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Ukraine: The Law, the Putsch and the Imposter

“The irresponsibility of the western media calling Oleksandr Turchynov “Interim President” and referring to the “new Government” of Ukraine walks hand in hand with the notion that Governments can be deposed and instated by groups of armed thugs on the streets. Turchynov claims power, but what about the massive voting fraud in the Rada?”

“Under the law, under the Constitution of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov is not the Interim President, he is an imposter, the leader of a Putsch who has as much right to declare himself or to be declared Interim President as the author of this article, or anyone else for that matter. Why doesn’t Turchynov, the subject of a criminal investigation in the past, not declare himself Queen of Sheeba?”


Russia And China ‘In Agreement’ Over Ukraine READ MORE


Memo to Obama: This Was Their Red Line!

“In the era before we got our Pacific port in 1848 and in the 166-year interval since then, the security and safety of the American people have depended not one wit on the status of the Russian-speaking Crimea. Should the local population now choose fealty to the Grand Thief in Moscow over the ruffians and rabble who have seized Kiev, what’s to matter!  Worse still, how long can America survive the screeching sanctimony and mindless meddling of Susan Rice and Samantha Power? Mr. President, send them back to geography class; don’t draw any new Red Lines. This one has been morphing for centuries among the quarreling tribes, peoples, potentates, Patriarchs and pretenders of a small region that is none of our damn business.”


Five top military, security commanders take oath to Crimea

“A number of high ranking Ukrainian military and security officials in Crimea have sworn their allegiance to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, as Simferopol pushes for its autonomy from the self-imposed government in Kiev.”


Will be a war crime to use force against Ukraine civilians, Russia warns self-proclaimed president

“The self-imposed president of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchinov will be considered a “war criminal” in case he uses military force against the population of south-eastern part of Ukraine, Russia’s lower house Speaker Sergey Naryshkin reportedly warned.”



Not unless you’re the USA using the non-existent WMD in Iraq pretext. Is John Kerry this stupid or does he think the general public is this stupid ?


Putin crosses Obama’s pink line – Exclusive: Michael Savage declares, ‘The neocons don’t care which side you’re on’ READ MORE


Russia Says Ukraine Action Aimed at Protecting Human Rights

“Russia’s foreign minister said Monday that the decision to dispatch troops to Ukraine is not an act of aggression, but a measure aimed at protecting human rights and Russian citizens.”


The Queen of England Deals Extensively in $17 Trillion Depleted Uranium Trade

“Uranium can be mined for some medical purposes and to make electricity, but its main purpose was and is to fuel nuclear warfare against the world. Just six mines provide 85 percent of the world’s uranium and guess who owns the mineral rights to that land?”



“The federal rollout has been so disastrous that Common Core is being dubbed ObamaCore because it does to education what ObamaCare is doing to health care. Both teachers and parents are protesting, and for much the same reason. Teachers are virtually relegated to reading from a national script in the classroom, with little personal input being allowed. Parents and local authorities are effectively shut out of influencing their children’s education. And the quality of education has hit a new low.”


London Mayor Calls For State to Take Children Based on Parents’ Political Beliefs

“Parents with radical political beliefs should have their children taken by the state, according to London Mayor Boris Johnson, a chilling prospect given that parents who support major political parties like UKIP are already being targeted by social services.”

In Galileo’s time someone thinking the world is round was considered radical.

Britain appears to be going full-bore soviet as well.


Syria: The Crime and the Criminals – by Anthony Lawson [VIDEO]

“The Syrian civil war, insurrection, rebellion, revolt, uprising, call it what you will, was not home grown in Syria by Syrians with differing outlooks as to how their nation should be governed—as the mainstream media would have you believe—it was part of a strategy pre-planned by vicious, sociopathic foreigners called “Neocons” and they began their planning in 1991, following the first invasion of Iraq, code-named: Dessert Storm. To date, the major beneficiary of their diabolical planning has been Zionist Apartheid Israel, but that maybe coming to an end.”


Former Central Banker Admits “[They] Are Making It Up As They Go Along”


Black Pastors Demand ‘Lawless’ Eric Holder Be Impeached


Are the American People FINALLY Starting to Stand Up to Those Who Are Trying to Take Away Our Liberties?

The deep state can kiss my fat arse.


Is Major Censorship Happening on Reddit? How Glenn Greenwald’s Blockbuster Article Was Banned Over and Over READ MORE

“I’m not a regular Reddit user. I signed up to try it last year because I noticed my site traffic exploded whenever one of my posts got upvoted on Reddit. Unfortunately, I never actually crossed over into a regular user so I’m still trying to get my head around how the community operates. Headlines in recent days about the fact that Glenn Greenwald’s blockbuster article on the Intercept detailing how spy agencies work to intentionally ruin a person’s reputation using lies and false stories, was consistently being banned on the subreddit “r/news.” r/news is a default subreddit which all users are automatically subscribed to, thus it generates a huge amount of traffic. It’s basically the front page news section of the 64th most popular website in the world (according to Alexa data). That’s a big freakin’ deal.”

Too much truth about the evil deep state.


Chinese Physical Gold Demand YTD 369t Up 51 % Y/Y READ MORE



2m25s “It’s like the equation E=MC2, there’s nothing you can do to perfect that, it is what it is.”

Do you need to put a steering wheel on a locomotive that runs on a rail road ?


Traditional Chinese Medicine: Herbal formula shown to help prevent diabetes


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