BTC@$1,242>1,674% Cabal: demonetize gold to maintain power – and yet JPM is now long gold 20% of OI

1974 Enders To Kissinger: “We Should Look Hard At Substantial Sales & Raid The Gold Market Once And For All”

demonetizing gold was a critical strategy to maintaining a dominant power position in the world


MUST LISTEN: On the Cusp of HISTORIC COMEX EVENTS — Turd Ferguson & Silver Doc Roundtable

“According to Turd, ‘We know that for the first time anyone can remember, the US banks are net long Comex gold futures, US banks meaning JP Morgan. And net long to the point of having CORNERED the paper gold market in New York because the position is so large. I’m talking the extent of 20% of open interest. And now we’re heading into the December delivery period…””

18,000 calls at $400 a call costing someone $7 million.


Britain’s banks show they have learned nothing as figures reveal top bankers’ salaries soared by more than a THIRD in 2012


‘Profit meant more than her life’: Woman with breast cancer dies after Wells Fargo forecloses

“Breast cancer victim Marsha Kilgore lost her home in Fresno, California and died soon after she was foreclosed on by Wells Fargo, which had promised a loan modification but later reneged.”

“World Savings had sold their “pick-a-payment” loans to enough other customers that Kilgore was able to join a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo, which had bought the bank.”

“Under a $2 billion settlement in the class action suit, Wells Fargo agreed to modify her loan so she could stay in her home. Her lawyer, Lenore Albert, said that Kilgore needed a home for health care equipment like oxygen, and Medicare would only provide full benefits if she had a permanent address.”

In order to initiate the loan modification, Wells Fargo instructed Kilgore to miss three house payments.

“Wells Fargo spokesperson Tom Goyda told the Fresno Bee that Kilgore had to be evicted after the bank tried for three years to find a new loan for her.”

The CEO of Wells Fargo is now wanted for manslaughter.


U.S. 10yr RISING FAST AGAIN!!! 2.810%, Treasury Delays 3-month, 6-month Bill Auctions Due To Technical Glitch


Marc Faber: “We Are In A Gigantic Speculative Bubble”

And all because savers are not given a proper interest on their savings.


Secrecy law protests ‘act of terrorism’: LDP secretary-general

“Citizens demonstrating against the controversial state secrets bill are committing “an act terrorism,” according to Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba.”

Watch who you call ‘terrorist’, Mr Ishiba. I recall Adolf Hitler banding about the word ‘terrorist’ to gay abandon.


Oliver Stone – “I feel like a dissident against the American Empire”


What Will the Coming Civil Unrest Look Like? Read More

EO 16303 – National Defense Resources Preparedness – Section 103(b) assess on an ongoing basis the capability of the domestic industrial and technological base to satisfy requirements in peacetime and times of national emergency, specifically evaluating the availability of the most critical resource and production sources, including subcontractors and suppliers, materials, skilled labor, and professional and technical personnel; Welcome to Slavlandia, if you live. ~MRH

How strange that a president, who is supposed to execute orders given to the executive branch from the people represented by Congress, is busy GIVING orders.



“The banking “crime” families are the Fourth Reich. Ia’kon, we are told [and did not see it ourselves] that Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem and found that the money-changers had turned it into a “den of thieves”. They were practicing usury, that is, charging interest on loans to people. It was immoral. He tipped their tables and exposed their debt scam to the people. A week later he was nailed to the cross.

William Lyon McKenzie King was the longest serving Prime Minister of Canada, intermittently from 1921 to the 1940s. He was the chief executive officer of the Corporation of Canada and knew that: “Usuary once in control will wreck any nation”.

Prime Minister King knew of the dangers of private banks creating a country’s currency. He said: “Until the control of printing currency and credit is restored to government of the people, and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talks of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile”.

In 1934 he created the Bank of Canada Act that kept the international bankers away from Canada’s door. In 1974 Pierre Elliott Trudeau illegally allowed the international bankers to get back into Canadian’s lives by printing money at interest.


Iceland sticks it to international bankers and writes off massive mortgage debt

Iceland’s government has announced that it will be writing off up to 24,000 euros ($32,600) of every household’s mortgage, fulfilling its election promise, despite overwhelming criticism from international financial institutions.

The criticism is most likely coming from those who benefit from the debt that is being written off.


Egypt Junta Retains Military Trials for Civilians in New Constitution

“Former Arab League chief Amr Moussa has unveiled the new draft constitution for Egypt, and it is fueling opposition by granting the military broad powers to try civilians under the Code of Military Justice in military tribunal systems”

The rule of common law is being dismantled.


Grant Williams On Flushing The Impurities Of QE From The System

“Williams explains why “we are now near the popping point of the 3rd major bubble of the last 15 years,” each bigger than the last.”

Flushing The Impurities Of QE


“At any rate, the spook spoke the truth: cryptology represents the future of privacy, and more. By implication cryptology also represents the future of money, and the future of banking and finance. (By “money” I mean the medium of exchange, the institutional mechanisms for making transactions, whether by cash, check, debit card or other electronic transfer.) Given the choice between intersecting with a monetary system that leaves a detailed electronic trail of all one’s financial activities, and a parallel system that ensures anonymity and privacy, people will opt for the latter. Moreover, they will demand the latter, because the current monetary system is being turned into the principal instrument of surveillance and control by tyrannical elements in Western governments.” – J. Orlin Grabbe


Bitcoin $1000! Bitcoin to REPLACE U.S. DOLLAR? – BrotherJohnF

The central banksters can have their reserve currency and the people will go to the free market to have our reserve currency.

The fad is the petro-dollar and that fad is fading fast.


E62.1 – Peter Schiff & E. Voorhees on Ed & Ethan


Peter Schiff debate with Erik Voorhees on digital currency ( 2Dec)


25-Nov-2013 Clif High Interview Hour 1 Red Ice Radio with Henrik Palmgren, Bitcoin will end the Fed.


Monsanto behind Journal’s retraction of GMO rat-cancer link

“After a 2012 study linking cancer with Monsanto’s genetically modified corn, the scientific journal that published the study is now retracting it, after hiring a former Monsanto employee to fill a new editorial position reviewing biotechnology papers…”

Utterly compromising.


Argentine Protesters vs Monsanto: “The Monster is Right on Top of Us”


Truth In Media: Vaccines and Autism Trailer


Operation Northwoods, a Series of False Flag Proposals: “It is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civilian


Fascist Local Government Targets a Business Over Their ‘Thank a Veteran’ Sign Read More

“A sign hovering above a Huntington Beach saloon for the last six years, thanking veterans for protecting our freedom, has been ordered to be removed. When he arrived at work on Monday, Johnny Kresimir, the owner of Johnny’s Booze and Pool, discovered a citation had been placed on his door. A city spokeswoman for Huntington Beach said the establishment lacked the proper permits to display the sign that reads, “Thank a Veteran for your Freedom.””

Obviously freedom of speech isn’t one of those ‘freedoms’ the veteran were defending.


Ukrainian leader ‘outraged’, slams violence in Kiev as police disperse protesters

“The Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovich, has stated his outrage at the violent events which occurred in Kiev’s Independence Square, and harshly condemned the actions that led to the employment of force against the protesters.”


Israeli army accused of targeting journalists

The rogue nation that is Israel.


Cobra Update 11-28-13… “The Jesuit Agenda”



“The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities.”

“The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army. The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy.”


JFK and 9/11: The Common Threads

“Criminals leave signatures. There is consistency in their motives, methods, alibis and techniques. A detective from the Spanish National Police said that investigators knew within minutes of reaching the mangled remains of commuter trains in Madrid where almost 200 commuters were killed that the Basque terrorist group ETA had not carried out the attack- a fact which was concealed by the Spanish government for several days in a vain attempt to save an election. The investigators immediately saw that the signature was wrong; it just didn’t smell right.”


Real Message of Global Warming Exposed

Dominant Social Theme: Global warming continues and continues just like the energizer bunny,”

Free-Market Analysis: So much has been said and written about global warming that one would think it was entirely debunked by now. But it is not as we can see in the above article.”


Human Rights Court is dictating law like East Germany, warns leading judge

“He said Article Eight of the Convention, which guarantees the right to private and family life, was devised as a protection against the surveillance state of totalitarian governments.”

Well, hasn’t that article been a total failure.


Israeli nukes hurdle to Mideast peace: Galloway


Tell Google to Protect Your Privacy!


Crack Down on the Problem of Slavery in England



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