Banker Suicides Linked to JPM Forex crimes / Crash of 2014: Like 1929, you’ll never hear it coming

12 Banker Suicides Linked to JP Morgan Investigation for Forex Manipulation

Crash of 2014: Like 1929, you’ll never hear it coming

Banks Are Obsolete: The Entire Parasitic Sector Can Be Eliminated READ MORE

Keiser Report: How to Steal Money in the Future & Benefit Today (E565)

Attention Veterans: “We Want You On That Wall, We Need You On That Wall”

“Bankers are dropping like flies. There is a power struggle and there is also the beginning of a war behind the scenes which has monumental implications. This is a re-enactment of the old Chicago gang-like style murders, but with far more serious implications.”

“The world has not seen such a challenge to the authority of the banking cartel since Jesus chased these criminals from the Temple over 2000 years ago.”

Non-Existing Home Sales Miss Expectations, Plunge 14% From Highs, Drop To 18 Month Low

Are we at the crash yet, mummy ?

Philly Fed Plunges To 1 Year Low; Misses By Most Since Aug 2011

Are we at the crash yet, mummy ?

The Chinese Dominoes Are About To Fall: Complete List Of Upcoming Trust Defaults

Leave the People of the Ukraine Alone

“The riots in the Ukraine, notably in Kiev, are hard to watch. The bloodshed is sad, and we all wish it would end. But it’s not up to anyone else in the world other than the people of the country.”

The Future of Bitcoin Exchanges READ MORE

“The answer to the problems of centralized Bitcoin exchanges is to use decentralized exchanges that take advantage of the decentralized nature of the Bitcoin protocol.”

Confirmed: DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Are Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them

New Study Shows Glaring Differences Between GMO and Non-GMO Foods

Human Rights group calls on World Bank to acknowledge role in the mass killing of one million Indonesians

Saudi forces kill two anti-government protesters in Qatif


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