Gold-owning QE1 Man / Banker Deaths / CIA Ukraine unrest / humanity’s enemy: government stripping citizenship arbitrarily




MUST LISTEN – Man Who Ran First QE Owns Gold & Warns Of Coming Inflation

“Nine Year Federal Reserve veteran, speaks out.”

“Eric King: “When I interviewed David Stockman, who was put in place by (President) Reagan when the US was facing collapse in the early 1980s, he was referring to the Fed trading room and he said, ‘That trading room is a weapon of financial mass destruction.’ You’ve got these guys at the controls, and I think Stockman’s point is well taken that it is a potential weapon of financial mass destruction. Is he wrong, or is there some truth to that?””

“Huszar: …I don’t even think we have begun to see the costs of this experiment. And I think (that with) the Fed trying to exit from the buying phase, we are just in the third inning of a game where we really don’t know what the result is going to be. So I agree with you….”

““This activism that we’ve seen over the last 15 or so years, over time we are going to look back and think this was a pretty bad idea.””


RBS suspends FX trader, bringing total to three


The Banker Purge Continues: Global Banking System is Now Operating at DEFCON1


Fifth Elite Banker Commits Suicide in 2-Weeks?


CIA Agent Captured in Ukraine Helping Protesters


Ukraine vs Obama, EU and Soros…. Read More

Another nation set to join the looting mechanism known as the European Union.


Dmitry Rogozin: If Ukrainian protests are peaceful, Catherine Ashton is a ballerina

“Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin expressed his anger with the assessment of Ukrainian events by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. According to him, 75 people have been killed in Kiev, of whom at least 15 are police officers.”


The Eastern Ukrainians Are Revolting


Meanwhile In Non-Pro-Europe Ukraine


YOU Have Been Targeted for Internment & Resettlement

“This is not just another FEMA camp article which can be easily debunked. This article deals with the fact that a recent government manual, leaked to the public, details the plans for mass arresting dissident Americans and stripping them of their citizenship so as to be able to violate the Constitution and the Geneva Convention for the treatment of prisoners.”

Any government that strips any citizen of citizenship arbitrarily is humanity’s enemy. You can read on what this guy has to say but that right there should be sufficient for anyone to realise these guys are going further than Adolf Hitler.

If you don’t like the big investment banks on Wall Street be given preferred treatment for their financial crimes then you might just be a ‘terrorist’ and you will be ‘re-educated’ to the view that this is perfectly fine.


Thailand: Regime Terror Campaign Intensifies

“Coordinated grenade and gun attacks have been carried out across Thailand by the regime of US-backed Thaksin Shinawatra and his nepotist proxy, sister Yingluck Shinawatra in an attempt to quell growing dissent that now includes rice farmers once considered the foundation of the regime’s support. Among those dead and maimed were children. A grisly attack in the eastern province of Trat left scores maimed and a five-year old girl dead. A similar attack carried out in Bangkok left many maimed along with a woman and 12 year old boy dead.”

“Yet another tin-pot dictator, backed by the US, which means that she can go on doing what she is doing with impunity”


Venezuela orders troops into border city amid fierce clashes


Maguire – Shocking Information In The War On Gold & Silver


Polar Vortex hits California housing market: California home sales fall over 10 percent on an annual basis. 2014 off to a drought in real estate. READ MORE

But how can this be when borrowing money is so cheap ?


No wonder it flooded! Pictures of Somerset river from 1960s and today show how its width has halved after Environment Agency stopped dredging it regularly


This is what spending whatever it takes look like, Mr Cameron ?


Bundesbank Must Intervene To Reassure German Gold Will Come Back READ MORE


Weekly Chinese Gold Demand Transcends Global Mining Production, Again READ MORE

Where is all this physical gold coming from ?

Are banksters suiciding themselves because of this ?


$2 Billion in Cash Would Make Silver Short Positions UNCOVERABLE — Rick Rule

“If there was $2 Billion employed, not on margin by the way, cash – so the rules could not be changed like they were on the Hunts – $2 Billion in cash employed in the futures markets, which was held for delivery cleaning OUT the good delivery silver that’s available, the short interest would LITERALLY be uncoverable.””


Gold And Silver – All Eyes On Gold And China When Silver Could Be The Tipping Point.


Keiser Report: Banksters’ Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the thousands of think tanks convincing populations to think of the King Joffrey Defense as a legitimate one when an elite murders innocent bystanders or financial markets. They also discuss the housing that is killing productivity in Australia and the UK, but policymakers in both countries are in love with their housing market captors. In the second half, Max and Simon Rose of Save Our Savers diagnose the UK economy with Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy, the Stockholm Syndrome & being trapped in the Matrix.”

23m15s “The same reporter at the end of the month her net worth is declining because she’s paying more for the essentials, her savings are being wiped out, her access to public services are being destroyed because they’re not being, there’s no capital investment because it’s all going to speculation. The quality of her life is being degraded every month until the bubble pops. And for that she’s going up to the guy, it’s Stockholm Syndrome, she’s being held hostage by this banker, this central banking nightmarish fellow and she’s saying ‘oh, I love you, Mark Carney, for destroying my economy and destroying my life, please keep me locked up in this nightmare of debt longer please.’”


Unite and Conquer: Fighting Back Against the Oligarchy

Race, religion, class.

7m40s “So who got the money ? … Financial institutions in Europe and other countries … Which ones ? … I don’t know … Half a trillion dollars and you don’t know who got the money ?”

Unite and Conquer


The truth about Labour’s apologists for paedophilia: Police probe child sex campaign group linked to three top party officials in wake of Savile scandal


Apologists for paedophilia: As the Mail exposes more links between senior Labour figures and a vile paedophile group, one man who was abused as a child asks them: why won’t you admit you were wrong?


Sandy Hook; GAME OVER: NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record

[Ed. Note: For posterity’s sake, when we posted this remarkable video to SGT Report it had a total of 266 views on You Tube. Let’s see where it goes from here.]


Pharmacy Gives Woman Wrong Medication: ‘Well, you know, they both begin with H’ Read More

Heaven and hell both begin with H.


Study: Monsanto’s Roundup causes “gluten intolerance” READ MORE


How to Go Gluten-Free Without Contributing to the Billion Dollar Big Food Rip-Off READ MORE


Scientists Say We Are Practicing Ecological Homicide: We Must Protect the Pollinators! Read More


Seen On An ATM In Western Australia


The Constitution Failed


Hitler’s Debt-Free Money

Everything else Hitler did was incorrect, but in this he was correct.



The family has still not been able to see the body of the husband and father – F**KING HELL.


Austin Police Chief Says Residents Should Just be Happy They’re Not Sexually Assaulted by Cops


NJ Cops Indicted After Video They Hid Reveals They Beat Innocent Man & Filed False Charges

“Comically, the Bloomfield police exonerated themselves during their own internal investigation into the incident.”

These public servants were clearly either hallucinating or wantonly lying.

I do expect these public servants to feel the full force of the law like their innocent victim was going to ? Sadly, no.


13 Year Old Reportedly Hits Cop with Snowball – Faces Felony Charges READ MORE

Can this public servant be any more of a big girls blouse ? Give me a f**king, f**king, f**king break.


Why Don’t Good Cops Stand Up More Often? Read More


Obama Order: Libya an ‘Extraordinary Threat’ to US Foreign Policy

“The regime change was presented as setting the stage for major new oil exports from Libya, which have not materialized as the new pro-West regime has been unable to retain control of the ports.”


DHS wants to track you everywhere you drive, but we can stop it

“What’s the problem with a nationwide license plate tracking database, anyway? If you aren’t the subject of a criminal investigation, the government shouldn’t be keeping tabs on when you go to the grocery store, your friend’s house, the abortion clinic, the antiwar protest, or the mosque. In a democratic society, we should know almost everything about what the government’s doing, and it should know very little to nothing about us, unless it has a good reason to believe we’re up to no good and shows that evidence to a judge. Unfortunately, that basic framework for an open, democracy society has been turned on its head. Now the government routinely collects vast troves of data about hundreds of millions of innocent people, casting everyone as a potential suspect until proven innocent. That’s unacceptable.”


The Israeli ‘watergate’ scandal: The facts about Palestinian water


The Problem is Israel, its Supporters, and the War Industry, Not Iran

“Successive Israeli governments exaggerated the threat of Iran in order to, among other things, rationalize their own expansionist ambitions and bind the United States government ever closer to Israeli interests.”

“The “Iranian problem” is really a US problem. It points up very deep flaws in the US political system, where money is legally considered “free speech” and policy formation often follows the wishes of the highest bidder. The American people have far less to worry about with Iran than they do with the machinations of many of their own leaders.”


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