Petro-Yuan ? / The Tapir Strikes Again / Fed. Losing Control! / OBL 2001 Obituary / JFK CIAed

China Fires Shot Across Petrodollar Bow: Shanghai Futures Exchange May Price Crude Oil Futures In Yuan


The Tapir Strikes Again


MARKET ALERT: Fed. Losing Control! Gold Manipulation! Bond Meltdown! Stocks! By Gregory Mannarino


Bin Laden’s Obituary Notice


Confession: Jury verdict prove CIA killed JFK

“At least fifty people have been murdered to cover up the CIA’s assassination of JFK, as explained in the book ‘Hit List’ by Richard Belzer and David Wayne.”

“Why did the CIA kill JFK? As Hunt explained, everyone in the CIA loathed President Kennedy, who had left over 1400 CIA mercenaries to be slaughtered or captured during the Bay of Pigs debacle, and who was pushing “treasonous” plans for peace with Cuba, Vietnam, and even the Soviet Union. Additionally, Kennedy was going all out to shut down Israel’s nuclear weapons program, trying to end the Federal Reserve’s private currency monopoly, and threatening oilmen’s profits by ending the depletion allowance. Though the American people loved JFK, America’s corrupt elite hated him.”


Secret Army Unit Soldiers Say They Were Given Go-Ahead To Shoot Unarmed Civilian In Northern Ireland


CELENTE: The U.S. is ‘a Criminal Operation!’

“Gerald Celente joins us to discuss the possibility of a March-June 2014 U.S. economic collapse. Celente says, “Look at the facts, they’re rigging the Forex, that’s $5.5 TRILLION per day being traded! They’ve rigged the LIBOR rates, the interest rates … it’s larceny. It will take a crisis to get these things to unravel, and this time they’re running out of games on how to fix it.” Gerald says, “At some point they’re going to have to stop unraveling this money pool they’ve been filling up.””

“In several moments of pure, unadulterated candor the Trends Journal founder lays our nation’s problems bare, “You’re seeing fascism with the BANKS taking over the country. The ENTIRE system is rotted. We have to get rid of the political parties that have DESTROYED this nation. The people have to mobilize, NO political parties. People that vote for Democrats and Republicans are voting for more war, more raping of our Constitutional rights and more degradation of the human spirit. How much more proof do they need? …It’s a criminal operation.””


Keiser Report: Bitcoin is Beautiful (E526)

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss bitcoin barbarians at the gate as U.S. cedes dominance to China and as nations and people around the world reject U.S. made technology due to NSA spying. In the second half, Max interviews Karl Gray and Austin Craig about the documentary film, Life On Bitcoin, and about the latest in crypto-currencies, including Litecoin.”

1m45s “People around the world are tired of the NSA, the CIA, the GCHQ in the UK. They’re letting bitcoin happen, they want to happen because they want to put, they want to euthanize these bankers and they want to eutheanise the system and bitcoin is the euthanizing agent … And ironically as we’ve covered before, the NSA doing the spying mostly for corporate espionage and you see this because every new revelation, it’s always either they’re spying on some major corporation or some major leader. You never catch them spying on Osama bin Laden or his family or some other fake terrorist.”


Bill Bonner: Bitcoin Bull (Can Peter Schiff Be Far Behind?)

“The new virtual money has the potential to destroy the dollar… the Fed… the banks… and the world’s fiat money system.”

Bitcoin: every decentralisation offers safety.



“The Washington Post has even stated that Bitcoin needs a central banker! “What this coin needs is a central banker to manage its supply,” The Post writes.”

“The author there doesn’t understand that Bitcoin already has the equivalent of a “central banker.” It is called math. Science has brought us to the forefront of money. There’s no reason to go back into the monetary dark ages.”


Can Bitcoin solve Southeast Asia’s electronic payment problems? Artabit says yes READ MORE


The future of Bitcoin is in Asia… READ MORE


Democratic Currency: Why Bitcoin is So Hard to Regulate READ MORE


There’s been a ~70% increase in the number of active Bitcoin nodes in the last two days


72 Items ObamaCare Requires Your Health Insurance to Cover


Panicked MSM Begins Killing Off Comment Sections

As an excellent Daily Tech piece highlights, Popular Science admitted that its decision to pull the comment section was in order to preach a “scientific doctrine” on global warming without being challenged. The origin of the word “doctrine” is to indoctrinate. Therefore, Popular Science is taking the most unscientific approach possible – by censoring debate and stifling alternative ideas – in order to indoctrinate its readers.

A scientific theory must be able to stand up to scrutiny, surely ?


Report: secret US-UK deal allows NSA surveillance of UK citizens not suspected of any wrongdoing

The American colonists put the particular protection of requiring a search warrant into the highest law of the new nation.

And doesn’t the Magna Carta do something similar ?


BBC: Give scientists proper representation on Question Time


Video: Dallas Police Threaten Those Who Carry Protest Signs With Arrest

“During a rally for the First Amendment amid attempts to squelch protest in Dallas during the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, police heads were clear that anyone caught carrying a sign within ’75 feet of a road’ will face major fines and arrest for daring to exercise their First Amendment rights. And as the police spokeswoman told me in the video below, all of the thought criminals who were daring to hold a sign supporting free speech at the rally were all subject to arrest.”


Dramatic Increase of Mass Shootings in America: The Role of Prescription Psychiatric Drugs?


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