DB in Gold Probe / Dead End For Paper Money System / Terminate GMO industry / Money for cronies, none for society

Deutsche Bank Investigated In Gold Manipulation Probe



We Are Now In A Situation That Looks Like A Dead End For The Paper Money System



In Global GMO Fight, ‘Terminator Seeds’ On the Rise Again


Let’s terminate the GMO industry.


US mayors’ report: Hunger and homelessness rise as aid programs are cut


Plenty of money for the cronies who are already have lots of money but no money for the vast majority of society and especially the vulnerable people in it.


MAX KEISER: ICELAND JAILS 4 BANKSTERS… Rothschilds next? [We Can Hope]


“Four former bank bosses in Iceland have been jailed for financial fraud. They were accused of hiding the fact a Qatari investor bought into the firm, with money lent illegally by the bank itself. It went bust in 2008, helping to cripple Iceland’s economy.”


The fatcat ecocrats exposed: Web of ‘green’ politicians, tycoons and power brokers who help each other benefit from billions raised on your bills


“The Mail on Sunday today reveals the extraordinary web of political and financial interests creating dozens of eco-millionaires from green levies on household energy bills.”

“A three-month investigation shows that some of the most outspoken campaigners who demand that consumers pay the colossal price of shifting to renewable energy are also getting rich from their efforts.”

Our money will soon be their money.


How Elizabeth Warren Is Scaring the Banksters


“Tonight’s “Big Picture Rumble” discusses the latest school shooting in Colorado, Connecticut taking the lead on labeling GMOs and how Sen. Warren is scaring the banksters. In tonight’s “Conversations with Great Minds” Thom talks with First Amendment Attorney James C. Goodale, author of the new book “Fighting for the Press.””

15m10s “Iceland is sending their banksters to prison. Four Icelandic banksters have been literally sent to jail, the CEO of Kaupthing bank, the biggest bank in Iceland, the CEO, the Jamie Dimon of Iceland just got five and half years in prison, the former chairman of the bank also got five years in prison, who also would be Jamie Dimon, is he the chairman and CEO.”

Iceland’s version of JPM CEO goes to jail.

18m5s “Crony capitalism buys you a get out of jail free card.”

17m10s “After this ‘third way’ think tank turned out their entire board of directors are all investment bankers, not the entire but the vast majority of their board of directors are investment bankers, they attacked her in a Wall Street Journal article saying that she leading democrats over the populist cliff was their phrase ”

19m40s “Anyone else want to tell me of the last time they took a Wall Street bank to trial ?”

20m5s“I’m really concerned that ‘too big to fail’ has become ‘too big for trial’. That just seems wrong to me.”

21m40s “I think she’s asking the questions all of us should be asking.”

In Section 1 of the 14th amendment it says ‘equal protection of the laws’ so then how can some people be made exempt from certain laws like financial laws and Obamacare ?


Keiser Report: Debt Incest Cult


“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the debt incest cult operating on Wall Street in which JP Morgan’s Sons and Daughters mate two units of related debt for four generations and thus spawning a deformed and cross-eyed credit market. In the second half, Max interviews Jeff Berwick of DollarVigilante.com about the great Bitcoin divide in the libertarian community and about the great migration from the USA to Mexico and beyond by Americans seeking more liberty and freedom.”


“A Sh*t Load of Money” – $147 Million Moves in One Bitcoin Transaction



Max Keiser Breaks Down Bitcoin


8m20s “Bitcoin could capture between 1% and 10% of the global forex market, that’s the foreign exchange market, which has implied value per bitcoin, of between a 100,000 and a 1,000,000 per bitcoin.”


JPMorgan’s “Bitcoin-Alternative” Patent Rejected (175 Times)



Swiss Propose Treating Bitcoin Like Any Other Foreign Currency


“45 (of 200) members of parliament”


Barclays Bank Takes GBP Deposits For New UK Bitcoin Exchange Bit121

http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/archives/30122 READ MORE


Bitcoin for Dummies, Don’t Miss This – Michael Krieger Interview



Bitcoin gaining popularity in India



Hardball US Geopolitics


“Ongoing Ukrainian protests didn’t erupt by chance. Washington’s playing hardball against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.”

“US officials warned Yanukovych. Don’t target protesters forcefully, they said.”

Don’t forget how the police in the USA brutally targeted OWS protesters – pot, kettle, black.


Yet Another Massive Nail In The Dollar’s Coffin


It’s been this way since World War II, simply because there has been such a long tradition of trust in the United States, and a steady supply of dollars throughout the world.

But this confidence is fading rapidly as merchants and banks around the world have been seeking alternatives, primarily the Chinese renminbi.”


Iran Is Looking To Remove The Us Military Presence That Protects The Central Banks Interests In The Middle East. Be Prepared For A False Flag



Slavery Abolition Act 1833


“abolishing slavery throughout the British Empire (with the exceptions “of the Territories in the Possession of the East India Company,” the “Island of Ceylon,” and “the Island of Saint Helena“; the exceptions were eliminated in 1843).”


Stefan Molyneux: The History of World Wide Slavery, Nelson Mandela and Race Baiting



How to Escape from Jail, Twice, Like a Vigilante


The title could have been ‘How some corrupt cops frame an innocent person’.


New York Medical Mandate: Poison the Children!



What are the odds that New York will have an outbreak of the flu among all the vaccinated kids ?


War on Syria begins with mass vaccination program


“When the eugenicists plied their vaccine program in India, 47,500 children became paralyzed in 2011. Pakistan suspended its globally-sponsored vaccination program after their children died or became disable from the vaccines. In a special 2011 report, a Pakistani health investigation concluded “that polio vaccines for infants funded by the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation are causing deaths and disabilities in regional countries including Pakistan.””

“Whistleblower and Merck vaccine scientist, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, admitted the presence of Simian Virus (SV40), AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines.”

“Showing a graph of polio outbreaks in the US, she notes that the first one, in 1916, can be attributed to Rockefeller experiments with weaponized polio in New York City, a few miles from the epicenter of the outbreak. The fatality rate of that 1916 outbreak was 25%, “the highest ever recorded in history” for polio. Of 23,000 patients, over 5,000 died.”


OPEN SOURCE – Perhaps the Real Curse


“QUESTION: Hello Martin, Would you ever consider open-sourcing your source code?”

ANSWER: I am a firm believer in open source in areas of research. But in this case, what I have gone through for this code is off the charts. Governments see it as a potential for a weapon of mass destruction. When the model was able to forecast wars and the collapse of Russia back in 1998, that is when everything went nuts. They simply told me to my face that they had to OWN the model.”


America’s Second Revolutionary War


10m30s “There’s a puppet on the left and a puppet on the right. Wait, there’s one guy holding both puppets. I don’t like that guy.”

24m5s “In a corporate state the interests of the citizens don’t matter. You need to destroy the machine because if we don’t destroy the machine, the machine’s going to destroy us.”



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