German gold: When you melt down these bars and send them back you negate the authenticity – coin clipping, squared



MUST WATCH: What REALLY Happened to the GERMAN GOLD Stored in the United States?

15m5s “When you melt down these bars and send them back you negate the authenticity.”

18m “The world needs to demand accountability from the federal reserve. I don’t think it’s going to end well when we do. In fact I think it ends horribly for everyone but better face the facts now.”

19m15s “We have never seen theft like this before.”

With 100 years of federal reserve unaccountability, god in heaven help anyone not prepared for the reckoning.

Research firm Forensic Asia calculates that HSBC has overstated the value of the assets on its balance sheet by more than £50bn


NSA to Sen. Sanders: We Can’t Legally Tell You if We Spied on You

“The National Security Agency won’t deny that it may be spying on members of Congress, informing Sen. Bernie Sanders that the agency can’t tell him whether it snooped on his metadata because searching to find out would be illegal.”

Someone please tell the NSA to get out from up their own arse.


NSA Whistleblower: NSA Is a Corrupt, Broken Institution


Target data breach figure upped to over 100M customers

“And still NSA cannot find these guys. Unless of course, these are NSA employees doing all this data theft with their taxpayer-funded toys!”

1/3 of the population of the USA – DAMN, DAMN, DAMN.


MIT report challenges US claims over Syria arms

“A new Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) report is challenging the US claim that Assad forces used chemical weapons in an attack last August, highlighting that the range of the improvised rocket was way too short to have been launched from government controlled areas.”


Syria: Washington’s “Counterterrorism Agenda” Consists in Supporting the Terrorists


Argentine Stocks Soar As Black-Market Peso Hits Record Low (Implies 40% Devaluation)


Pope Francis Ousts ‘Money Changers’ in Vatican Bank Shakeup


American blogger imprisoned for life in wildly unconstitutional muzzling of unpopular speech

But even those who longed for his muzzling, and there are many, did not see it coming like this: with Mr. Shuler sitting in jail indefinitely, and now on the list of imprisoned journalists worldwide kept by the Committee to Protect Journalists. There, in the company of jailed reporters in China, Iran and Egypt, is Mr. Shuler, the only person on the list in the Western Hemisphere.


Wells Fargo May be the First Bank to Adopt Bitcoin READ MORE


Comex Warehouse Potential Claims Per Deliverable Ounce Rises to Historical High 112 to 1


COMEX December Contract DEFAULT — Andy Hoffman


Keiser Report: Pimping USA (E550)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the pimps from the Pacific Northwest of America who claim to have no idea just how dangerous their products are to innocent bystanders – like the backdoors in Skype which are dangerous weapons against Constitutional rights or the holes in the internet which leave it vulnerable to malware that turns users into bitcoin slaves. In the second half, Max interviews Arjen Kamphuis about tinfoil as the new black and intelligence agency click fraud as the new payment system for co-operation with corporate and industrial espionage.”


Federal Reserve Caused The Great Depression, What’s Next? | Jim Bruce


Threat to charge for current accounts if banks are broken up: Fears poorest customers would be dumped

Get bitcoin.




Britain: ‘Pedophile Network at the Heart of Government’


Shooting Wisdom From a Pro: “I Carry a Gun ‘Cause a Cop Is Too Heavy” READ MORE

A law enforcement officer cannot fit into your pocket.


EXPOSED: Secret Agreement Between DEA and Mexican Druglords

“We already knew that the CIA practically ‘managed’ the drug trade in Mexico. However, this latest report is just more evidence of the U.S. government’s deep involvement in drug trafficking. Meanwhile, America’s bogus trillion dollar ‘war on drugs’ continues to be an absolute failure as tens of thousands of non-violent offenders spend years behind bars for buying drugs that are allowed into the country by the U.S. government!


Obama-backed Mexican Troops Disarm & Massacre More Civilians READ MORE

Obama administration-backed Mexican troops opened fire this week on a group of civilians seeking to keep their weapons and rein in ruthless government-linked drug cartels, which have terrorized their communities in the state of Michoacán. The attack sparked an international outcry on behalf of the citizens, who have suffered non-stop brutality at the hands of both government officials and criminal syndicates. News reports, some of which conflict with each other, suggest that around a dozen people were shot and at least four were killed in the massacre, including an 11-year-old girl. A Mexican paper reported that a dozen civilians died in the clash.”


Kentucky: Jackson County Sheriff arrests Judge Executive, other official

“Bad blood between county officials in Jackson County boiled over Tuesday. That is when Sheriff Denny Peyman arrested Judge Executive William O. Smith and Treasurer Beth Sallee on a slew of charges.”


Benjamin Fulford Update 1-14-14… ” Japan’s Abe may be arrested at Davos, Switzerland for role in Aum terrorist attacks”

“During the last week various intelligence agencies have forwarded evidence to the White Dragon Society showing that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan was deeply involved in the Aum Shinrikyo subway sarin gas attack terror cult. For this reason, the possibility is growing that Abe will be arrested on terror charges when he goes to Davos, Switzerland for the Cabal meeting starting there on January 21, the sources in Chinese, British, Japanese and American intelligence agencies say.”


Net Neutrality Is Dead

Take action now and join the tens of thousands of others who are banding together to save the Internet.


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