Silver Bullet Silver Shield Copper pre-order request

This post is being made so that my subscribers can register, as a comment to this post, their request for the 1 ounce Copper Silver Bullet Silver Shield pre-order request.

The 4 earlier designs: Trivium, Slave Queen, ‘Double Special’ Freedom Girl and Free Reign available only from Australia’s Perth Bullion and at AUD3.30 which will cost me £2.22/oz which includes 31p/oz P&P and 9p/oz PayPal FX difference,

While later SBSS designs in copper are not yet available at PB, some are now available at USA’s Amagi Metals and/or USA’s SD Bullion and/or Gold Silver Bull and they are

Freedom Girl (SDB at USD14.99, GSB at GBP1.49),

Cannabis (AM at USD1.89, SDB at USD14.99, GSB at GBP1.49),

AG-47 (AM at USD1.89, SDB at USD9.99, GSB at GBP1.49),

Warbird (AM at USD1.49, SDB at USD2.99, not GSB),

Tyrannis (AM at USD1.49, SDB at USD4.99, not GSB),

Don’t Tread On Me (only AM at USD1.89)

and Jesus Shekel (only AM at USD1.8).

Britain/N.Ireland P&P large letter will be £1.50 per 10 one ounce coins (15p/oz) or small package will be £2.70 per 20 one ounce coins (13.5p/oz), to Europe P&P is unknown at this time but will be per 20 one ounce coins.

Debt and Death


Slave Queen

Free Reign

Freedom Girl 'Double Special'

SA of challock …….. 20 Trivium.

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