Keiser Report: Bitcoin Battle / JPM’s Electronic Currency



Keiser Report: Bitcoin Battle (E534)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the bitcoin price plunge as Baidu ditches the crypto currency and China bans it for financial firms. Unnoticed at the same time, Germany declares bitcoin to be private moneyand Merrill Lynch claims it can replace money transfer systemslike Western Union. In the second half, Max interviews Dr. Christos Vlachos, CFO of the University of Nicosia, which is now accepting bitcoin as payment and he explains how the volatility in the price won’t matter to the university. They also discuss Dr. Vlachos’ hope to turn Cyprus into a bitcoin hub.”


Chase-ing Bitcoin: Is JPM Preparing To Unveil Its Own Electronic Currency?

After reading the word ‘centralized’ I ran screaming from the building.


Fed Unveils “Self-Regulated” Volcker Rule

“Great! Because self-regulation worked so well in the past for the financial services industry.”


So I got a letter from my rinky dink bank (USA-Pennsylvania)


Is a criminal operation or is Firstrust bank ?


China Imports More Gold Via HK In 2013 Than 2011 & 2012 Combined READ MORE

And all of the gold from Chinese gold mines is staying Chinese.


How to answer the ‘Pre-Mining Question’ … 98% of Quarks that will exist have been mined

“A couple of other points:”

“I have to say that Quark confirmation times are much, much faster than any other coin I’ve used. I’m actually surprised at how fast confirmation times are. When I traded for my first quarks, off of an exchange, I had six confirmations within two minutes and 92 by the ten minute mark. A crypto of speed is required for small-order brick-and-morter transactions. BTC is terrific for large purchases (say, a car) when it would be expected to sit around while the network confirmed the transaction, or for online commerce in which time doesn’t matter all that much. But to be a POS solution in physical shops, a coin need to be fast.”



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