Farage: We Are Now Run By Big Business, Big Banks and Big Bureaucrats


Mr. Farage, have you spoken to Karen Hudes ?


The United States’ bloody messes in Yemen


December 12 was supposed to be a day of celebration for the al-Ameri family. A young bride traveled to her wedding with her relatives in Bayda province, Yemen. But in a few dark seconds their celebrations were eviscerated. A U.S. drone fired at the wedding procession, destroying five vehicles and most of their occupants. Not even the bride’s car, ornately decorated in flowers for the occasion, was spared from the carnage. Senior Yemeni officials later admitted that the strike was a “mistake”.”

The great big lump stuck in the lens of the drone obscured all the flowers decorating the bride’s car, is that it ?


Daniel Ellsberg Explains Why Edward Snowden Has Been Asked To Join Freedom Of The Press Foundation



White House Climate Czar: ‘Global warming causes extreme cold’


Us human beings cause x, y, z, whatever these guys say.


Dear Senate: ‘The American people have made it clear they don’t want another war in the Middle East’



Fears over ‘two tier internet’ grow after appeals court rejects rules that all internet traffic must be treated equally


There goes the neighbourhood.


Turkey Tightens Its Grip on the Internet



Baltic Dry Continues Collapse – Worst Slide Since Financial Crisis



Pentagon Releases “9/11 Mastermind’s 36 Page Manifesto” [Yes, You Do Live In The Propaganda Matrix]


[Ed. Note: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was water boarded 183 times until he finally “confessed” to his involvement in 9/11. This latest Pentagon propaganda effort is squarely targeted at those who can’t handle the 9/11 truth.]

After this much torture of the guy, a person would have to be on hallucinogenic drugs to believe the guy’s confession was legitimate.


Big Banks Launder Hundreds of Billions of Illegal Drug Cartel Money … But Refuse to Provide Services for Legal Marijuana


“The HSBC employee who blew the whistle on the banks’ money laundering for terrorists and drug cartels says said: “America is losing the drug war because our banks are [still] financing the cartels“, and “Banks financing drug cartels … affects every single American“.”


Jeff Nielson – The Dollar Is Already Dead!



Bitcoin Revolution

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/32943 READ MORE

“The biggest risk to private currencies may be that governments will become jealous of how well these upstart forms of money work. If people all over the world decide to trade in digital currencies, it will become more obvious than ever that government isn’t what makes economic activity happen.”


Ukrainian Protesters Hold Up Mirrors to Police – Forcing Them To “Reflect”



We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny Infowars.com Contest


This is how we will defeat the criminals. By scorning them to death.


Gun Owners: Be Careful if You Pass Through Maryland


““Your husband owns a gun. Where is it?””

“Almost two hours later, after no weapon was found, the Filippidis family was given a written warning (the offense was not noted) and the ordeal ended.”


Gabrielle Giffords Leaked AR-15 Hypocrisy Pose From The Past


The supposedly anti-gun Gabrielle Giffords.


Even very low lead exposure causes children’s reading scores to fall



“The New Declaration of Independence for Planet Earth”


““Soon, the changes across the planet will come, faster and more abruptly than you could have imagined.  We have declared that WE ARE FINISHED waiting for Earth’s squabbling governments and ruling families to come to terms with the fact that IT IS DONE…”


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