BTC@$900>1,185% The MOTHER of all WBs: Karen Hudes / The FAKED Oct 2012 Pre-Election Jobs Report … what isn’t ?

Karen Hudes Exposes *ALL* – The Jesuit Order

““Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order] was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversion plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute [Thomas J. Campbell]. …Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection.” (1987)”

J.E.C. Shepherd (Canadian historian)

The October 2012 Pre-Election Jobs Report Was Faked … what isn’t ?

Santelli Slams The Jobs Manipulation Scandal: “American Media, You Can Do Better”

Student Protest Photo Goes Viral! The Story Behind This Gripping Photo


“This photo is from a protest happening in Bulgaria right now. Students are protesting Bulgaria’s socialist government and poverty, even chaining themselves to the doors of Sofia University. They are also clashing with the police outside of parliament.”

Gold Manipulation Probed By U.K. Regulator

DOJ Announces $13 Billion “Largest Ever” Settlement With JP Morgan

“To #AskJPM, a $13 billion outlay is a 100%+ IRR.

We all know the banks manipulate gold and silver but is JPM one of those banks ?

Whistleblower Haim Bodek Explains High-Frequency Trading “Scalpers” & Stock Exchange Back Doors

Could it be that people are escaping the crocked financial markets as described by Haim Bodek and Dave Lauer, escaping to bitcoin ?

Homeland Security Calls Bitcoin an “Emerging Threat” … to the criminal elite’s wealth

“As politicians around the world raid private bank accounts and pension funds to pay their debts to bankers, Bitcoin provides cover for citizens. As central banks race to devalue their fiat currencies — hurting savers and consumers — Bitcoin offers refuge. As commercial banks continue to raise fees and reduce services, Bitcoin makes them look foolish. As Wall Street continues to fudge numbers to confuse investors, Bitcoin provides transparency with an absolute supply and open transaction log.”

A log of all transactions that take some BTC from address A to address B where address A can be traced to somebody who used normal currency to get those BTC.

My Thoughts on the Bitcoin Hearing

“The second thing that caught my attention was the fact that it was almost universally agreed upon that centralized virtual currencies are much more susceptible to being used for criminal activities than decentralized currencies. This is an incredible realization and is also extremely positive.”

Bitcoin Just Passed Western Union in Transaction Volume

But what about aggregate value of transactions ?

Clif High Wujo, China Now Dominates Bitcoin, TPTB Gold & Silver Controls Total Breakdown

Keiser Report: Art Market Melt-Up w/Jim Rickards

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the melt up in the art market as the very wealth scramble for safe havens from the taxpayers angry at the billions in free money they’ve been given. They also discuss financial irrigation, amputated gold and a special mince meat pie and Jamie stew for Christmas. In the second half, Max interviews Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about central bank vaporware, straws in the dollar wind and about how Janet Yellen is to Ben Bernanke as Miley Cyrus is to Lady Gaga – trashier than the original.”

Over 40 groups converge on WH to ‘Reclaim America’; MSM ignores

Man subject to the “spare bedroom tax” – even if the room is used for a kidney dialysis machine

This isn’t a spare bedroom – this is how you loot.

JPMorgan Admits They Profit Most From Food Stamp Issuance

Medical errors kill hundreds of thousands

Meanwhile we are supposed to be worried about terrorists. Seems farcical. Oh, wait a minute. We cannot be convinced to invade X, Y, Z over this death toll.

Missing Heat Hides From Climate Scientists

How does heat hide exactly ?

Malnutrition Doubles in the UK as the Economy Collapses Read More

Dairy industry pushing to hide aspartame in new definition of ‘milk’

For ‘processed’ read ‘s**t’.

Israeli military detains driver, confiscates vehicle donated for transport of schoolchildren in South Hebron Hills

Because of the actions of the Israeli government, I hate the Israeli government.

What about these children, president Obama ?

“Don’t Send Your Child to School Day”: Common Core Protests Happening Today

Common Core: Obama Education Plan Sparks Nationwide Protest

SEAL Team 6 Bin Laden Shooter Says Suspect Did Not Look Like Bin Laden

Where was OBL’s kidney dialysis machine ?


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