America has finest government, that NSA money can buy. Al Qaeda is finest enemy, that CIA money can buy

Lawmakers who oversee government surveillance programs receive millions from intelligence companies

Demonstrating once again the United States of America has the finest government, money can buy!!


Washington’s Al Qaeda doesn’t exist and never did

“Washington sees al-Qaeda the way it sees itself, a centralized, top-down hierarchy with a chain of command reporting up from every corner of the earth. It makes for a good story, but it’s not even remotely true. Virtually every incident involving this fictional organization refutes the narrative.”

“Veteran reporter Eric Margolis never believed it. He’s been reporting on the true nature of the Islamic militant groups from the very beginning. He should know what he’s talking about. He was embedded in Afghanistan in the 1980’s when bin Laden and what is now al-Qaeda and the Taliban were U.S. allies, fighting the Soviet Union.”

Al Qaeda is the finest enemy, CIA money can buy.


Legal Challenges To Spying Mount In UK

“Naturally, that would place the US companies concerned in a difficult position: forced by US law to disclose information to the NSA, but liable to pay compensation to millions of aggrieved UK citizens for contravening the country’s Data Protection Act. And that’s why the case is so important: once companies start getting hit with fines in the UK, and perhaps elsewhere in Europe too, they might start pressing the US government even harder to rein in the NSA’s activities.”


Did Google Autocomplete Ruin This Man’s Life?

“A cautionary tale: Back in 2009, government contractor Jeffrey Kantor was browsing online, seeking to make a radio-controlled airplane for his son. He began to type his search into Google: “How do I build a radio-controlled”—[enter autocomplete]—”bomb.” That’s right, before Kantor knew it, he had accidentally asked Google how to make an explosive device. And his life would never be the same.”

“On the other hand, if in fact Kantor’s claims are accurate, they provide a compelling case against the NSA’s argument that those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear from government surveillance. In fact, the uncertaintly surrounding these claims is itelf in part the issue. As the American Civil Liberties Union wrote: “In fact, you have no idea if you have something to fear or not, because you do not know what the government does with the data it collects. If the government keeps secret what it is collecting about you or why, you cannot correct potential errors. And if you know anything about our justice system, you know that errors are common.”


Russia’s Largest Bank Proposes Bitcoin Alternative

Why have an alternative to bitcoin when bitcoin is perfectly adequate ?


Bitcoin: Open source money whose time has come READ MORE


BaFin Demands Deutsche Bank Gold & Silver Documents READ MORE


Father sentenced to life in prison for ‘murder’ after daughter dies following MMR vaccine

“A U.K. father has been sentenced to life in prison after being falsely accused of murdering his own daughter, who reportedly developed mysterious head injuries just one day after receiving the high-risk measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, more commonly known as MMR. Investigative journalist Christina England reports that the father was basically denied his right to defend himself with evidence and witnesses and instead just assumed by the court to have shaken his baby to death with no real proof to support these allegations or the final judgment.”


Britain: Don’t Leave Your Citizens to Freeze to Death

Tesla’s cheaper energy technology would help, wouldn’t you say ?


Producer of Physical “Casascius” Bitcoins is Being Targeted by the Feds READ MORE


The Pre-Tribulation Rapture FRAUD Exposed — Official Movie


John B. Wells Discusses Unknown Technology


David Icke – Everyone`s Injustice Must Become Our Injustice


David Icke – The First Step To Freedom


David Icke – The Nature of Reality That We`re Experiencing


The IMF wants you (on the highest tax bracket) to pay 71% income tax READ MORE


EPA Attack On Self Sufficiency, Expanding Authority To Control All Water, Even Mud Puddles

“If we lose our right to own water and property, we lose our right to live a free and self-reliant lifestyle.”


A Handful of Constitutionally-Minded People within the Pentagon Stopped the Syrian War READ MORE

“Obama Was Willing to Ignore Massive Opposition to the War”


We’re surrounded by other ‘Earths’: Infographic reveals that more than 2,000 planets could be habitable within just 60 light years of us


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