London gold fix (iow. rig) while modern day conspiracy against silver dates back to 1676 / antineonplastons vs cancer

London Gold Fix Calls Draw Scrutiny Amid Heavy Trading

“Every business day in London, five banks meet to set the price of gold in a ritual that dates back to 1919. Now, dealers and economists say knowledge gleaned on those calls could give some traders an unfair advantage when buying and selling the precious metal.”

“The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority is scrutinizing how prices are set in the $20 trillion gold market, according to a person with knowledge of the review who asked not to be identified because the matter isn’t public. The London fix, the benchmark rate used by mining companies, jewelers and central banks to buy, sell and value the metal, is published twice daily after a telephone call involving Barclays Plc (BARC), Deutsche Bank AG (DBK), Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) and Societe Generale SA. (GLE)

“The process, during which gold is bought and sold, can take from a few minutes to more than an hour. The participants also can trade the metal and its derivatives on the spot market and exchanges during the calls. Just after the fixing begins, trading erupts in gold derivatives, according to research published in September. Four traders interviewed by Bloomberg News said that’s because dealers and their clients are using information from the talks to bet on the outcome.”



“The London Silver Market has developed over the Last three hundred years. The first recorded deal was entered into by a Market Member in 1676 when Mocatta started trading with the East India Company.”

So the modern conspiracy against dates back to 1676.


(video ) Dr. Burzynski’s discovery of antineonplastons as a successful cancer therapy & pushback by orthodox medical authorities

Over 800 world scientists agree: GM crops are nothing short of a bio-war on our food

The True Value of Bitcoin: What You Really Need To Know

1m5s “Bitcoin is not just money transfer. That’s very, very important. That’s a component of it and it’s one of the things that gives it great value. But bitcoin is not just money transfer. Bitcoin is an entire programming environment. Bitcoin is a publicly audited ledger of what has occurred for you financially in terms of property, in terms of ownership, in terms of contracts and all of these kinds of things can be publicly audited and verified.”

2m15s “What it does most fundamentally is it eliminates labour in financial transactions. It eliminates labour in conflict resolution. It eliminates labour in things like wills. It eliminates labour in accounting. It eliminates labour in lending. There is in fact an entire stock market running on bitcoin. It eliminates labour in initial public offering or going public.”

3m10s” If you can eliminate a significant proportion of that, say, 70% or 80%, then that means that 8% to 10% to 15% of the world’s economy can go back into the hands of the people and away from those vertical ice cube trade glass towers of financial institutions.”

5m “I would argue that the true value of what bitcoin can do in terms of replacing financial services is truly astounding and will be , I argue, the biggest revolution in economic history.”

The True Value of Bitcoin- What You Really Need To Know 1The True Value of Bitcoin- What You Really Need To Know 2

1) Information synchronization.

2) Precisely and chronologically order all database entries.

3) Check their validity without any central authority.

How much is something like that worth ?

30m55s “Again, it is only limited by the imagination of the programmers and the market demand for services. This is why it is so revolutionary. You can have it do almost anything that involves data and these days what doesn’t involve data ?”

37m10s “We’re talking about equalising the opportunities for access to capital with almost no overhead whatsoever.”

Are the central planners scared of the bitcoin protocol ? You bet they are.

Just as coal locomotion with it’s two chambers was succeeded by the internal combustion engine with a single chamber so now those systems that have a central authority as third party facilitator are being succeeded by the bitcoin protocol that eliminates the need for a third party facilitator.

TCP/IP, the end-to-end connectivity networking model, was revolutionary. HTTP, the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web, was revolutionary. And BTC a decentralised synchronization of encrypted information I have no doubt will prove to be more revolutionary as both of them combined.

More FUD From The Wall Street Journal – Tulip Bulbs for Our Time READ MORE

“Remember when people said gold was a bubble? Gold has plunged from more than $1,900 an ounce to nearly $1,220. That meant the bitcoin, which is little more than some made-up digits on a computer server, was as good as gold.”

“On Thursday, China’s central bank banned its financial institutions from trading bitcoins, complaining they lack “real meaning.” The news sent bitcoin values down. They were trading for under $1,000 on on Friday.”

“If you still don’t understand what a bitcoin is, count yourself wise. You can use it to buy stuff over the Internet. You can even buy illicit stuff—like drugs or murder for hire—because it promises anonymity. Enthusiasts bill it as a new form of currency, but it’s not backed by anything. The dollar, at least, is backed by the U.S. government, which commands the world’s most powerful military.”

What can any military force do to bitcoin ? Can they put a bullet through every computer that is running the bitcoin software ?

The Vatican Bank – The Money Launderer’s Bank of choice! READ MORE

And yet the central planners are more worried that bitcoin will be used for money laundering.

Chinese investment banker says what nobody in the USA could seem to understand yesterday

“It’s excellent news for bitcoin. Essentially bitcoin exchanges in China and bitcoin itself is going to be treated as a “commodity” rather than a “currency” and therefore not going to be subject to banking and currency control regulations. The only restrictions on bitcoin exchanges is that they will be subject to the standard internet censorship rules and they will need to get the identity of all users to prevent money laundering. Existing financial institutions will not be able to trade bitcoin, but this is a great thing for entrepreneurs.”

“3) The main driver is that there are tons of money in China and no one knows what to do with it all. The traditional investments (real estate and stocks) have been closed off by government action since the government has made it clear they will kill any bubble in the real estate and stock markets. So the money is going into all sorts of “non-traditional” investments. Bitcoin is just one of them.”

Western Union responds to Bitcoin buzz, sort of READ MORE

“Western Union executives are probably not shaking in their boots about the chart just yet since Bitcoin’s value has been fueled by speculation, and very few people are using it to actually buy things or transfer money. But they may be worried about how Western Union’s transfer service, which charges around $8 to move $100 worth of money, will fare in the future against a service that charges nothing at all.”


The bitcoin payment network has tremendous utility and will leave Western Union in the dust.

Bitcoin politician wants to upgrade democracy in Vermont READ MORE

“The assistant professor ofcomputer science at Norwich University in Northfield, Vt., ran for the Vermont state Senate for Washington County on a bold platform of using online technology to ask every citizen their view on a particular vote, a system also proposed by then independent congressional candidate Phil Dodds in central Florida.

BBitcoin 101 Blackboard – Why Bitcoin’s Growth is Normal & The S-Curves You Could Never See

BBitcoin 101 Blackboard

Are India’s Regulators Poised to Clamp Down on Bitcoin? READ MORE

“Indian regulators are concerned that increasingly popular bitcoin investment schemes could become a source of volatility, eventually turning into an electronic version of investor fraud.”

Look at how desperate the establishment is over bitcoin.

Busting Bitcoin’s Bubble Bobbles READ MORE

“That bucket is staying at Bob Scammer’s house, who in this case is the scammer and not just a man with a tragic surname.”

The point is that Bitcoin has very little in common with this methodology.  Most schemes we can discuss will center on a ringleader, and the closest thing anybody can point a finger at is generally Satoshi Nakamoto.  Whether fictional or not, the “Satoshi” character never solicited any actual money- he just created the object we’re all apparently enamored by.”

“This connects to the second major fallacy.  Bitcoin completely fails to use the “pay it upward” model of a pyramid scheme.”

“Despite all the fearful symmetry, Bitcoin still has serious advantages over its agrarian predecessor.  Bitcoin was, since inception, meant as a medium of exchange.  It’s been designed and streamlined to be a transferable unit between users on a global scale- something the tangible, living tulip could never compete with.  As much as tulips may have swapped hands as some sort of barter-currency, Bitcoins were made to be currency.  This ease-of-use, combined with its resistance to duplication, creates a certain minimum of intrinsic value as money.”

There’s Nothing That Can Stop Bitcoin

Core Developer to Launch Bitcoin Node in Space READ MORE

“Garzik estimates that it would cost just $2m to get one into orbit. Once in space, it would serve as an alternative way to distribute block chain data. “Information wants to be free,” Garzik said in his post about the project.”

Bitcoin: It’s not just loopy tulip land, it’s worse READ MORE

“Back in April I discussed how Bitcoin is more ideology than trustworthy currency,”

Bitcoin is proof based currency, PROOF, PROOF, PROOF.

Syria News 2.12.2013, Terrorists break into St.Thecla Convent in Maaloula, Mother Superior hostage

God in heaven help the Syrian people from the so-called rebels and god in heaven help those in our political class who support these monsters when we come for them.

How The Washington Post and The New Yorker Refused to Publish Article on Obama Admin Syria Lies READ MORE

“Seymour Hersh is not some guy off the street with a laptop and a head full of crazy ideas. The pulitzer prize winning journalist broke the My Lai Massacre story during the Vietnam War and also led reporting on the Abu Ghraib scandal in 2004. Well his most recent investigative reporting involves covering some of the blatant lies told by the Obama Administration earlier this year in an attempt to push the nation into a war in Syria on behalf of al-Qaeda, based on some very shaky evidence that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons. Bizarrely enough, the publication with which Mr. Hersh is most associated, The New Yorker, refused to publish it. So did The Washington Post.”

Truth-Teller Seymour Hersh: ‘Obama “Cherry Picked” Intel on Syrian Chemical Attack to JUSTIFY U.S. Strike’

“Writing in the London Review of Books, Hersh argues that the Obama administration “cherry-picked intelligence to justify a strike against Assad.” The administration failed to disclose it knew Syrian rebels in the al-Nusra front had the ability to produce chemical weapons. Evidence obtained in the days after the attack was also allegedly distorted to make it appear it was gathered in real time.”

The current establishment deceives, time for them to go.

Australia Wants Its Gold Back

Not a chance the Australians will get their gold back.

Jim Willie: Forget a Taper, Fed to TRIPLE QE!

The true volume of QE bond monetization purchases is much higher than reported.  It is way over $100 billion per month, probably closer to $200 billion per month.

“The US Federal Reserve bond monetization support for government finance support, financial markets, banker welfare, economic props, redemption coverage, and liquidity fire hose functions will continue to expand and definitely not diminish. Only the brain-dead, the system wonks, and the deeply deluded believe the QE volume will taper down.”


Keiser Report: Downing Street Pantomime

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the major trade deal struck by David Cameron during his visit to China where the UK won the right to export pig semen. And despite the upbeat words during George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, Max and Stacy notice that the actual facts on the ground, from the biggest draw down on savings in 40 years to a £5000 collapse in median household income to a doubling of malnutrition cases at English hospitals, the real economy seems to be shrinking at an ever faster pace. In the second half, Max debunks George Osborne’s economic policies with the help of Professor Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics. They discuss the bureau-crazies and the financial-political complex which has destroyed the economy and Keen notes that the Dodd-Frank Act got rid of Section 13.3 of the Federal Reserve Act which would have allowed the Federal Reserve to bailout the public rather than the banks.”

Ghost Of 1929 Re-Appears – Pay Attention To The Signals



spx volume

How Wall Street Bankrupted Detroit & GUTTED Pensioners — Richard Wolff

Don’t tell me. Let me guess. Payments on interest rate swap contracts.

$50 billion is GIVEN to the General Motors corporation while $3.5 billion is TAKEN from 23,000 Detroit workers – making out like bandits.

Billionaire Eric Sprott – The End Game Is Absolutely Horrifying

“Sprott:  “That is the ongoing thing that is happening.  There was some work done in the UK saying that by having zero interest rates you help the banking system by 120 billion pounds a year.  But of course the opposite side of that is the savers don’t make 120 billion pounds.  And with this financial repression ongoing, people can’t better themselves.  They are losing out to inflation.”

“Imagine what the outlook for Detroit must be as all of these pensioners finally figure out they are going to get 16 cents on the dollar.  How is it going to work in Detroit when there is no spending power?  What if it moves on to Chicago, or the US government?  Oh my God, there are so many governments, cities and states which are in trouble that have to face the music.”

JP Morgan Chase, the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, and the Corruption of America

“The Justice Department has just obtained documents showing that JPMorgan Chase, Wall Street’s biggest bank, has been hiring the children of China’s ruling elite in order to secure “existing and potential business opportunities” from Chinese government-run companies. “You all know I have always been a big believer of the Sons and Daughters program,” says one JP Morgan executive in an email, because “it almost has a linear relationship” to winning assignments to advise Chinese companies. The documents even include spreadsheets that list the bank’s “track record” for converting hires into business deals.”


“By means of this simple device of currency that did not charge interest while in circulation, there was always adequate currency in circulation to provide full employment, and the American colonists were prosperous to a high degree almost unimaginable to their brethren consigned to squalor and toil in England.”

“Needless to say, Franklin’s comments ignited a fierce discussion among the British subjects as to why their own economy did not operate on what was clearly a better system for the people. This in turn infuriated the owners of the Bank of England who decided the American system of interest-free public currency needed to be destroyed. So the bankers prevailed upon King George III to issue the Currency act of 1764.”

The International Banking Cartel (I)

“The BANKERS RULE THE EARTH” and… “The US Congress is Nothing But A Den Of Traitors” — Ken O’Keefe

Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media Read More

“Can you imagine participating in a protest outside the White House and forcing the entire U.S. government to resign? Can you imagine a group of randomly chosen private citizens rewriting the U.S. constitution to include measures banning corporate fraud? It seems incomprehensible in the U.S., but Icelanders did just that. Icelanders forced their entire government to resign after a banking fraud scandal, overthrowing the ruling party and creating a citizen’s group tasked with writing a new constitution that offered a solution to prevent corporate greed from destroying the country. The constitution of Iceland was scrapped and is being rewritten by private citizens; using a crowd-sourcing technique via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. These events have been going on since 2008, yet there’s been no word from the U.S. mainstream media about any of them. In fact, all of the events that unfolded were recorded by international journalists, overseas news bureaus, citizen journalists and bloggers. This has created current accusations of an intentional cover up of the story by mainstream U.S. news sources.”

FBI’s search for ‘Mo,’ suspect in bomb threats, highlights use of malware for surveillance

“The FBI team works much like other hackers, using security weaknesses in computer programs to gain control of users’ machines. The most common delivery mechanism, say people familiar with the technology, is a simple phishing attack — a link slipped into an e-mail, typically labeled in a misleading way.”

A vulnerability that is now known to the real criminals – thank you, FBI, for making us less secure.

HaPPY PeaRL HaRBoR DaY 2013

The Japanese have just passed a secrecy law so you could say they have turned German, 1930s German.

Chutzpah Alert: Nutty Yahoo says nuke negotiators must demand Iran change ‘genocidal policy’

“Warning the international community to “beware” Iran’s intentions, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the United States and other negotiators to demand as part of nuclear talks that the regime “change its genocidal policy” toward the Jewish state.”

Iran’s supposed ‘genocidal policy’ is a figment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s imagination.

Cops off campus protest at the University of London | 5 December 2013

MPs to get £7,600 pay rise despite David Cameron saying an increase would be ‘unthinkable’

Meanwhile the guy on the street doesn’t get a pay rise, that is if this crap economy has a job for them.

The State Causes the Poverty It Later Claims to Solve

Global Resistance and Rising Anarchism – The New Politics of the 21st Century

“Yet, what does this all mean? Why does it even matter? This global resistance is extremely important as it reveals to the elites that their façade of democracy and consumerism is falling rapidly apart in the face of lagging economies, high unemployment rates, and a political class that is more concerned with its own personal needs rather than that of the people who they have charge over. It shows the people that they can and must fight back against the current political, social, and economic systems if they are to survive, that they can create new communities and new institutions that don’t rely on the current systems of power and are organized horizontally rather than hierarchically.”

Time to get rid of the TSA Read More

“Throughout the TSA’s existence, the 62,000-employee bureaucracy has been constantly inundated with complaints about its performance. Several reports from support travelers’ concerns. In July, the Government Accountability Office reported almost 10,000 cases of employee misconduct at the TSA between 2010 and 2012.”

Sounds like Americans are in more danger from misconduct of TSA employees than they are from terrorists.


“In early 2011, the US and Canada signed an agreement entitled “Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Competitiveness” which expanded their cooperation on border security. Canada pledged to share more relevant information with the US. For example, if a Canadian had an arrest record, then US customs and immigration were able to access it. Since then, however, law-abiding people who used to travel freely into the States have been turned back at the border.”

It sure looks like the average guy is now the enemy.

Microsoft Protests NSA Taps (I Hear The Crinkly Sounds Of A Bag Being Pulled Over My Head) READ MORE

NSA & Writs of Assistance READ MORE

“President Obama is supposed to be a Constitutional Lawyer. It is sad he clearly has no respect for the Constitution whatsoever. John Adams, Second President, listened to the 4 hour speech of the defense lawyer James Otis (1725-1783) who argued against the king’s Writs of Assistance in February 1761 that allowed the government to arbitrarily search whatever they suspected for any reason. History repeats for there are few people in Washington today that even understand what is at stake with the actions of the NSA and how they are so devastating to the economy and free markets as they scare the hell out of capital globally. Even a marriage will not last if either party also distrusts the other. This is what the NSA has done. It has shown that it trusts no one. It is now not just seizing every phone call globally it can get its hands on, it has now been revealed it is storing the locate of every cell phone when used.”

NSA Inks Landmark Deal to Share Information With Central Banks

“Dear reader put away your charts and graphs. Forget about fundamental and technical analysis. Ignore financial statements and trends. The extraordinary agreement to share information between the National Security Agency [NSA], a host of European, Russian, Canadian and Chinese spy agencies and the world’s Central Banks will ensure that the only relevant force in Global Stock markets will be the trading activity of the world’s Central Banks. Thanks to the data gathering of the NSA and its subsidiary spy agencies around the world, the Central Banks will be privy to the most confidential conversations and communications from the boardroom, the bedroom and the trading floor. Central Banks will now be able to trade with inside information that could only be dreamed about in years gone by.”

Anyone trying to innovate anything must never, never, never use anything that can be spied on because the NSA will steal it if they spy it.

Afghanistan: British Imperialism 101 … 14,000 troops vs 50 al-Qaida members – a ridiculously small fig leaf pretext

“Those wondering what lies in store for Afghanistan need only look at the way the British Empire ruled Iraq in the 1920’s. As Shakespeare wrote,  “what is past is prologue.””

“Imperial Britain created the state of Iraq after World War I to secure Mesopotamia’s vast oil deposits that had become vital for the Royal Navy. To control this artificial nation seething with unrest, Britain imposed a puppet king, Faisal, and created a native army commanded by British officers.”

“Winston Churchill,  patron saint of today’s war-lusting neoconservatives, authorized the RAF to use poison gas against “unruly” tribesmen in Iraq and Afghanistan. Britain created public institutions and sham political parties  in Baghdad that had no links at all to Iraq’s population, which mostly hated their British rulers.”

Afghanistan agrees on regional security pact with Iran

Bangkok, Thailand: Mass Mobilization Against Wall Street-Backed Regime

WTO to India: Starve your poor as we demand

“India on Thursday shrugged off mounting pressure to compromise in a global impasse over food security that has cast the future of the World Trade Organization into doubt.”

“New Delhi’s insistence that it be allowed to stockpile and subsidise grain for its millions of hungry poor has emerged as a major stumbling block at a WTO conference of trade ministers in Bali.”

Poverty skyrockets in Ireland as the ruling elite gets richer

America Is Launching A Giant, World-Sucking Octopus Into Space

Off World Update

First no-fly list case in history, witness can’t make it because…

“Malaysian PhD student, Rahinah Ibrahim, living with her 14 yr old daughter in Stanford, CA is to go to a conference in Malaysia that Stanford is holding. Recovering from surgery, she asks for a wheelchair to get to the gate at the San Francisco airport. When she gets to the ticket counter, she’s told that she’s on the no-fly list, and is handcuffed and detained for 2 hours, missing her flight. The FBI tells the airport to let her go, and she hears she is no longer on the no-fly list. She reschedules for the next day, shows up to the airport, but again they tell her she’s on the no-fly list. But they let her board the flight anyway and she leaves for her school’s conference.”

“After the conference, at the Malaysian airport, she tries to board her return flight to finish her PhD work at Stanford. She was told she couldn’t board the flight, and DHS wanted authorities to arrest her. The Malaysian officials said “fuck the DHS” and didn’t arrest her, but they didn’t let her board either. She never returned to the US. Her daughter was born here and is a US citizen.”

Jail Time: Oregon Farmer Files Lawsuit Over Raw Milk Advertising Ban

“Meanwhile, raw milk is certainly gaining popularity as people consider it healthier than the processed, pasteurized milk found on grocery store shelves. Pasteurization destroys beneficial probiotics and proteins within the milk that can aid in digestive health. What’s more, conventional milk is very often loaded with growth hormones, antibiotics, painkillers, and much more – all of which were force-fed to the cows.”

Is it any wonder that unhealthiness and obesity are rampant in our society ?

Virginia Man Who Resisted Police Checkpoint Now Faces Home Invasion for Vampire-like Blood Draw

8m10s “He likes to treat people the way he would want to be treated.”

These human beings are being treated like livestock.

“These ‘detention pods’, which temporarily hold a traveler inside the portal until a green light and a voice command signals that the person can leave, have been compared to cattle grids by critics who see them as another way in which travelers are treated as prisoners inside the airport. According to Karen De Coster, the pods are a way “to remind you that you are a captive” and are “meant to make you feel like a prisoner who cannot leave.””

Eskinder has been arrested 8 times for his activism and journalism – apparently, the Ethiopian Government doesn’t appreciate being called out for curtailing free speech! If you haven’t written your letter yet, take a look Eskinder’s Write for Rights case page,

Eskinder is a ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ – a term Amnesty coined to describe people who are imprisoned solely for who they are or what they believe.


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