Third banker dead / Here comes free energy ? / Internet Reformation unbound

Third Banker, Former Fed Member, “Found Dead” Inside A Week


Free Energy: From Suppression To Manifestation?


‘Lack of Genocidal Application’ Keeps Science From Exploring Thorium Energy…/31058/0/0/0/Y/M.html


The Internet Reformation Is Hard to Contain

Why ‘anti-European populists’ won’t win big in the European elections … For months EU politicians have been warning us about the upcoming elections for the European Parliament (EP), to be held in May in all 28 member states. European Commission President Jose Barroso recently predicted “a festival of unfounded reproaches against Europe” as a consequence of the EU-wide “rise of extremism from the extreme right and from the extreme left.” The media has mostly followed these political messages, publishing countless articles, editorials and op-eds about the upcoming European apocalypse … [But] expect small gains from the far right in May. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: Whatever is going on In Europe on the “right” is not very important.”

Free-Market Analysis: This is a typical meme expression of the mainstream media regarding what we call the “Internet Reformation.””

As well as independence from out of control government, the people need independence from the petroleum cartel.


Edward Snowden’s First Television Interview (ARD/Germany)

35s “And what the told the reporter was that they wanted to murder me and these are acting government officials.”


1m30s “What we saw initially to the revelations was a sort of circling of the wagons of government around the national security agency. Instead of circling around the public and protecting their rights , the political class circled around the security state and protected their rights.”


A Not So Subtle Hint That Argentina May Be Un-Fixed

“With the IMF frantically scrambling to cover its forecast errors and model-breakdowns amid an emerging market turmoil that no one could have seen coming, the contagion is beginning to spread. With all eyes fixed on Turkey (unfixed again) or Ukraine (never fixed), Argentina’s troubles are exploding. The last few days have seen yields on their 2017 bonds scream higher from 11% to 19%… and 2015 Boden prices collapse.


Central Banks Are Anachronistic Institutions READ MORE


Silver’s Rally Could Mean Another 1,000% Run READ MORE


“Fed Has Fingers & Thumbs On The Scales Of Finance,” Grant Tells Santelli And It “Will End Badly”

“Grant, ominously concludes, “there is no suspense as to how [this will] end… [it will] end badly.””


There is no stopping the GMO labeling movement, admits mainstream media


NSA, GCHQ mapping “political alignment” of cellphone users


United Nations Strikes Again: Advancement of Agenda 21 Via Agriculture…or Rather the Lack of Agriculture READ MORE


Fukushima?! White Goo In Alaskan Salmon Read More

“This newly released story from ENENews is incredibly disturbing and the pictures below not for the squeamish. While millions of Americans still sleepwalk through the dangers of Fukushima, the animals and fish in Alaska tell the true tale while the video below from Kevin Blanch shares that there is now scientific proof that the deaths of seals in Alaska were due to radiation from Fukushima.”


Man put on trial after police broke into his home without a warrant, tased family

““I asked several times, ‘What am I being accused of?’” Wood told KPIX 5. “And when they didn’t answer, I asked, ‘do you have a search warrant?’”

When a member of the public asks a public servant a question they had damn well better answer it.

“(An officer) became agitated and said, ‘No you’re going to do what I tell you to do.’ “”

That statement there should damn that public servant to hell.

If a public servant tells someone to slit their wrists they must do it because the public servant tells them to do it.

“tasing of everyone was “justified.””

“Judge Peter Ottenweller backed the actions of the state, claiming that violent entry was justified to ensure safety of the residents.”

You will be made safe even if it kills you.


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