay and never are prosecuted. Even today, we are well into 2014, and the Department of Justice record is intact. There have been zero prosecutions of the elite officers who led the epic epidemic of fraud. It was the most destructive in world history, zero of them even unsuccessfully prosecuted, much less prosecuted.””


Here Come The Feds: FBI Probing HFT




Protesters storm Albuquerque police HQ as Anonymous targets department over killing of homeless man by ‘cold blooded’ officers that was caught on video

“’We respected their rights to protest obviously,’ Mayor Richard Berry said, ‘but what it appears we have at this time is individuals who weren’t connected necessarily with the original protest … they’ve taken it far beyond a normal protest.’”

Individuals who weren’t connected necessarily with the original protest – is called agent provocateuring.


Silver Update 3/25/14 Inflation Omens


Seriously: The Mexican Consulate is Signing People Up For Obamacare


Keiser Report: No Planet for Young People (E581)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss no country, no planet for young people as they are forced to flee their own austerity or bubble hit countries for more affordable places abroad. In the second half, Max interviews Telegraph journalist, Liam Halligan, about the cost of Russian sanctions to European and American corporations; the lobbying war between the Defense Lobby and the Retail Lobby and, finally, Liam actually has some nice words to say about George Osborne’s budget!”


In Thailand, A New Kind of Protest

“Not entirely unlike other protests seen unfolding around the world, large mobilizations have periodically flooded the streets of Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, at times attracting over a million protesters.”


90% of Those Infected with Measles in New York Outbreak Are Vaccinated WATCH VIDEO


Parents told to vaccinate newborn or have him seized by the state

“The threat was very real, in a system which allows families to be split apart without a trial, without evidence, without a defense, without a jury — without a law even being broken.”

The USA is looking more and more like Soviet Russia.


Colloidal Silver. It will truly keep you Healthy. It will kill all bacteria and viruses, including Ebola Virus


Harvard Says Fluoridated Water is Causing Cognitive Disorders


Shocker: comparing deaths from medical drugs, vitamins, all US wars

“I’ve cited the review, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”, by Dr. Barbara Starfied (Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000), in which Starfield reveals the American medical system kills 225,000 people per year—106,000 as a direct result of pharmaceutical drugs.”


Diet soda, aspartame linked to premature deaths in women


Sri Lanka Bans Monsanto Herbicide Citing Deadly Link To Kidney Disease


Heartland Institute says more CO2 is good for the planet


Israeli Officials Face War Crimes Charges in Supreme Court

“For the first time in history the Israeli Supreme Court will hear evidence next week against officials who are accused of committing war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza.”

“The charges against senior Israeli political and military officials, including Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni among others, will call into question the attack on Lebanon in summer 2006, Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in late 2008, and an attack on a humanitarian aid flotilla in May 2010, according to Al Jazeera.”


More Parents Choose Homeschooling Due to Common Core


Black Death Was Not Spread by Rat Fleas – Evidence from skulls in London shows plague had to have been airborne to spread so fast & kill so quickly, making it a pneumonic plague rather than a bubonic one


Video: Riot Cop Brutally Attacks Female Student For No Reason

“Local business owners and students told the media that the cops incited the violence, claiming that “police were all dressed up for a riot and had no riot to go to,” according to the Daily Independent report. The cops declared the crowd to be an unlawful gathering and began indiscriminately firing pepper and beanbag rounds, bystanders claim.”



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