At least twenty top level bankers have “fallen” to their deaths from high-rises in just the last two weeks


Europe Considers Wholesale Savings Confiscation, Enforced Redistribution

“in Reuters’ own words, “the savings of the European Union’s 500 million citizens could be used to fund long-term investments to boost the economy and help plug the gap left by banks since the financial crisis, an EU document says.””


Max Keiser: JPMorgan Behind Bitcoin DDOS Attacks!


Art Cashin – Is This 1929 Or 2007 All Over Again?


Americans Killed by Police Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War Read More

“Cops have killed well over 5,000 Americans since 9/11. Many of these killings have occurred during no-knock raids, which have risen by 4000% since the 1980s.”


DNA Results For The Nephilim Skulls In Peru Are In And The Results Are Absolutely Shocking Read More

“Michael Snyder’s “These Ancient Elongated Skulls Are NOT HUMAN” is posted Here


More medical tyranny: Father sentenced to life in prison after daughter dies following eight vaccinations in one day

“Just days after a U.K. father was sentenced to life in prison for allegedly killing his own daughter, who reportedly died from unusual head injuries after receiving the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella, an American father received the same sentence following the oddly similar death of his 12-week-old baby girl.”

“ reports that John Sanders of Lansing, Michigan, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole after botched court proceedings found him guilty of murdering his 12-week-old daughter Ja’Nayjah. The girl is said to have experienced severe brain hemorrhaging and gastrointestinal problems just 24 days after receiving eight vaccinations in one day, horrific side effects that were ultimately blamed on her dad.”


“Slaughter House”: First Person Accounts Of How IBM Just Fired Thousands Of Workers Across India

“The unit targeted is the Systems Technology Group which is the troubled hardware group”


Another JPMorgan Banker Dies, 37 Year Old Executive Director Of Program Trading


Karen Hudes: Either We Take Back Our Gold, Our Legality, or We’ll Have WWIII


Against Fascism: Towards the Separation of Business and State

“The problem of the corporate/government revolving door is so blatant, so obvious, so out in the open that even its opponents readily admit to its existence. And yet it continues without significant opposition from the public.”

0s “Since 1996 the united states department of defense has accumulated a 8.5 trillion dollar black hole in it’s budget.”

Separation of church and state is needed in case the combined group persecute the people and if you have an issue about religion you should go to church not ask a public servant.

Separation of business and state is needed in case the combined group loot the people and if you have an issue about ? you should go to ? not ask a public servant.


Government Labels those who Grow Their Own Food ‘Extremists’ READ MORE


Bureaucratic NIGHTMARE: ‘Avalanche’ of Regulations Still to Come Under Obamacare Read More

“28 paperwork rules will cost $1.4 billion a year to comply with”

That $1.4 billion a year is going to make some people rich.


Dictator Obama’s New Delay of Employer Mandate Violates Plain Language of Law

“President Barack Obama’s Treasury Department issued a new  regulation today that for the second time directly violates the plain and unambiguous text of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by allowing some businesses to avoid the law’s Dec. 31, 2013 deadline to provide health insurance coverage to their employees.”

“Initially, on July 2, 2013, the administration unilaterally delayed the deadline for the employer mandate until 2015. Now, the administration is unilaterally delaying it for some businesses until 2016.”

“In its official summary of PPACA, the Congressional Research Service said: “(Sec. 1513, as modified by section 10106) Imposes fines on large employers (employers with more than 50 full-time employees) who fail to offer their full-time employees the opportunity to enroll in minimum essential coverage or who have a waiting period for enrollment of more than 60 days.””

It seems to me the only thing government can do is to impose a fine but how does imposing fines make healthcare affordable ?


McCaul: Syria ‘Most Significant Threat’ to U.S. Security

“Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, says he and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson “both agreed that Syria is probably the largest and most significant threat to the homeland security of the United States today.””

“That’s because so many “jihadists” are flocking to Syria for military training: “This is becoming the worldwide training ground for terrists,” surpassing even Pakistan, he told “Fox News Sunday.””

The USA must funding the so called rebels.


A People’s Movement to End All War READ MORE

Only the banksters get rich off both sides in any war.


CDC uses shady math to drastically overinflate statistics on raw milk illnesses


Citizen satirizes proposed local firearms ordinances

The look on the face of the public servant is priceless.


Government Documents EXPOSE FEMA Detainment List Criteria

“FEMA created the Rex 84 program and is who would be in charge of the detention of people should the plan be executed. As of 2008 there were 8 million Americans known to be on the “Main Core” list and as time has passed the criteria for being placed on it has weakened and the list has grown.”

“deemed a ‘terrorist’ threat both to the nation and to the government.”

They forgot to use the word ‘criminal’ in front of the words ‘nation’ and ‘government’.

Didn’t Adolf Hitler use the label ‘terrorists’ for groups he didn’t like ?

Isn’t that considerate of the federal government.


How did Hitler use terror to control people?

“The first method of keeping complete control was through the use of TERROR he gave the Gestapo (German police) complete control so they could just arrest someone and throw them in jail for no reason at all!!”


My friend Jamie’s 6-year-old son Jack will die unless Shire Pharmaceuticals lets him use their breakthrough new treatment — but they won’t release it to him.


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