Ukraine/Crimea: neocons’ underpants pulled up and over their head / IMF loan for Ukraine departs 20m after arriving

Putin’s Triumph

“The US Neocons’ role in the Kiev coup was clarified by two independent exposures. Wonderful Max Blumenthal and Rania Khalek  showed that the anti-Russian campaign of recent months (gay protests, Wahl affair, etc.) was organised by the Zionist Neocon PNAC (now renamed FPI) led by Mr Robert Kagan, husband of Victoria “Fuck EC” Nuland. It seems that the Neocons are hell-bent to undermine Russia by all means, while the Europeans are much more flexible. (True, the US troops are still stationed in Europe, and the old continent is not as free to act as it might like).”

“The second exposé was  an interview with Alexander Yakimenko, the head of Ukrainian Secret Services (SBU) who had escaped to Russia like his president. Yakimenko accused Andriy Parubiy, the present security czar, of making a deal with the Americans. On American instructions, he delivered weapons and brought snipers who killed some 70 persons within few hours. They killed the riot police and the protesters as well.”

I admire Putin only because has he is defeating the neocons.

I am not afraid of Putin’s Russia, I am horrified with Obama’s America.


Ukraine fiasco marks end of the EU’s imperial dream

“Normally when a country’s people give a referendum vote that the EU doesn’t like, they are just told to vote again to put it right. In the case of Crimea, however, where 96 per cent of the people voted to return to Russia, the EU was in no position to ask them to think again. Even if they did, considering that Crimea, where the tsars, Tolstoy and Chekhov used to spend their summers, has been part of Russia for most of the past 230 years, that 60 per cent of its people are ethnic Russians and that 82 per cent speak Russian at home, they would be unlikely to change their minds.”


Putin orders increase of Crimean pensions to Russian levels


Putin is making the West’s Cold Warriors look like fools

“William Hague was on rather shaky ground when he argued this week that Moscow has chosen ‘the route to isolation’ by recognising Crimea’s referendum. On the contrary, it is the European Union and the United States who look as if they have seriously overplayed their respective hands in Ukraine. Across Asia, Africa and Latin America, the cry of ‘western hypocrisy’ has been heard much louder than complaints about Vladimir Putin.”

And here in Europe too.

Our governments in the west are the evil regimes.


Another Busy Weekend For The President



Here’s something geopolitically interesting: both China and India support Russia’s takeover of Crimea.


IMF Plans Massive Austerity for Ukraine According to Crimea Leaders

“The Deputy Prime Minister claims that the tentative IMF agreement involves handing over the entire country’s gas pipeline for free to the American company Chevron. She also claims that the owners of the Mariupol, Zaporizhzhya, and Dnipropetrovsk steel mills will be required to give up 50% of the ownership stakes to German company Ruhr.”


Who Aims to Benefit From Ukrainian IMF Bailout?

“Economists Michael Hudson and Jeffrey Hudson discuss how provision in IMF deal like cuts to gas subsidies and pensions will hurt the average Ukrainian citizens and benefit kleptocrats”

3m25s “The money that has been given by the IMF and the west to the Ukraine in the past has been given to the kleptocrats who run Ukraine.”

3m45s “So basically the Europeans have told the kleptocrats, the 10 or 12 billionaires that run the country, we will make you very, very rich if you join us, we will give you a lot of IMF money, you can transfer it into your banks account, you can then send it abroad to your offshore banking centres and the Ukraine people will own it. So you can do with the Ukraine what the Irish government did to the Irish, you can take the public money, you can give it all to the private bankers and then you can tax your people and make them pay.”

5m20s “IMF money doesn’t go to the country and it doesn’t go to the people. It goes to the billionaires who run them to take the money and immediately send it back to the west so it’s a circular flow and it goes in and out of Ukraine in about 20 minutes.”


Ukraine to serve as deposit for western waste?

Toxic IMF debt, toxic nuclear waste – welcome to the European Union, Ukraine.


Russia Media More Free Than American MSM (Video)


Russian lawmakers ask President Obama to impose sanctions on them all


Russian sanctions ripple through European boardrooms


Abby Martin Takes Down the Cold War-Obsessed Neocons Behind the Curtain

Peace loving people have an enemy in the form of these neocons.


US official accuses Russia of firing at Ukrainian troops, refuses to explain herself

She refuses to explain herself because she is lying.


1st Ukraine Soldier Is Killed! Blame Put On Russia, Looks More Like Maidan!


Afghanistan respects Crimea’s right to self-determination – Karzai


Israel bombs Syrian military sites in Golan retaliation

“A military spokesman said on Tuesday that Israel viewed “the Syrian army as responsible for this incident,” but could not confirm the involvement of Hezbollah, a militant group from Lebanon fighting alongside Syrian government troops.”

More unsubstantiated claims so prudence demands I assume it was a false flag.


Turkey Set To Block YouTube Momentarily, After Google Refuses To Yank Clips Exposing Prime Minister

“one in which Erdogan tells his son to hide money from investigators (one which can be seen here),”


Turkish F-16 Shoots Down Syrian Plane

“Why did Turkey really engage? Simple: to distract from PM Erdogan’s relentless political collapse when one after another political scandal is hitting the embattled premier who last week shut down access to Twitter, and it likely set to block YouTube as well, where a phone recording of his admitting graft and embezzlement can still be found. Naturally, it struck at the one country it knows will hardly fight back against the NATO member, although now that Russian foreign policy sentiment is once again shifting dramatically, and may call for far greater support for Syria, not to mention that suddenly Turkey is hardly in “democratic” Europe’s good graces in the aftermath of the Twitter censorship scandal, Erdogan may just have miscalculated.”

“As for the next steps in Turkey, we repeat what we said on Friday: “We eagerly look forward to see which particular pro-Western agent is groomed to take Erdogan’s place. After all remember: those Qatari gas pipelines that in a parallel universe, one without Putin, would have already been transporting nat gas under Syria, would enter Europe under Turkey.””


As Wells Fargo is Accused of Fabricating Foreclosure Papers, Will Banks Keep Escaping Prosecution?

“A new internal report says the Justice Department massively overstated its successes in targeting mortgage fraud while in fact ranking it as a low priority for investigation. The Justice Department’s inspector general says despite playing a central role in the nation’s financial crisis, mortgage fraud was deemed either a low priority or not a priority at all. This comes as a recently revealed internal Wells Fargo document appears to guide lawyers step-by-step on how to fabricate missing documents to foreclose on homeowners. Wells Fargo is the country’s largest mortgage servicer and services some 9 million home loans.”


White House Refuses To Disclose Cost Of Michelle Obama’s Taxpayer-Funded China Trip

Opaque transparency.


The Dissent of the Governed: Only 21% of Americans believe the government has the consent of the governed.


Jim Rickards & Mike Maloney: Gold Revaluation & THE DEATH OF MONEY


YOUR 100% BEYOND REPAIR CRIMINAL GOV’T: FBI Refusing To Handover Document About Sniper Assassination Plot To Kill OCCUPY Protest Leaders


WORLD WIDE WARNING – OBAMA Purging U S Military for Martial Law

“Martial Law? Obama is now purging U S Military to completely remove the Christian faith. This may be our final warning. Unless America stands up and impeaches Obama now,or,we elect Rand Paul for president. We will be facing the coming judgement. Our military is preparing to take the guns away from the American People. The bible says that Christians will be executed in the coming tribulation.”

Is Obama following a Satanic agenda ?

13m20s “The memorandum said people who are pro-life, people who believe in the right to keep and bear arms, returning veterans, people who think the government is too big and the IRS is too powerful could be characterised as domestic terrorists. Well, that group of people could characterise 2/3 of the country.”

We have entered a bizarre world if 2/3 of the USA are a danger to the USA.


Facts only: Kosovo vs Crimea – ‘Good Independence’ vs ‘Bad Referendum’


89% of Veneto residents vote for independence from Rome


US Expels Syrian Diplomats – Dangerous Desperation in the Air

“The move is suspected by many to be in retaliation for the permanent reversal of fortunes for US-backed militants operating inside of Syria, and perhaps the prelude to an act of Western aggression in response to other geopolitical loses elsewhere, including Crimea.”

War vs Revolution - We Are There


Hazlitt’s Timeless Wisdom

“Santelli highlighted chapter six from Hazlitt’s great work where he wrote that if government makes loans, that private lenders won’t make, to entities that can’t pay back, economic signals get destroyed, and chaos ensues. Hazlitt also emphasized that all credit is debt.”

“What Janet Yellen is doing has been done time and time again since John Law’s system created the Mississippi Bubble in 1720. It never ends well. As long as there is an over-reaching government and ever-expanding central bank, Hazlitt will be looked to for guidance and inspiration.  He warned us then. He warns us now.”


IMF’s Property Tax Hike Proposal Comes True With UK Imposing “Mansion Tax” As Soon As This Year

“After all it’s only fair. It is also only fair, for now, to only tax the uber-rich, who are so defined merely in the eye of the populist beholder. However, said definition tends to be fluid, and what will be a tax on, i.e., £2  million properties tomorrow, will be lowered to £1  million, £500,000 and so on, in 2, 3, etc, years.”

The looting continues.


Barclay’s Banker Admission: LIBOR rates “are a fantasy” Read More

“And here we have one of the Criminals stating, point blank, that the entire $500 TRILLION LIBOR debt-market is a scam.”

The looting continues.

“And they’re saying that if the tax authorities believe you owe even just a minor tax debt, they will not only FREEZE your assets, they’ll dip into your bank account and TAKE whatever they want.”

It will only take a belief that a Brit owes the claimed amount tax NOT, NOT, NOT to be proven in a court of law – say hello to the looter’s charter.


Mortgage or Food: Thousands march to Madrid in anti-austerity protest

“Thousands of people across Spain are converging on the nation’s capital. A massive demonstration is planned for Saturday against rampant unemployment, evictions and poverty. Jobless rates did fall by a record number in December however, bringing some hope. But still, over forty per cent of people under 24 are not earning. The International Monetary Fund warns the country may face five more years with over 25 per cent unemployment, unless more reforms are enacted. RT’s Egor Piskunov went to Spain to gauge the mood.”

IMF are only interested in plundering Spain to enrich the oligrachs.


Goldman Doubles Down Its Hate On The Best Performing Asset Of 2014: Gold

“of course, when Goldman’s clients are selling, who is buying? As a reminder, the last time the bank was extremely bearish on gold (about a year ago), our skepticism at the time was well warranted as Goldman was in fact the largest buyer of gold in the following quarter.


Police Seize Independent Politician`s Computers

“We are informed that the jury were instructed by the judge not to visit any online web sites for the duration of the trial. The Advertiser, however, despite being the main source of news and information in print, was not covered by this instruction, in spite of its already clear attempts to sway public opinion against Morcom.”


The High Cost of Using War Criminals to Train U.S. Police

“Members of the American law enforcement community are being trained in Israel, where Human Rights violations by police and Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) are a matter of policy, under Israel’s morally bankrupt apartheid political system.”


Mysterious Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Discovered


Is Roundup Weedkiller A Brain-Damaging Neurotoxin?


Dramatic Increase in Kidney Disease in the US and Abroad Linked To Roundup (Glyphosate) ‘Weedkiller’


Why dark chocolate really IS good for you: Stomach microbes turn cocoa into a natural drug that reduces blood pressure


Michigan CPS has gigantic secret list of parents labeled “child abusers” without due process

3m15s “We are going to let them peacefully protest.”

It is supposed to be a public servant’s sworn duty to protect the public’s right to peacefully protest in a democracy so what is this use of the word ‘let’ ?

3m20s “The police said they were going to use tear gas if the protesters didn’t go away and they kept their promise.”

Not breaking any law, just not going away and these public servants will abuse you.

October 25, 2011, Scott Olsen


Activism at Work: Victim of “Zero Tolerance” Idiocy Sees Punishment Dramatically Reduced Due to Public Outcry


Israeli Settlers Kick a 90 Year Old Out of her OWN home [SHOCKING VIDEO]


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