Secret proposed trade agreements ? We are all Rosa Parks and we will not sit at back of bus for monopolistic corporations

MUST WATCH: Infowars Blows The Lid Off the Bankster’s TREASONOUS ‘Anti-Sovereignty’ TPP Agreement Which OBAMA Wants To Fast-Track

“the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) documents leaked by Wikileaks which will affect a range of issues, including internet freedom, medicine, patents and civil liberties.”

20m25s “What this really shows, Alex, is that they talk about themselves being stakeholders. Actually, they see themselves as slave holders and we’re their slaves.”

How do you like that for change Obama promised ?

Don’t you like living in a world where giant corporations can do whatever they want ?

Take these secret proposed trade agreements and shove them up our supposed leaders butt holes

Any of our politicians who support these secret trade agreements, they’ll get this up their butt holes too.


Soldiers Slam Obama’s Military Purge Read More

“noting that Obama “will fire anyone who disagrees with him” on certain political and social issues.”

A president has NO DAMN BUSINESS asking anyone where they stand on political and social issues.

A president either gives LAWFUL orders to the military or he SHUTS his DAMN MOUTH.


QE Whistleblower Warns “We Are Eerily Similar To 2008”


McKinsey “Finds” QE Did Not “Boost Equity Markets”

sg equities

The fact that the two things correlate doesn’t matter one little bit.


Initial Jobless Claims Miss Expectations For 6th Week In A Row (More Glitches)

They wouldn’t be mainstream economists if they got this forecast correct.


Obama Apologizes, or Does He? Plus TOP 20 White House Scandals


MUST READ: New Leaked [SECRET] TPP Text Puts Fair Use at Risk — Say GOODBYE To Truth Media! Read More


Keiser Report: State Sanctioned Profits

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, “remember, remember it’s yet again the 5th of November and banksters and conmen still rule” whether with Obamacare’s privatization of healthcare or private equity as the new slumlord toll collectors. In the second half, Max interviews Charles Hugh Smith about peak retirement, peak jobs and the chances of China holding the next reserve currency.”


Keiser Report: Debtonomics of SUICIDE

“Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert burning matches at stall speed as the US is now producing as much new debt as goods and services and the rate of currency dilution exceeds the rate of production growth. And what happens when an Empire hits ‘stall speed?’ They plunder and steal from workers and savers through inflation; or through the NSA ‘surveillance.’ In the second half, Max interviews Wolf Richter about the ongoing and escalating economic fallout from the NSA spying scandal.”


Keiser Report: Net Worth Enemas & Monetizing Bulimia

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss net worth enemas and monetizing bulimia in an economy in which the central bank QE beatings will continue until morale improves. In the second half, Max interviews Zac Goldsmith, a Member of Parliament for Richmond Park, about the danger of boycotting democracy, which is that it is guaranteed to take you away from democracy. In response to such anti-democracy sentiments, Zac has launched an e-petition to introduce a proper Recall mechanism for MPs. They also discuss being pro-market not pro-corporatism and how it is that investment companies are hoarding rhino horns to benefit from the economics of extinction.”


U.S. Mint’s Silver Coin Sales Reach Annual Record READ MORE

An annual sales record in silver coins vs substantial downside risks to silver prices … DOES NOT COMPUTE.


Shooting near Pittsburgh high school reveals ‘active shooter drills’ in region Read More

“Diane Richard of the Pittsburgh police, gave a news brief around just after 4pm EST where she was quoted as saying: ” We do have units out that are looking for actors.””

Freudian slip ? Actors not shooters ?


Seattle Police Announce ‘Mesh Network’ Deactivation Following Major Document Leak Read More

“Seattle police now say the network was “operational” but not being “operated””

Good luck making sense of the above statement.


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