Saudi Involvement in 9/11 – blow this sucker wide open / Italy 8% bail-in ? / wedding droned

Two Congressmen Push for Release of 28-Page Document Showing Saudi Involvement in 9/11 Read More

Italy backs 8 percent minimum bail-in for ailing banks Reuters

Drone strike kills 15 wedding party-goers in Yemen

Because a wedding party looks awfully suspicious, doesn’t it. At least King George III didn’t go around killing wedding party-goers. Who is going to stop the monster that the federal government of the USA ?

Putin: Russia not aspiring to be superpower, or teach others how to live

Here’s who should have been the Time Person of the 2013.

Handing over the governance of our country to power-hungry EU functionaries – Stuart Agnew

Nigel Farage vs Andrew Brons (elected on BNP ticket)

1m20s “We just want to control in our own borders and live in our own democracy and we cannot do that as members of this European Union.”

Are The Markets Rigged?

“Despite being found guilty of and fined for manipulations of every other market in the world (from FX to rates to energy), investors small and large continue to play the markets on the basis that they are fair and balanced. Aside from high-profile insider trades; day after day, the oddly high correlations, the obvious spikes, blips, and front-running are ignored… until now.”

Fidelity Now Allows Bitcoins in Your IRA READ MORE

“Well this is simply huge. As much as many people want Bitcoin to simply go away (see my recent interview on the topic with Miles Franklin), it is simply not happening. This news represents a very, very positive development. Fidelity deserves a lot of credit for taking the lead on this. This is the first big, conventional firm yet in the U.S. to integrate/allow BTC.”

Fidelity Investments Corporate Statistics – Assets

“Total customer assets at Fidelity          $4,367.2 billion”

Bitcoin Report Volume 67 (Crypto Crosses)

21m10s “We know that cyrptocurrencies are here, they’re here to stay. We know that email destroyed the post office and skype and others have destroyed the phone companies and we know that the world wide web is destroying the press and it appears that bitcoin and the other cyrptocurrencies are going to destroy the central banks and the government currencies and we’re still at the launching stage.”

Fidelity Bans IRA Bitcoin Investments Days After Permitting Them

What a joke this makes out of Fidelity, not out of bitcoin.

Myth #2: Bitcoin is a major problem in dealing with drugs and terrorism

Reality: Bitcoin is way too volatile at the moment for any serious criminal element.

Myth #5: Chinese citizens are shut out of buying bitcoins by government regulation of the banking system.

Reality: According to data aggregator, yuan-based bitcoin demand is still greater than dollar based transactions.

Myth #7: Bitcoin is untraceable.

Reality: Bitcoin transactions flow through an open-source piece of software, so everyone sees every trade.


“A presidential conference with Asian leaders was bugged by U.S. intelligence agencies, say high-level sources, and information was passed from the White House to big Democratic corporate donors.”

NSA spying is really economic warfare on an EPIC, EPIC, EPIC scale.

Government Spies Are Forcing Privacy Email Services To Shut Down Because They Can’t Spy On Emails

What we need is a decentralised email system.

Rick Rule “Mines are about to shut down”

Keiser Report: The Price of the Cold War Oil Vigil

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Commie-Pus and the $8 trillion wasted by the US taxpayer in protecting the flow of oil out of the Strait of Hormuz where more than 50% heads to Asia. In the second half, Max interviews Liam Halligan of about the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and mis-statements, about Liam’s forecast for Russia to be the largest economy in Europe by 2020 and they ask whether or not the Iran peace deal means Saudi Arabia is just not that important in a post-peak world.”

Dangerous Vaccines Found to Cause Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome

World War I: Lessons from the Christmas Truce of 1914

“This unique story of war resistance needs to be retold over and over again if our modern-era false flag-generated wars of empire are to be effectively de-railed.”

Why Good People Should Be Armed Read More

“Saying I don’t want a firearm because I don’t want violence and bloodshed is no more rational than saying I don’t want an air bag (in my car) because I don’t want to crash. Of course the reason people want airbags is not because they’re eager to crash but because they understand that in the unfortunate event that they do get into a serious accident – having an air bag is very likely to reduce human pain and suffering.”


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