BTC@$458>554% GS: “BOJ Could Purchases Outright Equities” / Philippines storm: CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY or natural event ?

Goldman Previews Japan’s QE Moar: “BOJ Could Purchases Outright Equities”

LOOK: Proof U.S. Attacked the Philipines with Weather Warfare?

[Ed. Note: For the uninformed who see fit to criticize this material before having done even a cursory examination of the available evidence of weather modification and warfare, you would do well to read this military report: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 ]

Have we witnessed a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY masquerading as a natural event ?

The Comex Fraud Is Growing Larger – 69 Times More Paper Than Gold READ MORE

COMEX fraud

Someone care to explain to me how something can be certified for a legal purpose but carry a legal disclaimer ?

The COMEX does deserve the monicker CRIMEX.

HSBC Launders Mexican Cartel Drug Money w/ NO Jail Time — BUT YOU Can Get Life in Prison for Stealing a $159 Jacket!! 3,200 Serving Life Without Parole For Non-Violent Crimes

How did we become a Dickensian society once again ?

Whistleblower Karen Hudes: “CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE!” Plus – Secret Plot to NUKE Part of US Exposed?

17m30s “You know when you fill out your taxes and send the cheque one place and the tax form another place. The cheque that you send goes direct to the federal reserve and they take that cheque and they send it to the united kingdom and the UK keeps, not the government, the UK banksters 40% and then they send 60% on to the jesuits in the vatican, that’s what’s happening to our tax dollars.”

18m55 “And do you remember when our capital building was burned in 1812 by the UK. We have been having to pay war reparations to the united kingdom all these years and nobody has bothered to tell the people about it. And Lincoln when he was financing the civil war issued greenbacks directly without involving the bank, that’s why he was rubbed out. And JFK he had a memo that he was going to sign where he was going to erase this compounding interest on the U.S. debt, he was going to have our currency issued directly by the treasury department, he was assassinated 11 days after he signed that memo.”

What the bitcoin haters don’t get..

“What the bitcoin haters don’t get is the awe inspiring exhilaration and power of being able to instantaneously transfer money, big or small, to any other person on the planet without the need of an intermediary, without delay, without permission, without approval, and without interference.”

Bit by bit, Bitcoin emerging as currency of the future READ MORE

“The idea behind Bitcoin is that users have a digital currency not controlled by any centralized bank or government but rather something for users, by users”

For users and by users is an idea whose time has come.

Bitcoin Report Volume 57 (Bitcoin Blowhards)

21m30s “Bitcoin – an idea whose time has come. Bitcoin is like the printing press. The printing press marked the end of a 1,500 year reign of the Catholic church. A tyrannical reign of bloodshed and dark ages but the idea was that the Bible could be printed and they could not control it. People could read it for themselves to find out what it meant and their monopoly was over. The same thing is with the bitcoin, their monopoly is over, it’s all over but the shouting. Even if the bitcoin fails the idea of cypto-currencies that are anonymous, that cannot be controlled by governments, that idea will never go away and these tyrannical elements in Western governments are going to go away.”

Is It Time to Boycott All US Bitcoin Companies?

“This kind of tracking destroys a very important principle of all currencies: fungibility. If Coin Validation is accepted by merchants and exchanges, the value of Bitcoin as a frictionless medium of exchange will be largely destroyed. One of Bitcoin’s greatest features – freedom from prior restraint – will be gone forever.”

“Protocols like CoinJoin, if properly implemented and used,  can render the information in this database useless. Anyone who cares about financial privacy should ask the developers of their wallet software to implement this ASAP.”

You are innocent until proven guilty and the free market will be free.

How to deal with Wealth Confiscation – WWD Ep. 3 (Weekly Wealth Digest)

Bitcoin ?

Bank Of America Tells Clients It Might Find A “Climate Far More Conducive To Embracing” Bitcoin Read More

“The amount of bullish news in favor of Bitcoin recently have massive implications for Bitcoin adoption, and at the very least, even if Bitcoin fails, it will have been an interesting perspective on network effect.”

World’s Heroin Capital: Afghanistan Opium Production Sets New Record, As Intended

“If you recall, under the control of the Taliban, prior to the unconstitutional U.S. invasion, opium production was at an all-time low in Afghanistan. Since the US invasion, opium production has increased to new all-time highs.”

“A great deal of evidence exists to suggest that the US and British military not only protect the opium fields in order to foster the production of this insidious drug, evidence suggests that the military actively smuggles opium out of the country.”

“Meanwhile, criminal banks like HSBC have payed BILLION dollar “fines” for their role in laundering hundreds of millions of dollars for terrorist organizations and Mexican drug cartels. Are you beginning to see the pattern here?”

“Sadly, this maniacal “strategy” is nothing new. The NWO powers have used opium as a weapon against humanity and governments for centuries. Case in point, the British East India Company and the Opium Wars.”

The Grand Finale: Behind The Green Door (a Major Update)

Empire Manufacturing Collapses To Lowest Since January

And Another Miss: Industrial Production Contracts 0.1% On Expectations Of A Rise

Immediate Activism Needed To Stop TPP

““The negotiations USTR is pursuing will create binding policies on future Congresses in numerous areas. These could include those related to labor, patent and copyright, land use, food, agriculture and product standards, natural resources, the environment, professional licensing, state-owned enterprises and government procurement policies, as well as financial, healthcare, energy, telecommunications and other service sector regulations.””

CUT HEAD OFF FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER – Al-Qaeda-linked rebels apologise after cutting off head of wrong person READ MORE

These are the guys our governments are supporting against Assad when Assad isn’t as bad as these guys.

Aurora alleged shooter was seeing a government shrink – oops.

“This is not an academic theory; it has real-world consequences for my Fox News colleague Jana Winter. Jana is an investigative reporter for Like all good folks on her end of journalism, Jana has developed sources. In the course of investigating the July 20, 2012, slaughter in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., Jana learned from sources to whom she promised confidentiality that the alleged murderer, James Holmes, sent a notebook to his treating psychiatrist at the University of Colorado, a state-owned school. This information was earth-shattering for the Holmes case because it triggered the argument that a government psychiatrist ought to have known of Holmes’ violent ideations a week before he allegedly carried them out in a movie theater.”

Asian Central Banker’s Shocking Confession About The West

“Eric King:  “Chris, that’s staggering that this man admitted central banks outside of the West understand that the West is essentially running a Ponzi scheme with regards to the Western gold market.””

If it’s leveraged 10 to 1 then gold’s exchange to the USD should be TEN times higher than it is today.

Silver Market Facts READ MORE

“The BIS figures show that BIS banks owe their clients about $150 billion worth of silver, (other precious metals).  This is 75 times as much as annual investment demand.  You might not think that is unusual.  However, in a six month time frame a few years ago, their figures increased from $100 billion to $200 billion.”

“The Terminator” Explains Janet Yellen’s Confirmation To The Middle Class

“And whatever wages or savings they have are being eaten away by inflation. So while the wealthy are getting wealthier exponentially, the middle class is actually getting poorer.”

“This explains why the wealth gap in the Land of the Free is the largest since 1929 at the start of the Great Depression.”


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