0.1 BTC .999 silver Casascius coin pre-order request

This post is being made so that my subscribers can register, as a comment to this post, their request for the 0.1 BTC .999 silver Casascius coin.

If anyone doesn’t know what BTC is or have been listening to the misinformation from the mainstream media put simply it is a mathematics based cryptographic currency and store of value. I could ask if you trust that 2 + 2 = 4 but then of course it does. And I should point out that the fraud and theft that has usually taken place has been from central locations which some people opt to to hold their BTC at but that defeats the decentralised purpose of BTC.
Should the USD plunge versus bitcoin to $2,000 (or should that be when) then I will have a special sale in honour of bitcoin during which time I will take over 10% off my prices for silver, eg. £3 off for the BU.

Strongcoin is a hybrid Bitcoin wallet. Get a secure Bitcoin address in seconds.


“neither we nor anyone else can spend your Bitcoins. Only you.”




PG of edmonstone drive.


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